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Xzar - a 'straight-edge' Russian emperor.


Thmleidinu - An ancient deity of music and war whose sacred weapon is the Battle Theremin.


Scarab Sages

Gunkletoomis - a school of architectural design that makes sewer networks that take care to accommodate for the adventurers that inevitably run through them.


Montaron - The biggest mountain in the Tri-State Area!


Dornilkan - a branch of the ancient Dornil clan of Eastern Galatia, known for their "kan-do" attitude. Rivals of the more dour Dornilkant branch.


Scarab Sages

Jimmibopoing - a Sri Lankan aircraft company, holder of the patented "pachinko-machine engine;" their CEO and chief researcher are both Alexandrine parrots.


Khalid - a dessert town composed primarily of custard. Sandwiched in a valley between two hills of chocolate, a transparent dome of candy has been placed on the top of the town to prevent the spoiling of its citizens. The town is named after this very same lid, the Kha lid.


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Murgvek - In the future, when all international disputes are handled my mech-on-mech combat, the mech known as Murgvek fights for the honor and prestige of Mongolia.


Scarab Sages

Jhorlakan - A dish combining elements of spaghetti bolognese and Korean bulgogi, finished off with a signature sprinkling of steel ball-bearings; fowl are known to like it.


Jaheira - An elvish word that roughly translates to "nagging wife." It's never said to the wife's face, of course.


Undwyn - An old nursery rhyme about an extension ladder that collapses and cuts off the hands of a little boy who is trying to pick apples. This allegory is usually told to children to warn them about the dangers of eating fruit.


Chii'tonlmng - the first line of the Guild Of Tibetan Marmot Botherers Who Are Not Ashamed's sacred song.

Chii'tonlmng, Chii'tonlmng,
DzunGa KhapgMagn KhahzuPhn Larhamang

The Guild Of Tibetan Marmot Botherers Who Are Quite Ashamed's sacred song starts a slightly different word.


(NB: That isn't it)

Kaladhianapagamapanam - a exclamation denoting emotional bliss, popularized by its use in an early draft of the classic rock and roll song "Who Put the Bomp"

Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?
Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?
Who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop?
Who put the kal in the kaladhianapagamapanam?
Who was that man?
I'd like to shake his hand
He made my baby fall in love with me!


Scarab Sages

Mung-teaser - a metal apparatus, often highly stylized, worn around the head by men with long beards in order to keep said beards out of their coffee/tea mugs.


Garrick - the sound that a grippli makes when in heat.


Footh - You'd think this would be a type of weapon made from a foot and a tooth. But you'd be wrong. A footh is a type of weapon made from feet and teeth and can be as long as 18 meters (a weapon with only one foot and one tooth is called a Feeth).


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Dlahnitcy - the fine art of sewing/knitting/crocheting using trained insects instead of needles


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Tiax - A type of tree that is in the shape of a shark. Tiaxes are often found in shallow oceans and are typically undisturbed because, well, because they look like sharks and no one messes with them.


Blurm - a very fast flower.

Porta di Ferro.

Porta di Ferro

A wonderfully relaxing beach resorts for dogs.


Canistanifram - a small country, high in the Caucuses. It is best known for its unusual tradition. If someone is "Doing a Stan," which in that culture is talking non-stop in an annoying fashion, then someone else approaches with a sheep or goat. If said sheep or goat is male, the talker must be silent for 24 hours. The game is called "Can it, Stan, if ram." Thus, the origins of the country's name.


Scarab Sages

Pepislaw - a dessert salad made with fine cheeses, champagne, and liquid soap (among other ingredients), and traditionally served "anti-flambeed" tableside with a flamboyant splash of liquid nitrogen.


Kagain - Dwarven pelvic floor exercises.

Riverso Squalembrato.

Riverso Squalembrato - (from the Latin grab some water, we're in hell). Riverso Squalembrato was a popular engineering term used in the mid-1800's when a building or project caught on fire. It fell out of use shortly after due to the fact that when sending this message through Morse Code, most people only got 'R-I-V-E-R-S-O-S-Q' before dying in the fire.


Scarab Sages

Oolakp - a race of skilled and honorable, if rather smarmy and amorous, interstellar merchants from the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy, easily recognizable by their four muscular arms, light-blue skin, and enormous teeth, all of which are incisors.


Branwen - scottish word for "friend of cereals".


Scoontiphft: A steam-powered ship devised by goblin engineers. It is noted by having at least 3 extraneous smokestacks which serve no useful purpose.


Scarab Sages

Broistoon - a spear-like polearm, the head of which is made from a wedge of hard cheese; the artisans who make them often 'anoint' their creations with a bit of cranberry sauce upon completion, for good luck and sure aim.


Ajantis - a new drug to help with "Middle Child Syndrome" (aka Jan Brady). Side effects include elevated blood pressure, extra sweating, a homicidal rage against siblings who get more attention, and erectile dysfunction.

Ask your doctor about Ajantis!


Korgan - a hunter of other warriors with delusions it shall bring immortality. Reference tales of "The Kurgan" which inspired such mania.


Bifteka made from rothe. Making for greek drow.


Borinolemann Austrian manufacturers of clockwork marital aids, by appointment to Emperor Franz-Josef himself.


Zboyek An off-shoot of hop plants, colloquially known as the hip-hop plant. Field workers will typically break off into 5-men groups and start harmonizing, "Yeah, Zboyeeeeeeee!"


Musturd - a slang reference for normally tasty brown mustard varieties that have spoiled from lack of refrigeration; alternate - during planting season, the seeds that are rejected/not used.


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Whizbanger - the sort of tune that makes all the elderly mages at a party get up and dance.


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The lesser known rakshasa caste that are occupied with eradicating crossbow technology.


Scarab Sages

Fallooquet - a candygram/edible arrangement kind of deal consisting of deep-fried batter soaked in rose syrup and shaped like a flower bouquet, normally made to order and sent to loved ones; an emerging trend in many Middle Eastern countries, but one that American soldiers returning from the region have been oddly slow to bring home, out of concern that it might make Arabs seem too much like people.


Alora A type of vehicle that floats only in dust. Often used as an Ambassador transport, both simultaneously impressing the official as well as angering them by choking them out due to the dense particulates needed to keep the vehicle afloat. Oh, and yeah it only comes as a convertible with no soft/hard top options.


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Sqwerty: Gastro-intestinal troubles brought about by the stress of watching one's older relatives type an essay using only their right index finger, and losing the key for the letter they typed less than two words ago.


Mechandicised: An ancient Japanese art form which involves taking old ink paintings and adding Gundams to them. It is becoming surprisingly popular in Iceland.


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Bluttissement The practice of debunking old ink paintings with Gundams in them. Practitioners are called Blutts.

Example -
Consumer: "Wow, this painting is an amazing image of the construction of the Hoover Dam with a Gundam helping out!"

Blutt: "What? That's not a Gundam, they don't exist! It must be a crane with an off-cambered, double-pike perspective. Off with you!"


Chorpeleacc, or, to give him his full name, Alphonse St. Dominique De Plessy-Vongtiguireme-Sabanguitte-Flabseme Chorpeleacc, the prince of French plumbers.


Hyntled - the state of being hinted at.


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Pulgnado - A very rare weather phenomena caused when a tornado hits the local Pulg factory creating a whirling mass of plastic parts that seeks out all multiplugs in it's path and unplugs all the plugs!


Scarab Sages

Prestidomination - general term for the signature shtick of Mountebanks, Mesmerists, Enchanters, some Bards, Skalds, Psychics, Inquisitors, Envoys, and even certain Cavaliers, Swashbucklers, Ninja, Witches, and Mystics; also referred to on some remote worlds as "headology".


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