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Nice map with the bonus of the choice of rooftop view or having the insides of the buildings

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Shame they did not take the opportunity to replace the plain cobbled side when they reprinted this - the choice of rooftop view or insides of building as with village square would have improved this


Quite enjoyed the rest of the scenario but first encounter is way ott.
If everyone could see what was going on the start this would be hard enough but we had half on the party unable to do anything at the start. Oh and they not only potentially kill you they destroy your equipment (luckily the only one in our party to lose valuable rather than mundane equipment was a pregen) ...and the body so goodbye character.


No problem with mass combat in its own place but in a short scenario at the expense of roleplaying this is not it. Lets remember that one of the reasons 4th ed. lost a lot of players was because it was more of a war/board game than a roleplaying one.
For two hours the only part of my character that had any relevance was my charisma.
Troops - another opportunity to completely screw over a party. Lets take the hated swarm and make it worse. Ok weapons can at least harm them but there is no logic to a sword strike hitting one element harming a troop while a damage spell hitting the same does nothing. And ranged damage that ignores AC - Several of our group lost half of their health before they did anything and potentially would have taken the same attack again before doing any damage themselves and would have to pass through another damaging effect of the troop on the way.
Lets remember that in con play not every party is going to be balanced.