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Full Name

Berethor of Gondor


Common Skills:
Athletics 1 Awareness 2 Awe 2 Battle 2 Courtesy 2 Explore 1 Healing 1 Insight 2 Inspire 3 Lore 1 Persuade 1 Riddle 1 Song 1 Travel 2


Character Image


Man of Minas Tirith | Endurance 19/26 Hope 11/12 Fatigue 13 Parry 4 (+3 Shield) | Valour 2 Wisdom 2 | Lore of Gondor, Story-telling, Fair, Keen-eyed, Shadow-lore | Long Sword 3 Bow 1

About Berethor of Gondor

Culture: Man of Minas Tirith
Standard of Living: Prosperous
Cultural blessing: Men of Valour and Wisdom
Calling: Warden
Shadow weakness: Lure of Power
.....Specialties: Lore of Gondor, Story-telling, Shadow-lore
.....Distinctive features: Fair, Keen-eyed
Body: 7 Heart: 4 Wits: 4
Body (favored): 8 Heart (favored): 6 Wits (favored): 7


Common Skills
Favored skills in italics.

BODY...................HEART....................WITS...............SKILL GROUP

Awe: 2...................... Inspire: 3 ............... Persuade: 1............... PERSONALITY......OOO
Athletics: 1................ Travel: 2 ................ Stealth: 0................... MOVEMENT...........OOO
Awareness: 2........... Insight: 2 ................ Search: 0................... PERCEPTION........OOO
Explore: 1................. Healing: 1 ............... Hunting: 0.................. SURVIVAL............OOO
Song: 1..................... Courtesy: 2 ............. Riddle: 1.................... CUSTOM.................OOO
Craft: 2..................... Battle: 2 .................. Lore: 1....................... VOCATION............OOO

Weapon Skills
Long sword: 3
Spear: 1
Bow: 1
Dagger: 1

-Rewards-: Shield of the Citadel
-Virtues-: Guard of the Tower

Bow damage: 5 edge: 10 injury: 14 enc: 1
Dagger damage: 3 edge: G injury: 12 enc: 0
Long sword damage: 5/7 edge: 10 injury[/b]: 16/18 enc[/b]: 3

Endurance: 26 Starting Endurance: 26 Fatigue from Encumbrance: 13 Fatigue from Travel: 0 Total Fatigue: 13
Hope: 11 Starting Hope: 12
Temporary Shadow: 0 Permanent Shadow: 0 Total Shadow: 0
Armor: Leather Shirt Encumbrance: 4 Protection: 1d
Parry: 7 (w/shield) Shield: Great Shield Encumbrance: 5 Parry Modifier: +3 (+6 in Defensive Stance)

Wisdom: 2 Valor: 2
Experience: 0 Total Experience: 4

Fellowship: 0 Advancement: 0 Treasure: 0 Standing: 1

Fair: You are considered beautiful by most people, even those not of your folk.

Guard of the Tower: You have been sworn into the service of the Lord and Steward as a Guard of the Citadel, a position held in high regard in the City, and in the whole land of Gondor. When you are in Minas Tirith, you are expected to wear the black and silver livery of the Tower, and to follow the commands of your superiors.

You gain a bonus of +1 to Standing. Then, you learn one of the listed abilities for free when you first select this Virtue. You may later acquire another ability during a Year’s End Fellowship phase in Minas Tirith: choose this activity as your undertaking for the phase and spend 1 Experience point. (You may acquire all three abilities in any order).

Shield-arm: When fighting in a Defensive stance, you double your shield's parry modifier.

Keen-eyed: The keenness of your eyesight surpasses that of most folk.

Lore of Gondor: Much of the old lore of the kingdom of Gondor is preserved in your city, and some of its wisdom is passed on to its inhabitants. Lore of Gondor bestows the benefits granted by both Old Lore and Region-lore (Gondor).

Man of Minas Tirith: The Men of Minas Tirith are descendants of the Men of the West, the sea-kings who built the City in the time of the two kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor. The wisdom and beauty that Elendil brought out of the West endured here long, but the line of the kings finally died out, leaving the Stewards who followed them to recruit the strength of their people among other folks. Today, the inhabitants of Minas Tirith are Men of the Twilight, tall and fair warriors with memories of ancient things. The people of Minas Tirith dress in a manner that can be considered rich by outsiders. They favour fur-lined cloaks, fine-woven garments in a diverse array of fabrics, and accessories simple in design but precious in materials, like collars and rings of silver or gold, set with precious stones.

Men of Valour and Wisdom: Once accounted among the High Men, the Dúnedain of the South have diminished. Yet, the great deeds committed by the best among them tell that the nobility of the kings of old isn’t fully spent yet.

If your Wisdom rating is equal to or superior to your Valour, when you roll an Eye of Sauron using any common skill you can roll the Feat die again, keeping the new result. Conversely, if your Valour rating is superior to your Wisdom, apply this ability to your attack rolls.

Old Lore: You are learned in the traditions and the rumour of bygone days. Your knowledge may derive from different sources, from stories heard around the fire to the dusty records of a chronicler.

Region Lore (Gondor): You may call upon your knowledge of an area when planning to traverse it as part of your journey.

Shadow-lore: You have recognised that there is a shadowy thread
unifying most of what is malicious, dark and terrible in Middle-earth, and that the thread is thickening year after year. A quality shared by the wise of the land, the truth behind this knowledge is getting plainer as the time passes. Wardens, committed to opposing the Shadow at every turn, collect this knowledge wherever they can.

Shield of the Citadel: The armourers of the Tower of Guard know how to make excellent shields, many-layered and overlaid with plates of metal. Emblazoned with the device of the Citadel, they are sturdy, but light and wieldy, to better deflect the blows of the enemy. When you are carrying a Shield of the Citadel, if you are hit by an adversary rolling an ordinary success, reduce the Endurance loss inflicted on you by a number of points equal to the Encumbrance value of your shield

Story-telling: You are a masterful narrator of deeds and stories, able to weave plots and facts with passion and vividness

Berethor, son of Thalion, was born in Osgiliath, to a mother and father that were both soldiers of Gondor. He grew up in the city they had reclaimed from the Enemy, and his life was one of constant training. Berethor never had any doubts; he always knew what he was meant to do, and that was to protect the White City.

Berethor's prowess distinguished him, and he was lucky enough to be selected for a spot in the Tower Guard, a position of great renown. It has been made known, however, that the Shadow is gathering it's strength, and not just in Mordor. Lord Denethor has decreed that the White City needs agents abroad, and Berethor, full of the fire of youth, jumped at the opportunity to represent Gondor elsewhere. Denethor, seeing the young man's talents and resolve, decided that he was an excellent candidate.

Berethor's first sojourn has taken him to Bree. His people have deep roots in Eriador, hearkening back to the Battle of Fornost and beyond. Berethor wants nothing more than to protect Gondor, and by extension, all the free lands of the West.

Character Advancement:
Experience Point Total- 4
Spent Experience- 4

Personality (Awe, Inspire, Persuade) Advancement Points-
Movement (Athletics, Travel, Stealth) Advancement Points-
Perception (Awareness, Insight, Search) Advancement Points-
Survival (Explore, Healing, Hunting) Advancement Points-
Custom (Song, Courtesy, Riddle) Advancement Points-
Vocation (Craft, Battle, Lore) Advancement Points-

Loremaster Questions:
1) What is your near term goal in life?
Denethor has been shown something through his secret Palantir. Perhaps it is Isildur's heir, come now to be a doughty Man, and Denethor, in his darkness, fears the usurpation of his power. Perhaps the Enemy is attempting to lure a young scion of Gondor to Eriador for nefarious purposes. Or perhaps Denethor merely wishes information on the movement of the Dunedain of the North. Whatever the Loremaster decides is the case, Berethor, his youth and talent shining through, has been selected by the Steward to go to Eriador and represent Gondorian interests in the region.

2) What long-term goal do you envision pursuing if adventure doesn't sweep you away?
Berethor is a soldier through and through, and would return to his post as a Tower Guard.

3) What do you think about adventures in general?
Berethor thinks they are fine things, so long as they are for a purpose.

4) What is most precious to you?
Berethor values Gondor and her people above all.

5) What would cause you to give that up?
Nothing other than the complete crushing of his spirit by the Shadow.

6) Are you married? Do you want to be?
Berethor is young and good-looking; he'd certainly welcome courtship.

7) Goblins, wizards and walking trees? Do you think they really exist?
Goblins and wizards? Absolutely. Talking trees? That might be a bit much...

8) You carry an item that is precious to you. What is it?
A wood carving of a Shield of the Citadel. Before a particularly dangerous battle, one that had a young Berethor frightened, his father, Thalion, carved two small shields and placed them on thongs. Thalion promised that as long as they both wore the pendants, that they would come home to each other as a family. So far, Thalion has been right, and Berethor wears his today, years later, as a lucky charm. Thalion is still among the living as well, though he no longer has an active combat role. He instead trains new recruits in the army of Gondor.