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Bethany and Korg finish with their business, then make for the door. "Till next we meet."

Where are you heading now?

She raises an eyebrow and smirks when Chell asks about how often she speaks with Father Zalen. "We have a few mutual interests...we really wanted to get to the bottom of the Thumb's Reach massacre, plus he does good work, so we chat when it's appropriate. He's got his hand full right now."

"Well...if you're interested in Black rider come on over to the Whore. As far, as working with you...well, you need a better ship than that flee ridden tub you're sailing....it should be sunk for a reef." She smiles widely, "I think my first mate and Jonah offered you a drink or two, if memory serves....don't keep them waiting long."

She shrugs. "Do I look like a Seerer?" Shaking her head when asked about 'KC". "Isn't that her department...undead?" Motioning to Chell.

She begins to pay for the the items that are presented to her. "So you looking at the Baron anything else?" She doesn't respond to "friendly ship at sea" comment.

"If you keep him out of the bottle and there isn't a finer Captain or officer around." She pauses. "That is a big IF.'

She nods at the mention of the Hungermire swamp and scrunches her nose and lips when Hargrove is mentioned. "Mother's Blessing been delayed by a day, so I heard....departs tomorrow."

Capt Razor:

SM: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24

She nods approvingly at the commentary about not slaving, "at least you know your limitations with the handling. It'll take a big man to handle her. You've been working with Capt Donovan, I hear."

The mousy cleric finds her voice. "What happened yesterday that would hamper your praise." One of her thin eyebrows raise. "Well shyte she's graceful and sleek enough to bed Quell himself. Who wouldn't appreciate a good f*^k every chance you get? Quell's gotta have a sense of humor, he hasn't sunk her yet."

This one is nearly star struck. She smiles politely and listens. "Yes, Korg and Father Zalen have both mentioned you did a fine job clearing the man's name and investigating Thumb's Reach." She rests a forefinger on her pouty lips as if contemplating her thoughts. "both ships are fine...a fair warning that the Black Rider has a bit of a reputation as former hellish slaver, so you'd run a risk of potential attack by Dragoon patrol ships returning to port - if they haven't heard about the recent change in ownership." she looks sternly into Astri's eyes, "I will not tolerate it going back to that line of business...slavery needs to be stamped out." She exhales, "What line of work would you intend for Black Rider? It does take a special crew to handle the bulk of the Black Rider."

"Ohhhhh, you're Father Zalen's newest Priestess....he was just ranting about you last night. Quite an impression." Her eyes seem to melt your buttery heart as she addresses you Chell.

The elf offers her hand to kiss, she glances around at some of the items Jaspar has on the counter. "You've been busy." She then addresses Sorrin. "Yes, I get quite a few proposals...which one was yours?" She asks coyly.

The elf looks over the group, "Aren't you going to offer me an ale." She smiles at Jaspar, who drops Chell's breastplate and scrambles over to the kegs.

"I'm Captain Bethany Razor, of course. You would be the group with the Dragon's Tail right?" Her full pouty lips outlining her ivory teeth.