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Dotting, should be starting the campaign soon.

Dot, and you guys get started discussing how any of you may know each others, and in a couple hours we can get started in the gameplay thread.

This is the recruitment for my Homebrew campaign, Isles of Kathlan. This will be a mostly sandbox campaign, but it will have an overarching plot that will tie in with what the PC's do and I will use it as a guideline, but for the most part the plot will be driven by the PC's.
The campaign setting can be found here. It is highly reccomended you read the doc before continuing.
For some reason or another, you have been tasked with accompanying a large shipment of Talium crystal to the capital of the Dathalan empire, Liral, from a Tathran Federation mining outpost. The shipment is necessary for an important research project at the Kaliax University, and you are being payed 2,000 gold for its safe passage.

Now that that is over, Character creation rules and expectations.

Character Creation:

-Characters will begin at level 5.
-Wealth: 10,000 gold.
-Classes: All paizo material is allowed, as is Spheres of Power. For all other third party, ask me. I generally like a lot of third party material, but i am not familiar with all of it.
Races: All races mentioned in the document, so basically all core and featured, and android. Anything else may still be allowed, but ask first.
-2 Traits.
-4d6 drop the lowest, reroll anything 7 or less. You may have one free reroll on all stats, and if you don't like either of your stat rolls, you may choose a 25 point buy.
-Background skills are go.
-Max HP first level.
-Evil characters are allowed, but they must have a reason to be with the party and there will be no PVP unless all players are OK with it.
-I will keep track of exp.

For expectations:
I expect about 1 post a day except weekends, simply inform me if this is not possible on certain days.

For your background , you must have some reason to be on this mission. I would also like some plot hooks if possible that I can use later throughout the campaign.

If none of the nations fit the character you want to play or where they come from, just tell me. It's a big world, and I couldn't possible explain all of it. If you have a specific idea for your home, tell me and I will fit it in if I can.

On the subject of traits, please do not pick traits just based off of their bonuses. If you have traits on your character that are not explained in your background or do not fit with your character, you will be less likely to get picked.

Also, I would like a description of your character's appearance and personality, as well as 1-2 secrets your PC keeps that your party members do not know about. It is also nice if the PC's are connected to each other somehow, either being family or friends or some other relationship, maybe they have not even met but are half siblings, its up to you.

Overall, I much prefer a good backstory to an optimized character, so keep that in mind. Deadline for submissions is 12 PM PST (3 AM EST) on July 4th, or 5th for those of you not on the west coast.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

So I plan on making a skald with the Warlord archetype for a kingmaker campaign, and I was wondering, is the archetype any good? I'm worried since it gives away spell kenning. I want to play it mostly for flavor, but I want a viable leader in battle.

I'm building a Getsalt Sage Counselor UMonk/URouge or ninja, the idea being to flying kick at someone, feint as swift action, then full flurry with sneak attack. I really haven't decided much, i just need advice on what sort of things in general would benefit the build, such as good stat distribution, feats, race, and so on. All non third party paizo material allowed. Any advice is appreciated.

I have been looking at running a campaign set in Qadira, since i got the new campaign setting recently, and am looking for ideas for places to send the PC's, encounters, and just general ideas of what to do. I had the idea of starting them in a prison in taldor, having them escape, and try to warn Qadira of what is coming, how taldor is secretly planning an attack on Qadira. However, most of them will be foreigners, and may have trouble getting people to believe them, as taldor and Qadira have been at peace for a decent amount of time. Would this work well? are there any major flaws in my idea? I am somewhat new to running campaigns that are not modules or AP's, and I really want this to be as good as I can make it.

Recently I have been looking at making a vital strike build (BTW, is vital strike usable on a charge?), and I am wondering, is there any way to maximize weapon damage, like with the maximize spell feat, but for weapons?

I've been trying to make a item/construct crafter arcanist and i need some advice on a few things. I cant figure out what feats and exploits and traits I want. 20 point buy, human race, these stats.
Str 7
Dex 13
Con 14
Int 18 (16+2)
Wis 11
Cha 14
I don't want to change from being an arcanist, but the stats and race i am willing to change. Any advice is appreciated.

I recently looked into the words of power system from Ultimate Magic and it really interested me. I'm looking to make a blasting sorcerer and could use some advice for bloodlines and races. any advice would be helpful, as I don't really know where to go with this having never used the words of power system before.