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As much as I really like the Class Decks, it feels like they also create a disconnect from the scenario & storyline being played. Your hero finds an Ankh of Awesome in the game, but then needs to swap it out with a Spyglass from the Class Deck.
It's like Class Deck players are involved in playing a parallel game that aligns with the other Heroes that are playing from the box.

I understand the idea that a person can show up with their Class Deck and leave the game without affecting the card stock of whomever owns the Big Scenario Box. I'm not sure that having Class Decks is worth sacrificing the connection In-Game Characters develop as part of the world they're exploring.

Special Boon at Origins? Not that any of the guys demoing the ACG handed out much besides old promo cards that were in GT Magazine.

Only having 3 copies of Nok-Nok in the Promo Boxes this year made it nearly impossible to pick up on Free RPG Day.

It's also IMO ridiculous that the Promos aren't available at Origins which has been falling on FreeRPG Day a couple of years now.

I don't understand why you just don't make the promo cards (going forward) available on DriveThruCards.

gavin kerr wrote:

Why not design the card and make it available to those who want it via Drive Thru?

I agree, Drive-Thru would be a great place to make promo cards available to people.

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I've been playing this on the PC using an android emulator []. Stellar job and look forward to the official PC release when it becomes available.

"We had to build new tech just for reading cards."

I believe the New Tech you're looking for is called a Magnifying Glass.