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(GM) The almost assassination and the giant prick


This was a bit of an interesting scenario for our group. Running with 7 people it was a bit bogged down during times, so it ended up taking 4.5 hours instead of our typical 4 and we didn't face the hell hounds.

The start involved the alchemist trying to poison Po while he was waiting at the gate by stabbing him while invisible. But, he failed the poison and I let him remain friendly though really playing that up. This is the same one that almost killed Besai because he was annoying and a giant prick. (Great NPC because it basically made a majority of the table want to kill him)

Having played up we had one death in the atrium. But that was also due to the fact that there was no melee fighters.

Only problems I had with this scenario were some clarifications

It wasn't entirely clear on which parts of the atrium set off the Chaos Beast. I originally thought it was just the raised spot surrounding the pool, but the thief specifically used spider climb to avoid the floor.

And lastly, a tip for all GMs, really study the Aspis stat blocks. That slowed a lot of the game down was trying to figure things out on the fly.

Great story, very enjoyable to run!