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Full Name

Billy Bardy


CG Aasimar Halfling Bard 14 | HP 180/160 | AC 35 | Spd 45' | F+22, R+23, W+26 (Resolve) | Perc(M) (low-light) +24 (+2 visual) | Init +26 | Exp: Search | Hero: 1 |


Spells DC 33. Slots: 1□□□, 2□□□, 3□□□, 4□□□, 5□□□, 6□□□, 7☑□□, Focus☑□ | Harrow Omen: Keys (Reflex)| Cond: see invis

Strength 8
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 18
Charisma 20

About Billy Bardy

Bard: Maestro Muse (Desna)
Ancestry: Halfling (keen eyes: +2 to Seek)
Heritage: Nephilim (Aasimar) (low-light vision)
Background: Crown of Chaos (includes Chaotic Destiny)
Region: Mindspun Mountains, in Varisia
Languages: Common, Halfling, Draconic, Jotun, Sylvan
Additional Languages: (from Greater Choker of Elocution) Abyssal, Aklo, Infernal

Free Dedication/Feats: Harrower Dedication, Experienced Harrower, Restore Omen, Reading the Signs, Blessed One Dedication, Harrow Ritualist (Call Spirit and Commune), Blessed Denial
Known Rituals: Harrowing, Call Spirit, Commune

Harrow Cards:

The Publican (1/day: Make Impression => improve a step)
The Carnival (Augury flatcheck reduced by 2, 1/day: vision of person you'll meet in 24 hours)
The Theater (DC 10 flat to avoid doomed, 1/hr counteract misfortune)

Fortune Rerolls:

From Harrowing Ritual: Rerolls: Keys (Reflex +0), Keys (Reflex +4), Books (Skills +4), Crowns (Other +4)
Persona Mask: 2/day, Reroll failed performance check
Halfling Luck: 1/hr, Reroll failed save or skill check
(Last Used: xxx)
Guiding Luck: 1/day, Reroll failed attack/perception roll
Hero Point: Reroll
Chaotic Destiny (from Crown of Chaos background): Trigger: You fail a saving throw during a combat; Frequency: Once per day; Effect: Draw a harrow card and reroll the saving throw you failed. You must take the result of the reroll, but if you drew a card from the suit of Crowns, improve the result by one degree of success.
Avoid Dire Fate (from Harrower Dedication): Requirement: You have an active harrow omen; Trigger: You fail or critically fail a check associated with your harrow omen's suit; Effect: Treat the failure as a success or a critical failure as a failure. You no longer have an active harrow omen. Note: Restore Omen can get you another.

Perception: +24 (+2 visual, low-light) Init: +26 AC: 35 HP: 160 (+10, False Life) Speed: 45' Spell DC: 33
Saves: F+22, R+23, W+26 (Will Success=>Crit Success)
Resist/Bleed: Fiend-Warding Tattoo (Resist +2/+5), Stanching rune (Pers Bleed Flat: 12)


Ancestry Feats: Halfling Luck (reroll Skill/Saves), Cultural Adaptability (Human), Guiding Luck (reroll Attack), Incredible Luck halfling luck 1/hr)
General Feats: Toughness, Fleet, Incredible Investiture
Skill Feats: Additional Lore (Fortune-Telling), Charming Liar, Battle Medicine, Virtuosic Performer (+2 singing), Hefty Hauler, Continual Recovery (treat every 10mins), Ward Medic (treat 2 patients), Trick Magic Item
Bard Feats: Inspire Courage, Inspire Competence, Counter Performance, Lingering Composition, Reach Spell, Quickened Casting (1/day, reduce casting time of low-level spell by 1 action)
Free Dedications: Harrower, Archaeologist
Dedications: Sorcerer, Medic
Sorcerer Feats: Sorcerer Dedication (Angelic), Basic Sorcerer Spellcasting (1st, 2nd, 3rd rank spells), Basic Blood Potency (Dangerous Sorcery), Expert Spellcasting (4th and 4th rank spells).

Trained Skills:

Acrobatics: +19 (+1 Escape/Squeeze w/ Slick rune)
Arcana: +20
Crafting: +19 (+1 superb repair kit)
Deception: +21
Diplomacy (master): +25 (+2 item bonus to Make Impression w/ Cloak, +1/+2 circ bonus to Make Impression w/ Jug)
Intimidation: +5
Medicine (expert): +23
Nature: +20
Occultism: +20
Performance (master): +25 (+2 circ from Virt Perf when singing, +2 item from Mask, +1 status from Musical Accompaniment)
Religion (master): +26
Society: +21
Stealth: +2
Survival: +4
Thievery: +2 (+1 inf thieves tools)

Mountain Terrain Lore: +19
Fortune Telling Lore (master): +23 (+2 for harrow rituals)


Needle Darts (from Sorcerer) (Attack: +23, Damage: 9d4 (silver or cold iron), Range: 60')
Stabilize (from Sorcerer)
Detect Magic
Musical Accompaniment (+1 status to Performance, Diplo, Decep. Must be recast every 10min)
Telekinetic Projectile (Attack: +22, Damage: 8d6, Range: 30')
Shield (Hardness: 20)
Guidance (from Pendant of the Occult)
Prestidigitation (from Hat of the Magi)
Light (5 castings, from Cantrip Deck, 5-Pack)

Sorcerer Spells (Divine):

1st) Air Bubble: Range: 60'
2nd) Faerie Fire: AoE: 10 ft burst (120' range)
3rd) Holy Light: (Signature Spell) Attack: +20, Damage: 5d6 fire + 5d6 spirit vs. unholy (or 7d6 or 9d6, when heightened) Range: 120'
4th) Air Walk: 5min duration
5th) Breath of Life: Trigger on death w/in 60'

Bard Spells (Occult):

1st (3/day)
Soothe (from Maestro Muse): (Signature Spell) Heal 1d10+4, 2d10+8, 3d10+12, 4d10+16, 5d10+20, 6d10+24, 7d10+28 (30' range)
Helpful Steps: Create a 40' ladder/staircase
Object Reading: Learn what happened to object in past week
Sure Strike: Roll d20 twice for attack & use best result

2nd (3/day)
Dispel Magic: (Signature Spell) Counteract (modifier +23, level varies)
Illusory Object: AoE: 20 ft cube (500' range, includes smells/sounds/touch)
Invisibility: 10 mins

3rd (3/day)
Force Barrage: (Signature Spell) 6d4+6 (3rd level), 9d4+9 (5th level), 12d4+12 (7th level) force damage
Clairaudience: Invisible floating ear within 500', even if outside line of sight/effect
Time Jump: 1 action to do 2 of: Step/Leap/Stride/Stand

4th (3/day)
Chromatic Ray: (Signature Spell) Attack +23, Range 30', Damage: varies
Fly: Duration: 5 mins
Translate: Range: 30' Duration: 1hr (4th: 10 targets can speak language)

5th (3/day)
Scouting Eye: Invisible floating eye, within 500'
Shadow Blast: Area: 30' cone, 15' burst, or 50' line. 6d8, choose damage type (basic will/reflex DC 33)
Translocate: (Signature Spell) Self, Range: 120' or 1 mile (that you have been to)

6th (3/day)
Shadow Siphon: (Signature Spell) Counteract to halve spell damage (60' range, modifier +23, level 7/8/9)
Unexpected Transposition: Swap places if targeted (range: 30', will save dc 33)
Wall of Force: Range: 30', Wall: 50'x20'

7th (2/day)
Haste: Target up to 6 creatures. Duration: 1 min
Phantasmal Calamity: (Signature Spell) 11d6 or 13d6 mental damage (basic will DC 33), 30' burst, Range: 500'
Retrocognition: Get psychic impressions of past day at this location

Other spells to consider:
True Seeing: Duration: 10 min (6th rank)
Spirit Blast: Damage: 20d8, basic fort save. (8th rank)

Focus Spells (3 max):


Treat Wounds
[dice=Treat Wounds (expert) DC 20]1d20+23[/dice]
[dice=Damage Healed +Medic]2d8+10+5[/dice]

Battle Medicine (Healed Today: xxx)
Medic Dedication => 1/day can Battle Med immune
[dice=Battle Medicine (expert) DC 20]1d20+23[/dice]
[dice=Damage Healed +Medic]2d8+10+5[/dice]

Lay on Hands (cost: 1 focus point)
xxx healed 42 hp

Blessed Denial Trigger on ally gaining: frightened, drained, enfeebled, sickened, or stupefied.
Condition is reduced by 1.

Soothe Spells
[dice=Soothe (1st level)]1d10+4[/dice]
[dice=Soothe (2nd level)]2d10+8[/dice]
[dice=Soothe (3rd level)]3d10+12[/dice]
[dice=Soothe (4th level)]4d10+16[/dice]
[dice=Soothe (5th level)]5d10+20[/dice]
[dice=Soothe (6th level)]6d10+24[/dice]
[dice=Soothe (7th level)]7d10+28[/dice]

Greater Staff of Final Rest
[dice=Heal (1st level)]1d8+8[/dice]
[dice=Heal (2nd level)]2d8+16[/dice]
[dice=Heal (3rd level)]3d8+24[/dice]
[dice=Heal (4th level)]4d8+32[/dice]

Breath of Life
[dice=Breath of Life]5d8[/dice]
Triggered on death, w/in 60'

Lesser Healing Potion
[dice=Lesser Healing Potion]2d8+5[/dice]

Misc Support Magic:
Spells: Air Bubble, Air Walk, Augury, Clairaudience, Dispel Magic, Faerie Fire, Fly, Haste, Helpful Steps, Illusory Object, Invisibility, Light (5), Message, Object Reading, Prying Eye, Retrocognition, Shadow Siphon, Translate, Unexpected Transposition, Wall of Force
Scrolls: Gust of Wind, Purify Food and Drink, Speak with Animals, Speak with Plants, Speak with Stones

Equipment (Magic):
Staff: Greater Staff of Final Rest {7 charges (0 used): Disrupt Undead (8d6 vitality, basic fort), Disrupting Weapons(1,3), Heal(1,2,3,4), Gentle Repose(2), Bind Undead(3), Holy Cascade(4)}
Wands: False Life (+10 temp hp), Tailwind (2nd rank, +10 speed), See the Unseen (5th rank, 8 hrs)
Scrolls: Gust of Wind, Purify Food & Drink, Speak with Animals, Speak with Plants, Speak with Stones
Cards: Cantrip Deck (5-Pack-Light), Fine Harrow Deck, Old Mage Deck, The Publican, The Vision, The Carnival, The Theater
Magical Gear: Boots of Bounding, Choker of Elocution (greater), Cloak of Repute (greater), Goggles of Night (greater), Hat of the Magi, Jug of Fond Remembrance, Pendant of the Occult, Persona Mask (greater), Phylactery of Faithfulness, Tattoo of Fiend Warding

Equipment (Armor/Mundane):
Armor: +2 Greater Resilient, (Slick & Stanching) Chain Shirt w/ Snapleaf Talisman
Weapons: Whip (+20 Attack for 1d4+1 damage), Daggers (2) (+20 attack, thrown 10', 1d4+1 damage)
Instrument: Virtuoso Lute (+1 item bonus to Performance)
Worn: Fine Clothing, Fedora
Storage: Bag of Holding (Type II, 50 bulk), Backpack, Bandolier
Bandolier: Holy Water (4), Silver chunk, Cold Iron chunk, Empty flasks (2)
Stowed: bedroll, flint and steel, grappling hook, crowbar, hammer, pitons (5), rations (3 weeks), rope (50 feet), torch (3), waterskin, mirror
Kit (worn): Expanded Healer's Tools
Kits (stowed in Bag of Holding): Superb Repair Kit, Infiltrator Thieves Tools, Elite Disguise Kit, Extreme Climbing Kit


Chapter 1
Starting Gold: 5.2
Sold Items: 1.5 (thieves tools)
Gold Gained: 1072
Earned Income: 315
Earned Income (after dragon): 70
Earned Income (after silent hag): 105
Subtotal: 1567.2

Chap 1 Purchases:
Upgrade to +2 armor: 900
Bracelet of Dashing: 58
Infiltrator Thieves Tools: 50
Lesser Healing (2): 24
Holy Water (4): 12
Persona Mask (greater): 0 (gift)
Total Purchases: 1044

Gold Remaining: 523.2

Chapter 2
Starting Gold: 523.2
Gold Gained: 2110
Earned Income (3 weeks, after Book 1): 420
Subtotal: 3053.2

Chap 2 Purchases:
Upgrade to Greater Goggles of Night: 1100
Wand of False Life (2nd level): 160
Snapleaf Talisman (affixed to armor): 9
Total Purchases: 1269

Gold Remaining: 1784.2

Chapter 3
Starting Gold: 1784.2
Gold Gained: 4553.6
Sold Items: 29 (Bracelets of Dashing)
Earned Income (30 days, after Book 3): 600
Subtotal: 6966.8

Chap 3 Purchases:
Upgrade to Greater Resilient armor: 3100
Wand of Tailwind (2nd rank. lasts 8 hrs): 160
Wand of See the Unseen (5th rank, lasts 8 hrs): 1500
Shadow Signet: 1000
Scroll of Speak with Animals: 12
Scroll of Speak with Plants: 30
Scroll of Speak with Stones: 160
Cold Iron Chunk: 10 (for Needle Darts)
Silver Chunk: 10 (for Needle Darts)
Slick armor rune: 45
Stanching armor rune: 130
Holy Water: 3
Total Purchases: 6160 gp

Gold Remaining: 806.8

Wish List:
Ring of Fire Resistance (greater) (975)
(Note: To invest new Ring, need to remove Fiend Warding Tattoo)
???Level 14: Greater Hat of Magi (600gp)
???Level 14: Greater Pendant of Occult (590)

About Billy:
Billy is a self-absorbed Bard who's ego is only exceeded by his need for attention. He lives to inspire his allies in glorious song while they stand boldly between him and harm's way.

Nestled amidst the Mindspun Mountains of Varisia, Billy Bardy was born into a harmonious union between an Aasimar father and a spirited halfling mother, Billy Bardy embodied the unique blend of celestial grace and halfling charisma. From his celestial lineage, he inherited a golden hue, and an otherworldly magnetism that drew eyes and hearts toward him wherever he went.

Billy Bardy's musical talent bloomed early. From the moment he plucked his first string, he knew he was destined for greatness. As he grew older, Billy's ego swelled alongside his musical prowess. Charisma dripped from him like honey, and he reveled in the adoration of his fellow halflings. Billy's insatiable desire for attention led him to set out on a grand adventure, seeking to captivate audiences far and wide with his enchanting melodies. Armed with his trusty lute and a boundless supply of self-confidence, Billy Bardy intended to carve his name into the annals of bardic legends.

He takes out a mirror and fusses with a lock of golden hair that isn't cooperating.

Daily Preparations:

o Pray to Desna
o Focus Points reset
o Don his chain shirt over his fine clothing and adjust a cyan fedora partially covering his golden locks
o Cast Prestidigitation, muttering "dress for success", to clean his clothing making sure he's presentable
o Cast Musical Accompaniment, muttering "chorus for us", for +1 performance
o Draw Active Omen harrow card (draw 2, choose 1)
o Use The Carnival to get a glimpse of a person we may meet today.
o Prepare Staff of Final Rest (greater)
o Use Wand of False Life
o Use Wand of See the Unseen
o Use Wand of Tailwind
Tailwind Requires Trick Magic Item, but with +20 Arcana, can't crit fail a DC 18 check.

o Invest the following:
1) Boots of Bounding
2) Choker of Elocution (greater)
3) Cloak of Repute (greater)
4) Fiend Warding Tattoo
5) Goggles of Night (greater)
6) Hat (Fedora) of the Magi
7) Pendant of the Occult
8) Persona Mask (greater)
9) Phylactery of Faithfulness
10) Shadow Signet
11) +2 Resilient Chain Shirt
12) Harrow Cards (up to 5): The Carnival, The Publican, The Theater