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So I want to run at least one core game with the potential to make it a campaign (possibly even grabbing one of the "campaigns" someone worked out before.)

Check Main thread for some questions I have for each of you, and feel free to discuss possible characters, campaigns, etc. here. As of right now I don't intend to open the games to anyone else so you guys can work out what you want to do.

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For out-of-character talk, and such.

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Feel free to join here, don't forget to dot into the Gameplay thread too.

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Feel free to dot in once you've got a character ready.

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The Bloomington, IN lodge is happy to announce it's next convention. Stonekeep 2016. We will be featuring 7-00 The Sky Key Solution as well as the season 6 content leading up to the special and content from season 7.

Our warhorn is now live. We'll be at the Indiana Memorial Union, 900 E. 7th St. Bloomington, IN 47405 June 3rd - 5th. Please come out and join us, admission is 100% free.

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First let me say I'm not a fan of banning items or feats in general from play, but this item has been the point of contention across a number of locales in the past and recently came up in a conversation. So it got me thinking and evaluating the ring differently.

Ring of Seven Lovely Colors

The ring fits the flavor of Golarion well and at first glance even seems fine, but on further examination is both incredibly overpowered and underpriced and is even somewhat confusing.

Now, to get into some of the argument I'll show my work, but realize that the crafting rules don't really matter in PFS.

It includes a Ring of Protection +1 - (1 (technically bonus squared) * 2000 gp) = 2000gp

On a ring that uses Beast Shape 4 - 7 times a day to give 10 minutes of being a songbird. - (Ok, here's the first confusing part - Beast Shape 4 - min CL = 11, that duration matches CL 10, and the ring is CL 7.)
- (6 (Spell Level) * 7 (CL ring) * 1800 * (7/5)) = 105840
or (6 (Spell Level) * 10 (CL duration) * 1800 * (7/5)) = 151200
or (6 (Spell Level) * 11 (CL spell) * 1800 * (7/5)) = 166320

So you add the ring + 1.5 the deflection. to get somewhere between 108840 and 169320 gp

Now, since you aren't really using the full abilities of Beast Shape (i.e. only one form available) there's probably some reducing factor here - though there isn't any clear indication what that might be, let's assume 1/20th of the cost of the beast shape instead and you end up with a cost (including the deflection cost) of 8292 - 11316gp or 2 to 3 times the cost of it as written. (Though I personally think this is incredibly low overall)

Just to double check the math on this, let's instead compare the cost to a Ring of Protection + 1, that gives fly 1/day. (Which is probably the least powerful aspect of the ring you commonly see)

Fly - (3 (spell level) * 5 (caster level) * 1800 * 1/5 (once/day)) = 5400 gp
+ 1.5 * Deflection (2000) = 8400 gp.
And that's for 5 minutes of flight a day, not 70.
(As a comparison 10 minutes 1/day would be 13800gp and 10 minutes 7/day 78600gp)

In addition to the amount of flight you get - it's also a much faster fly speed (120) than the fly spell (60) that guarantees you to the full speed since your armor is subsumed.

You also get size bonuses to AC, Dex, and Stealth, and low-light vision.

Now for another point I've seen lead to confusion - the ring specifies Beast Shape 4 - which has the entry for tiny magical beasts instead of Beast Shape 2 - which has Tiny Animal. I've seen this lead people to believe you get +8 Dex, +3 NA, instead of the +4 Dex, +1 NA of the animal entry.

Next point of contention, Beast Shape can be dismissed, except dismissing a spell requires a Verbal Command (since Beast shape itself requires verbal components). So, once you're a bird are you a bird for 10 minutes (I believe so, without some other mitigating factor, like a Ring of Eloquence or Beastspeak). Oh, and before someone says well a songbird can make noise, etc. The definition of verbal relating to or in the form of words.

And for a point of reference. I personally have a character who could buy this ring for +5 to his attack (1 height now that I'm flying, 2 size and 2 DEX), +5 to AC (2 DEX, 1 NA, 2 Size), and no damage change (the die decrease is balanced by the Dex increase on average). (No, I don't have the ring)

I just can't see how this item should be considered balanced, especially considering it spawn an entire build that has become semi-(in)famous.

As a note, if instead we consider beast shape 4 and typo and it means beast shape 2 (which matches the CL 7) the ring should cost
Either - 73560 or 103800 (or with the 5% of the Beast shape cost considering the decreased versatility 6528 or 8040 gp.)

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So there is a discussion going on in the GM area about how to pace a game as the GM. My brother and I spent some time talking about it and while we thought the majority of the onus of pacing was on the GM, there are a number of things players can do to help. We decided to throw together a blog on things we've done or seen help people play more efficiently. Hopefully one or more of these ideas can help your gamedays run smoother. Let us know what you think or if there is anything we missed.

Efficient Play Blog Post

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September 25th to the 27th PFS will be held at BloomingCon. The entire convention takes place in the Indiana Memorial Union at IU Bloomington. Registration is $15 for the enitre weekend (or $10 for IU students). There will be tables of all of the season 7 content as well as Seige of Serpents, Serpent's Rise and True Dragons of Absalom. For full schedule details check out our Warhorn. Please come join us and play some PFS.

BloomingCon Warhorn

BloomingCon Registration

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I know this is still the playtest rules and subject to change in two weeks, but does the Swashbuckler's Improved Critical allow them to qualify for seize the moment at level 5? The reason I ask is that it says

From ACG (playtest) wrote:

While wielding such a weapon, she gains the benefit of the Improved Critical feat.[\quote] Not that they actually have the feat. If the swashbuckler does qualify and takes Seize the Moment do they lose both Improved Critical and Seize the Moment if they are disarmed?