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I am working to close on book 2 of the AP, and am looking forward towards book 3 while laying down my plans. Some things that I have thought of when dealing with book 3 is that when the PCs are traveling into

the Dreamlands
that they would take on traits that were more an idealized version of themselves as they wish to be.

The idea initially came from the Fighter/Barbarian of Ragathiel that we have in our group. I have thought for a long time that I could see him developing into a paladin based on the way that he plays. As I thought more on it, I realized that it could be accomplished during those adventures, to at least show him some of what he could be.

One of the players was a replacement for an early PC death. He had been committed because of his belief that he was a dragon (Dragon Sorcerer). So during this section of the adventure, I am pondering letting him instead be a Dragon with the group.

Are there any rules in PF for support of PCs that are actual Dragons?

Given the nature of that section, I'm not as concerned with being perfectly in balance, and so might just give him an appropriate dragon, but was hoping there might be some resource.

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Other than give more characters to deal with, what do the mercenaries do?

What was the plan in coming out to this place without the party who are going to do all the heavy lifting?

I have been trying to figure out what is going on and what the thinking was.

The answer that I have been able to come up with is that the mercenaries are hired to guard the camp, the personal guard are to guard Almah. There was at one point another group, but they turned on the Princess in the wilderness. The mercenaries served admirably in defending the Princess, as did her guard and defeated the group of swindlers and highwaymen that Almah had taken up with.

Perhaps even Dashki did something notable, which has allowed her to think well of him.

The problem was that at this point, she had no one who was to claim the city. She dispatched Garavel back to hire some new adventurers whose mission it would be to clear the town for her. That is where he hires the group.

No one openly speaks about the previous group, as it is a bit of a dishonor that Almah would have hired such men. But if some poking is done, folks would mention a few things about a previous group that was in their company.


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A game that I was in the GM doesn't have time to continue, so I'm looking at trying to step up to runn something. The concept of the Circus AP excited me greatly, and so even though I would be converting it out of PF2, I wanted to take a look at Extinction Curse.

Minor EC Spoilers:
I have heard that book 1 is the most circus oriented of the books, and the only one where a performance is built into the story.

But book 1 has nearly nothing to do with the circus. Most everything in it is just a light atmosphere of circus during the first chapter, and after that it feels like the author just went down the road of very standard D&D adventure.

Do the later books actually involve the circus that much? I have heard that this was an unfortunate bait and switch (comparable to Second Darkness) where the Circus isn't very important and could be completely dropped and the rest of the game would continue normally.

I guess I have answers to the my concerns from other reviews, but kinda hope someone can save this thought and tell me that EC becomes a wonderful and circus filled game, rather than false promises.

Thanks for reading!

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I have been looking at a lot of the different options for an AP to run for my group in the coming weeks. Having looked through a lot of the reviews that people have up and doing reading, I settled on Curse.
The intro of this seems a little weak to me, though I do love the specific way the group is pulled together. Once the first mission is completed, it just seems that the characters have little reason to stick together.
I was wondering on others experience regarding this, since some folks might just want to return to their regular lives at that point.

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The Babies with Knives (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCivd5SX9samzW6f-KkaKk_A) are talking about getting a Pathfinder 1E game going on Mondays during the day. 4 hour session or so, with a start time of somewhere between 9 am and 11 am UTC-7 (Noon to 2 Eastern).
Interested in looking for players that have a quiet environment that is suitable for recording, are able to give the game attention, role play, and can run Fantasy Grounds Unity on their system.
Decent web camera preferred for the recording.
Come check out our Discord to get involved with the the BwK community! https://discord.gg/NPuhA5

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As referenced in https://paizo.com/threads/rzs42mrf?PF2-Rulebook-Subscription I have placed my order for PF2 on subscription and the AP. This did not come to greater than 100 so I was paying shipping, however, the Bestiary should come as well with that.
I want to make sure that the Bestiary does come and that the money put down towards shipping would go to the price of the Bestiary.

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Looking at adding the Rulebook Sub back on. It is offering the Core Book and the Bestiary, but the price it quotes only seems to be for one of those books and not both.
Wondering on how to get both, and if that will qualify for the reduced shipping price.

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The encounter with

has 4
Stone Giants
. However, those creatures aren't mentioned beyond that. Are they combatants, or allies of hers?

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The monsters that X has with her I just don't really follow why they are there and thinking of changing them because I think they play an important part in another AP that the same group is playing in.

Faceless One

They just kinda seem like a throw away from what I am seeing. I didn't notice them coming back up in later books or anything (may have missed them) and for such a monster it seemed like a weird throw away.
Other than just leveling up some humanoid assistants are there any monsters that might make a good fit for this?

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Starting up a Rise of the Runelords game on Fantasy Grounds and looking for a few more interested folks.
Rise of the Runelords Saturdays
FG License: Ultimate
Time Zone: GMT -8 (PST).
Day(s) of week, frequency: Weekly on Saturday
Length: Long Term
Voice: Discord

Game System: Pathfinder
Fantasy Grounds Experience: Medium low
GM Experience: 30+ years.

The specific time of day is still being figured out but will be looking at 6-8 hours or more for a session in most likelihood.

Would like to talk to folks who are interested and will be available most nights this week to do so. Hoping to get started on the 14th if possible.
Players must have a headset, decent audio, a reasonable internet connection.

Like folks that are going to role play, have a backstory, and have a good time.
Think start time will be around noon Pacific and go for 6 to 8 hours.

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Adowyn has an ability that reads "Before you would discard an ally for its power, you may recharge a random card from your discard pile."
The Mastiff makes you display the card, and later in the turn you have to discard it.
Does her healing ability trigger off of this discard?

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Please cancel all current subscriptions other than the basic Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscription.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

Have a sub for PACG. Just started playing WotR and found that there was no Wardstone Fragment in our box.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

I used to have my subscriptions all mailed out at one time (held for last item). Now it looks like you guys are doing it as they come up. I went into My Account to try and change this and the buttons are greyed out to let me make shipments go all at one time.
Can I have this changed, as I don't want to be paying for shipping multiple times a month.
Thanks much!

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I am not certain how the Glassworks actually connects to the Catacombs of Wrath. What am I missing?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

Hi there. Since we didn't have the Giantlslayer stuff for this weekend we ended up doing Rise of the Runelords. Can you please cancel my Adventure Path Subscription?
Thank you.
I hope this could take effect before the items are mailed, understand if it cannot.

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I am hoping that I can get the PDF for order 3523136 this week even though the order itself is not going to ship for a while.
I just got put back in charge of my groups DM responsibilities. Between work and school I was uncertain what to do. Then i saw that Giantslayer was the current AP which combines two of my favorite things, meeting new and interesting giants and slaying them. So I reactivated my AP sub. Sadly it looks like I won't get the PDF until later in the month, but I start running this weekend.
Can you guys help!?
Thanks for any reply or assistance.

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I am wondering about this item. It seems like it is really a crazy good tem from what I saw. It provides a frequent D8 buff to good stats, where nothing else seems to come near that. I checked the FAQ and nothing seems to talk about it. Even on the boards I see nothing about it.
Am I missing something on this Loot?

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Should the Offhand and Finesse traits be added to any of the RotRL cards? After my wife and I finished up our old RotRL game, we were tempted to use some of the new characters only to be dismayed that these traits seemed to be missing.
Finesse is on some cards, but it seemed that many cards it should have been on it was missing from, and I think Offhand was missing entirely.

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We were dealing with this the other day and as far as we could see it works. If the Collapsed Ceiling card comes up, you can Augury to either shuffle your deck or Augury for Barriers and put it on the bottom.
Is there an official interpretation of this situation?

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Please add the previous book from this subscription plan to my order as well. This was previously spoken of in http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2q918?Pathfinder-RPG-Ongoing-Subscription
I believe that the way this is set up that both items will ship at the same time as my subscription to the Adventure Card Game. Is that correct?
Thank you very much for your assistance.

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Is it too late to start with the book previous to the Bestiary that comes out this month? Was quickly looking around and did not see the option. Maybe I missed it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

Please add the Character Pack for PACG to my Order. I would like to start my subscription with the Character Pack, but not the Base Box for PACG.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

I was wondering if the first two promos are still available with subscription for August's release.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

Can you please cancel Order 2309263 and both my current subscriptions. Thank you.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

Please cancel the Pathfinder Player's Guide subscription associated with this order. Thank you very much.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

I recently received my order and just opened it today. I was upset to once again see that a double packed AP meant that my APs were not in mint condition. Both of these have bent covers and one of them is bent throughout the entire book.

I feel like I nitpick on this issue whenever we get a double shipped AP, but I expect that when I receive my books that they will be in mint condition and anything that happens to them from there is my fault.

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I'm going to start my Jade Regent tonight and have a player joining us at the last minute. I haven't finished reading the whole AP (real life was way to real lately) and so wasn't sure if I should provide any advice on types of rogue that are good versus aren't. I was hoping that folks on here might have some advice on if Rogue is going to be a class that sees a lot of use in the adventure.

In parts 1 and 2 I can see several areas where having a scout would be excellent. Part 2 features a lot of sections that having a Rogue character can really expand upon I felt.

Any advice for my player? Thanks much for replies.

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I've got a Monday night game starting up soon that I am tossing around a few different ideas on what I should run. Skull and Shackles is one that I am thinking about. It is a group of folks (played with all but one before) that will be new to gaming together. I think that the pirateness of it all would provide some good starting RP. What I am concerned about is are you the 'bad guys' in this adventure path? It states that you should want to be a pirate, but that doesn't give me a strong idea on what the AP entails.

I don't really want to read my copies of it unless I think it is something that I will run, so figured I should ask folks here.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

Please cancel my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscription before order 2128719 is processed. Thank you.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

Zak, Theodric, Origen, and Ursa stay out.

I have a player who is playing a Gnomish Bard. In the backstory for the character he was brought up in a small community within the Stolen Lands. Just before his birthday to signify his transition into Gnomehood from being a Gnomeling the community stopped playing nice with the bandits. The bandits got together and burned down his home.

This community had a number of gnomelings living at it, and the house that they lived in was the one that was burned first. 14 of the 16 gnomelings died in the attack because of the fire and the attack.

The player was taken away from the Stolen Lands by a human bard that had taken an interest in him. Eventually he went to Bardic School in Taldor. Now, 70 years later he is returning to the Stolen Lands. His human friend died of old age recently, and it was her wish that the gnome spread her ashes in places that were important to them, the last of those places being his home.

The player has been playing the gnome as very scared of bandit counter attacks on those that the PCs have been staying with (there are a few families out in the Stolen Lands that farm). The character has had nightmares and even conjured Silent Images while sleeping of NPCs burning to death because the bandits attacked them when the party was not around.

So I have been playing around with the encounter to use when they come back to where he grew up. He doesn't really know where it was in the Stolen Lands, just that it was in the hills near the forest and remembers that they used to be able to pick Fangberries. So I put it near the forest in that hex.

What I have so far in my thoughts are as follows:

There was a dwarf that used to work some of the lands around the community. He acted as the protector of the community. He is still around to this day in the area (player's request that I use the NPC, which I was cool with). I have already gotten information to the player that the NPC is in the area, and travels north without supplies and south with supplies.

The Dwarf feels very responsible for what has happened, and to this day has never been able to get what happened out of his mind. He tries to rebuild what was there and to cure the land of the problems that it has, but has no success.

There was another surviving gnomeling, so I thought that incorporating them into the encounter in some way might be good.

Realm of the Fell Knight Queen Spoiler:
I also plan on running RotFKQ later on. It seems like this gnome could double as that gnome (if not killed).
So I attached the druid aspect to him at this point, but have a fairly dark and disturbed character in mind. Another individual who is haunted by what happened that day. While the dwarf is here as a victim, the gnome is here as a villain, or at least a tragic opponent.

Going through the Bestiary I looked at the Attic Whisperer. I thought that this monster was a perfect fit for what happened. Certainly there are some changes from the standard generation of the Attic Whisperer, but lots of aspects fit with it.

Poltergeist hauntings seem like they would be really nice, and not just 1 Poltergeist but 14 of them. Sure, I'm not going to use 14 to kill the party, but having the look of the Poltergeist keep changing seemed like something really cool to me. All of them the size of young gnomes.

While I was thinking of Poltergeist haunting, I wondered about the bodies of the dead gnomes. I had thought of having a graveyard out back and was thinking of having some Haunts spread around the place. I think that is a great thought for it, but I also think that at the graveyard that the zombie bodies of the 14 gnomelings attacking the party would be seriously disturbing. Not only are the spirits haunting the location, but their bodies come back after our gnomish hero too.

The hunters in the area know the area to be a haunted location, and when the party deals with one of the ones that hunts the area they can get some information about the settlement's existence and that it is haunted.

So we have a Dwarf who has been trying to rebuild the area for so many years and has become a victim of the haunting nature of the place but is too stubborn to leave or give up. He is utterly convinced that through hard work he will be able to fix this place up. A gnome that returned to his one time home after many years of being away that awoke the Attic Whisperer. The Attic Whisperer now has someone to play with in the disturbed gnome. The spirits and bodies of the 14 dead gnomelings, and haunts to boot.

The kicker to the whole situation will be that the bard (who is already been mentioned to be a special individual) is the entire reason that things have turned out this way here. It is a manifestation of the guilt that he feels over the death that happened on the eve of his change from a gnomeling to gnomehood. The party should not be easily able to deal with the Poltergeist or the Haunts, but it will be the redemption of the dark gnome and the defeat of the Attic Whisperer that will finally act as a method to free the gnome hero of the guilt over what happened and bring the area to rest.

I'm wondering what else I can mix in here, haunt ideas, thoughts on other things regarding this, and such. Thanks for any feedback.

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Hey folks. I thought that I would bring a Kickstarter project to the attention of the community. It is not a table top game, but a computer game in the genre of Diablo and Titan Quest (same developers as TQ). They have been working on the project since 2009 and have just opened a Kickstarter for it today (prior to this they were taking funding from fans on their own website).

Grim Dawn Kickstarter

I hope people don't mind me posting it, I have no affiliation with the company at all. This is just a project that my wife and I have been watching since 2009.

Hope some folks find that the game is worth Kickstarting. Best wishes all, and happy gaming no matter what that is.

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I'm wondering how folks deal with prerolling the random encounters when they are running Kingmaker. Do you set up what random encounters happen within what hex (making them not random at the table) or do you set up a few random encounters that happen within the various terrains and when a random encounter is rolled within that terrain look to what you have previously established.

Thanks for input.

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Was just wondering if there were any books that people would advise for wilderness exploration. Running a Kingmaker game and adding in a bunch of things for the group to encounter. Wanted to flip through some books that were on the subject. Pathfinder or other D&D type things welcome.

Thanks for any thoughts. Have a few already lined up to flip through as I have the time, but found less than I expected to.

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I'm working on preparing Kingmaker to run for my group and have been looking at things to add or change within the adventure. I figured that posting thoughts up here might be an excellent way to get some feedback on what people think about what I am doing and possibly change what I am doing or use some of the thoughts that I had for themselves.

I really love the framework that we have been given with the Kingmaker AP. I have wanted to run this AP since I received the first book in the mail. In fact the basis of this AP being a 'sandbox' adventure is what got me to start subscribing to the APs in the first place.

That said, I think that Kingmaker can benefit from some changes. I understand that the AP is only so many pages long but it is covering a huge area. While we are given a large number of singular encounters and a few encounter areas there could be more presence of some of the themes within Kingmaker brought to the front.

I believe that DM_aka_Dudemeister has posted some great ideas on how to make changes to the AP, and other changes I have seen I have liked as well. These are my additions to the AP, I hope that at least someone out there will like them.

The first thing that I have to share is some changes and expansion on the backstory of the Adventure Path.

Youngest Eldest:
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful nymph named Nyrissa. She lived within a kingdom full of splendor, wonderment, and magic. One day Nyrissa looked upon the lord of the land that she was in and instantly fell in love with him.

She rushed to speak with Count Ranalc and swore her fealty to him, promising that she would be his most loyal retainer. Count Ranalc informed her that he had more than enough servants, and wondered what a nymph might offer him that they would not.

Nyrissa bowed to Count Ranalc and swore to him on the sacred grove that she had lived within that she would search the land for three things that he asked of her, but in return she would be allowed to swear her fealty to him when she succeeded in the tasks.

The Count, entranced by the vivaciousness within the nymph, offered her three quests to perform that she might be sworn to him. He tasked her with bringing him water of the purest spring but insisted that it would have never touched the ground, trapping true beauty so that she might present it to him, though it could not be held against its will, and finally to defeat one of the Tane and return to him intact. Upon telling her the quests, Count Ranalc gave Nyrissa a blessing in the form of a kiss and moved on, quickly forgetting about the nymph.

Distraught by the quests that were before her, but empowered by the feeling within her Nyrissa struck out to complete the quests. Over many an age Nyrissa quested throughout the First World as well as beyond to complete the quests that the Count had put before her. First she brought him back water that she had journeyed along an expanding horizon of reality at the borders of the First World until finally existence began to create itself around her for there was nothing there before she had journeyed. She continued on until she found the purest spring and harvested the water before any ground could create itself around it.

Before she journeyed off once again she spoke to the Count of the changes that she had experienced on the quest that she had been on. She knew of no other fey that were able to shape reality before them in the fashion that she had done other than the Eldest. Count Ranalc listened to her and said that maybe she should become one of the Eldest.

The Count was entranced by the determination of the nymph that he had forgotten about so long ago and the changes that she had described to him. He was uncertain what effects the first blessing that he had given her would have, and now he wished to see more. In thanks for the completion of the first quest that he had given her, Count Ranalc gave Nyrissa his second blessing.

This blessing was not a simple kiss for the nymph, but instead many nights of heated passion between the two. Nyrissa stayed with the Count who was fascinated with the changes that had come over the nymph since their first meeting. In their throws of passion that night he entreated her to stay with him, but Nyrissa was determined to complete her quest that had been given to her so long ago.

For more ages Nyrissa strove to complete the second quest that was before her, and finally she returned with a bottled storm and rainbow that she had captured from a mountain that no one had ever climbed or seen before she journeyed to it. From the first cool drops of the rain to the last of the frigid snow she brought to Count Ranalc.

The Count was elated that she had returned again and spoke to her in great length about her journey. She confided in him that she felt her power was growing greater and greater, beyond any measure that she knew of. He smiled knowingly and told her that she would soon be the youngest Eldest. That night and for many more nights they spent wrapped up in each other, and finally the Count blessed Nyrissa a third time.

Before the Nyrissa journeyed off to complete her last quest for the Count asked her to show him the power that she had, and upon witnessing the great strength that she possessed confided in her that she surely had the power of the Eldest.

Nyrissa left soon after and began seeking one of the Tane to defeat in the name of her quest. Where she would go she spoke to the other faeries, and soon word of her ascension into the ranks of the Eldest spread across the First World. Many faeries looked upon what was happening to Nyrissa and hoped that there was hope that they might one day grow beyond their station.

This rampant belief spreading through the First World was felt even by the other Eldest, and so it was decided that Count Ranalc and Nyrissa must be made example of. A Tane was unleashed upon Nyrissa to slay the nymph, but she fought against the mighty creature and escaped. Sadly the possibility of escape was foreseen and the Eldest were waiting for her.

The Eldest brought Count Ranalc and Nyrissa together for their sentencing. The Count spoke with her only briefly and accepted her eternal fealty for completing the quests that he had laid before her.

Then the Eldest punished her for the claims she had made and ended up creating the weapon known as Briar to be a prison where Nyrissa's love and empathy were kept from her. They bestowed this weapon upon a nereid named Evindra to take into the Prime Material Plane and keep it from all who would seek it.

The Eldest also had punishment for Count Ranalc. Ranalc's approach to Nyrissa greatly altered the pattern of life within the First World. While all may appear to be chaos formed from will within the First World, it is more than that. Nearly everything repeats itself in cycles, as the true fey are not creatures of free will. The stories that are told in the fey lands are repeated over and over again. The change to Nyrissa altered her story, and all the stories that touched upon her.

For this Ranalc was banished to the Material Plane. The Eldest removed him from the First World within the region of the Stolen Lands, and thus was this place forever marked. Upon Ranalc's exit from the First World his form was no longer able to hold itself together.

Reality functioned in a completely different fashion within the Material Plane than it did in the First World. He discorporated, and the winds carried his essence across the Stolen Lands. To this day there is evidence of his connection to this place where the rules of mundanity wear thin to create altars of the building blocks of creation. Everything that remains of Count Ranalc now resides within these supernatural eddies of the eight building blocks of reality.

Through the Stolen Lands are eight sites that are aligned with each of the four classic elements as well as the four alignments. Through combinations of these things Count Ranalc was once able to form reality around him, now his remains alter the nature of the Stolen Lands.

The Eldest looked on in horror as Count Ranalc's fate came upon him, while they wished to punish him they were unaware of the fatal aspect that true exile would have to one of the Eldest. Never since this time has one of the Eldest truly left the First World, instead if reality beyond their own ever interests them they use proxies to conduct business. They quickly turned away from Nyrissa and the whole messy affair that had drawn their attention and went back to their business convinced that everything was over.

To Nyrissa the affair was not closed, for while she was unable to love or empathize any longer she had still sworn an oath to Count Ranalc and that oath still weighed heavy upon her soul. Over a time Nyrissa began to devolve into a madness of sorts, her oath and obsession over Count Ranalc grew within her but the love that was once a part of them no longer remained. When she could try to turn her back upon the call on her being no longer, Nyrissa journeyed to the Norn.

The Norn, a powerful and dangerous fey creature made a bargain with Nyrissa. She promised to speak to her of the path that she could take to service her liege lord and all the Norn wished in return was to tell Nyrissa of her death. Nyrissa agreed to hear both.

The Norn spoke a prophecy to her of the return of Count Ranalc to the First World, for he was not truly gone. Nyrissa, having changed the course of fate for herself long ago, must decide how to proceed and establish her place within the weave of fate once again. The Norn told her of the land where The Gone but Not Forgotten Lord lies buried, but lives on and that the one way to return Count Ranalc would be to bring the site of his graves to the First World, so that he may be born anew. She had these last cryptic words to tell Nyrissa about the service that she could perform for the Count "If Ranalc is to be remade, then so too must his love be made whole."

Then the Norn spoke to Nyrissa of her death, at the hands of a blade forged from her own being. She told Nyrissa that if she were to honor her sworn oath to Count Ranalc then she must always fear the bite of Briar. When mortal hands rest upon the blade and carry it within Nyrissa's realm, then the nymph will truly die.

Nyrissa left the Norn knowing that she would aid the Count and fulfill the promise that she had made so long ago. From Thousandbreaths, Nyrissa has long sought out the location of the Count's grave as well as seeking Briar. For hundreds of years she has been preparing the Stolen Lands to merge with Thousandbreaths in hopes that this will bring Count Ranalc back. Now her plans finally begin to come together, but a small contingent of explorers from Restov may undo all of her age old work.

Further Thoughts on Youngest Eldest:
I don't know what the real story behind Count Ranalc is beyond the Kingmaker AP. I thought that bringing his part of the story a bit more to the front, at least in the backstory worked. I felt that providing these 8 sites that are going to be strange to the PCs but obviously aligned with the elements or alignments worked well. I got originally thinking about it by reading someone else saying that they were using the wisp island as some sort of evil hub.

Bringing the Count to the front I thought that him kind of guiding Nyrissa down the path to make her declaration as being a new Eldest. It seemed to fit with the brief information we are given on his personality in Part 6.

Last, what if all of this is just a bunch of crap that the Count spewed? As a fey it is entirely possible that he has set all of this up as a big trick on the other Eldest as well as a real test to see how far Nyrissa will go for him. During this entire time maybe he is really just living as the 8 poles that are his "gravestones" because to a true fey time has no real meaning. To do all of this as a test for someone feels like it fits faeries.

The one thing that I am not certain is if I should make Nyrissa rather than being a true fey (one that is not of Golarion at all, but from the First World) the daughter of a nymph and a human. While considered a nymph still, it would provide part of the impetus for Count Ranalc to be so entranced with her and wonder what would happen.

Then again in the passages we already have they talk about the fact that Nyrissa was undergoing changes because of what he was doing to her, so we might not need that aspect. It is all a question of what she will do for him in the end.

Hope that some of that was worth sharing. Best wishes everyone!

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How common is it for snow to happen in Ustalav? I would assume that by the time that Pharast rolls around it would be uncommon at least. Thanks for any insight.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

Have a couple of possible campaign briefs written up and was hoping to get some review from folks here. I know that a lot of parts of them refer to things that are outside of the scope of knowledge for folks reading them here. Players have more information, and I don't think that those who might actually look at these here would want to read notes so that they got the full context of everything.

If aspects aren't coming through and it doesn't seem like not knowing what a specific proper noun is about please bring it up. To anyone who bothers to look at these and provide feedback I would like to thank you for giving me a portion of your life.

Stakkar's Rest:

Stakkar Ravenblood was born in Sparn and studied the Fortresslands’ famous craft of alchemy. Before Stakkar was able to finish his schooling he was cast out of the hard mountains and became a wanderer. During his travels when Stakkar needed for anything he turned to his alchemy to aid him. When good will failed him, he turned to criminal pursuits to supply his demand. It was this proclivity that ended Stakkar on the wrong side of the law in the Hawksmoor.

Stakkar fled from the human kingdom and to the north, escaping pursuit by risking a journey through portions of the Blackened Coast. When Stakkar finally emerged from the swamplands and crossed the river to the elevated west bank he stopped fleeing, convinced that he had lost his pursuit. Stories say that he promised himself that day that he would run no further to escape a sentence. Stakkar settled himself on the spot, convinced that the reminder of his time within the swamp would keep him honest to the end of his days.

Stakkar looked to the ravens that nested in the area around his new residence as a sign from powers that he had long placed no faith in. In his homeland of Sparn, ravens were believed to be the spirits of the dead. He took cohabitation with the birds as a penance, and long after his criminal career had been all but forgotten in the world stories of Stakkar Ravenblood circulated.

Stakkar Ravenblood lived for long years, far beyond the norm for a man of the Fortresslands. The longer that he lived, the more akin to his companions Stakkar became, the farther tales of him spread, and the stranger accounts of him became. As Stakkar continued to age without wearying he aligned more with his winged companions, and both he and his unkindness would wander the lands surrounding his home.

The lands that he had settled in were wild, and unclaimed but not unknown and eventually only the tel’Quessir remembered a time that was without Ravenblood. Many came to seek council with Stakkar Ravenblood, and it is from these pilgrims that a village began to grow. This convergence of settlers in a wild land overlooking the Blackened Coast came to be known as Stakkar’s Rest.

For a time Stakkar helped the settlers that had come to his home. He trained both the young and the old in the ways of the swamp, care of ravens, and regaled them with stories that he remembered from his life before coming here. However, Ravenblood found the growing amount of people in his place of solitude to be stifling, and so he journeyed east, into the swamp and it is said that he even passed back into the Blackened Coast to seek the next chapter of his life.

Long years have passed since that time, and Stakkar’s Rest (also sometimes known as Soggy Bottoms) has grown to a village of around 1,000 individuals from a variety of races. Stakkar’s Rest has grown up on the northeastern bank of the Ravenflow, a river that comes down from the Kithlands and passes into the morass leading to the Blackened Coast beyond Stakkar’s Rest.

The Ravenflow and several miles of marshland separate Stakkar’s Rest from the dangers of the Blackened Coast, but the village has been forced to deal with threats from the east several times during its existence. The village itself supports multiple guardsmen who keep the peace, but more importantly are tasked with protecting the residents from eastern dangers. Beyond this handful of full time protectors, hunters keep wary eyes out when they travel across the Ravenflow for sign of menace stirring within the swamp.

Stakkar’s Rest relies on allies beyond to aid it against any dedicated attacks from the Coast. Men and elves travel within the swamplands. These rovers seek out threats hidden within the swamp before they become a danger. At times they come to Stakkar’s Rest at times to trade, rest, seek news, and hold council with each other.

Ironically, the Hawksmoor also aids Stakkar’s Rest. The two are trading partners, farmers bundle their goods to be carted off to the Hawksmoor twice a year in exchange for a number of the things that the villagers are unable to make for themselves. In addition to this, the Lord of the Hawksmoor has sent out troops to garrison Stakkar’s Rest several times when threats within the Blackened Coast turned to the west.

Beyond these two allies against the threats of the Blackened Coast the village stands primarily alone. The wildlands that Stakkar’s Rest is within provides little hope for allies. The neighbors of Stakkar’s Rest are often too far away.

Hillfolk of the Kithlands rarely travel to distant Stakkar’s Rest, though the tales of Ravenblood are known to these diminutive folk. Here tales of Stakkar are told as a man who desired a family so greatly that he made one with the birds. The hillfolk use it as a cautionary tale on the importance of family, the strangeness of outsiders, and the comforts of home.

The Horse Lords Run opens to the south of Stakkar’s Rest, but these mounted humans rarely come to this village. The journey to Stakkar’s Rest is beyond the borders of the Horse Lords concern and within a land that is ill suited to their noble steeds.

To the north across a great distance lies the fabled Free City of Gnordall. Tucked into the hills, the gnomish city of Gnordall is far beyond the distance that nearly any resident of Stakkar’s Rest would travel. Due to the distance there are no relations between Gnordall and Stakkar’s Rest, though it is the closest neighbor the village has to the north of any strength.

Dark times are on the horizon for the residents of Stakkar’s Rest. It has been over a decade since the last Troll Winter, and the old warriors will tell you that is too long. Darkness seeps throughout the Blackened Coast as summer moves towards autumn.

Alliance of Twelve:

A land of wildmen, desperadoes, and thieves ruled over by warlords and tribal chieftains. This is a place where the only law that exists is that of the bow and the blade. A rocky badland used by the military might of Dak’Karg for training, and by the rest of the world to distance themselves from the hobgoblin war engine.

For long years this lonely expanse of scrub was shunned by nearly all sentient races due to the hostility of the land and neighbors. While some show common sense, others strike out into these wastes searching for a new home away from some past crime or prejudice; to these poor souls a lawless stretch of land can come to look like sanctuary.
These lands were in this state nearly two-hundred years prior, a combination of deadly warriors, disreputable thieves, and refugees eeking out a living, fearful of the coming day when they would become prey for their neighbors. This is the Alliance of Twelve.

The truth of events believed to have occurred two-hundred years ago are unknown; the reasons behind the changes that have occurred within these barrens are a mystery to scholars. While we may find no answers in the halls of academia homesteaders, ranchers, brigands, and Hobgoblins tell stories of this time. The legends they tell over campfires and hearths tell us tales of a time of great warriors and wizards bringing civilization to this border region.

These tales speak of twelve practitioners of secret crafts arriving within this purgatory separately. The twelve were said to have more differences between each and every one than they had in common with any member. Each of the members of the Twelve held separate beliefs and practices, but all shared one thing that linked these disparate champions into companions.

All twelve looked upon the lands, the oppression, the lawlessness, the fatherless families, the starving children, the pregnant women with bellies slashed open, the smiling face of the tyrant, the cold eyes of the warlord, and the hope of a better future on the victim’s faces and knew that change was needed.

Together the Twelve banded together to drive out the warlord, turn the lash upon the tyrant, and protect the innocent victims. What started among the Twelve as a hopeless quest to change the world brought order to the chaos of this land, but order was short lived.

The Twelve acted as the protectors of the lands after driving back the forces of Dak’Karg; once these allies were no longer presented with a common foe that they had to strive against their differences created rifts between them. Each of these legendary figures envisioned the future of the land in a different way, and so the better future that they dreamed of choked and died as each of them stepped away from their allies and they appraised their future enemies.

In preparation of the coming battles each founded a school dedicated to their art offering to train any who showed promise and would swear allegiance to the master. The schools were successful and many students trained hard to learn the craft of the masters. Each school swelled its ranks with students and the prospect of open war with the lands of the Twelve became more and more dangerous.

The Twelve continued to work together to protect the people of the lands, but often students would end up in competition with each other to prove the validity of their master’s beliefs and the style of their school. Then it is said that the greatest disciple of one of the Twelve left his master to follow a different master.

This action broke the alliance between the Twelve masters once and for all. None of the Twelve felt they could trust their rivals, and so looked upon all others with suspicion. Students continued to work together when needed, but the Twelve only came together again once to turn back an onslaught from Dak’Karg.

The first student to leave their master spawned an entire movement of students that believed their way was better than their master’s. Students did not only leave from one school to join another, but countless schools were founded by enterprising students that wished to become masters in their own right.

The height of arrogance among the newer schools began when one believed that it taught the true form of the master’s art. It was founded on the name of the master, promoting that it would teach one of the original twelve styles as it was meant to be instructed. After this happened, numerous other schools adopted or were founded with similar ideals until the truth of the original Twelve styles was lost.

In modern times the region looks in many ways the same as it did two-hundred years ago. Certainly the desperadoes, thieves, and warlords are still here. What has changed is now there are schools teaching the craft that dot the landscape, offering solace and protection to those who are willing to adhere to the laws that they put down. This is still a land ruled by bow and blade, but some accountability exists.

Most commoners stay close to the lands around the schools, hoping that their proximity will keep brigands away. The truth of the situation though is that the schools of Alliance lands have created an unlanded class of people with magical power at their fingertips. This large amount of practitioners attempting to prove the superiority of their school and themselves would have lead to open war long ago if not for the constant threats surrounding Alliance lands. Despite the threats of Dak’Karg, Vadara’voon, and Fallen God the schools machinate against each other and students frequently move through the lands as if they were beholden to no law.

The Alliance of Twelve is a wild frontier land protected by a few noble students and brought low by most others.
You call this place home.

“Halflings!? Bah, they are protected by our fight of the Blight and are too small to interest dragons! There are no warriors in that broken land, they have even allowed their home to be taken from them,” a barbarian says of the people of Amrou. However, this small race of folk is not to be trifled with. They have formed a strong civilization that has lasted longer than most of the human nations of the West, only in recent history brought low by darkness. Still these stalwart Amrou hang on and hope for the reclamation of their homeland.

Amrou rose long ago on the Audran’shee, a fabled place of great faerie power. These Hillfolk emerged from their burrows and began work on a feudal society independent of human influence. Korusha found and became a strong ally of Amrou after it had emerged from the scattered barbarian tribes that formed the basis of that Empire. While the Amrou were older as a nation, the humans looked to the diminutive folk as little brothers, rather than their senior. Few among the Amrou objected to the treatment, but from time to time the Korushans were astonished by the prowess of the shield-bearers.

Centuries passed and Korusha’s political system became more and more Byzantine, while Amrou held to its roots maintaining a far more simple political system focused on the needs of the Amrou and their primary concerns. Despite the wonders that these Hillfolk were able to accomplish, the Amrou were often looked down upon or not even noticed for centuries by the other powers of the West. Amrou were content enough to allow the world to pass them by, while they maintained their own security in their generally pastoral lives.

The coming of the Tieflings to the shores of the West changed Amrou from the start of the First War of the Third Eye. These horned humanoids from unknown lands landed upon the shores of Ryth with war in their hearts. Amrou lay safely behind the vast Empire of Korusha and would have never felt the effects of this war firsthand, but the kind hearted Hillfolk were unable to allow Tiefling aggression to go unanswered. Shield-bearers came together in a grand moot and discussed their course of action. At the end of their meeting over half left the lands of Amrou to aid the humans in their war with the Tieflings, few returned home.

After this Amrou was still not recognized by many, but the Second War of the Third Eye would bring Amrou, people, city, and nation, to the center of all of Ryth’s eye. In the Second War the Korushans were pushed back along the Audran’shee unable to fight against the power of the Tiefling armies. Korushan refugees and the remnants of its military fled south of the Teremor, to the fort city of Var, into the cold north of Corskia, and to the shining bastion Amrou.

The Tieflings pursued the refugees and the shattered military into the fields of Amrou, and the Hillfolk knew the sting of war once again. Shield-bearers aided both human and Hillfolk as they fled from the oncoming regiments but provided little aid against their unstoppable opponents until they were pushed back to the city of Amrou. Here in Amrou, behind the fabled Stonewall, the world felt safe again, and the oncoming host finally failed. Tieflings pushed the city of Amrou convinced of an easy victory against these small opponents but the tenacity of the Amrou surprised them. Farmer, shield-bearer, noble, and human stood side by side to defend the Stonewall from breach, and together they turned back the tide of Tieflings.

Word of the battle of Stonewall quickly spread across Western Ryth, and some even carried the tales beyond the Divide. This mostly unknown race to foreigners had done something that the barbarians of the West and legions of Korusha had been unable to accomplish; they stopped the Tiefling war engine. While it was Amrou’s time on the stage of the world, that time was fading. The Tieflings were unable to penetrate the city but it was clear that they had the forces to dominate the fields of Amrou. In the second week of the siege of Amrou, a Tiefling ambassador approached the city under a white flag. They offered peace with not only the folk of this land, but of all Ryth. Messengers were sent out to bring representatives from all warring lands to Amrou, and the Treaty of Stonewall was signed ending the Second War of the Third Eye.

Amrou saw little of the Final War of the Third Eye, as it began as the city of Amrou fell, not to the Tieflings but to a darkness from below. Tales say that it took only one night for the city to fall, but so little knowledge is available of what happened that the accuracy of the statement is unknown. The Tieflings marshaled and moved their armies past the lands of Amrou to continue their war, leaving the little folk picking up the pieces of the catastrophe.

The Wars of the Third Eye are long over; their effects are felt throughout the West. Nations have attempted to put the pieces back together since the fall, but Amrou has never been reclaimed. Since the fall of Amrou the shield-bearers have fought a losing battle against the seeping darkness that emanates from their city, and now the fabled Stonewall that has long been a hallmark as the Aegis of Amrou acts to reinforce the position of those that hold the city.

The light grows dim for Amrou, and even its people begin to lose hope for the future when word that the last of the Stonewall line has died. Word spreads of the shield-bearer’s death across all of Ryth as if it were the destruction of the Amrou people themselves. Messengers carrying this news also bear select letters that are taken to the corners of Ryth seeking their recipients.

Arkayan's Letter:
I know that it has been many long years since last we met. Since our parting I have looked back upon our time and journey together with fondness. The memory of successes that we accomplished together have stayed with me, and even acted to reinvigorate my spirit when it would flag.

I hope that this letter finds you in better health than I believe my state is. I have set aside this request to be sent to you in case of my death. Mourn not for me companion, for I have lived my life as I have desired to live, in the defense of my homeland and my dream, Amrou. The lights set on my story here in the lands of the Stonewall of my ancestors, and as they do allow me one last request, a final wish.

When last we were together I aided you for a cause that we both believed in. We fought together for a time believing that there was no good end to the battles. Both of us were mistaken, and we found the course that you had wished for at the onset of our endeavor.

When we parted you promised me your aid when I would call upon it in repayment for my part in our shared story. In my passing I must call upon this oath and summon you to my homeland.

While there are more shield-bearers than simply myself, I fear that many look to me for guidance and inspiration. If I do not remain to lead, I believe that my dreams of Amrou restored will never come to pass. However, if I only sit back to watch I fear that my complacency will act as example to those who would follow me. I did not ask for this position, nor did I ever seek to be placed upon a pedestal by my people.

I must live with the eyes of Amrou upon me in the same fashion that has attracted their gaze. I will not quietly allow the night to fall on myself or my nation. The path that I walk is dangerous, ff you follow those dangers will threaten you as well.

I do not call upon your vow to walk the path that I have chosen. I ask that you come to Amrou because of our bond, look upon the faces of my friends, my family, look to the lands of my homeland. That is what I would ask of you; then you must decide what you will do.

If you take up my banner, or merely come to wish me final farewell I smile upon you and all your journeys.

Arkayan Stonewall

Thanks for input.

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Received email stating this should ship on the 9th of September, but have not yet received the delivery.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

What are Clerics (and other similarly built 3/4 BAB characters) supposed to take for feats at 1st level? A character that spends points on Str, Con, Wis, and maybe Cha doesn't seem to qualify for feats that are useful to their role until they have a BAB under their belt or takes Metamagic feats that won't assist them for several levels.

Maybe I'm missing something here, and that is why I'm posting to find out what it is I'm not seeing.

They don't qualify for Dodge or Combat Expertise due to stats. The don't have the BAB to take Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Power Attack, or Weapon Focus.

The character can take a number of feats, but none that seem to really boost their fighting capability.

Some may say Combat Casting but not all the characters that have the 0 BAB 1st level have spells to cast.

What I think I'm likely to do is take the +1 BAB req off of Power Attack. Combat Expertise and Weapon Finesse have already lost this requirement in Pathfinder, so it seems a little silly that PA still has it.

Thanks for your time.

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I was just wondering if there was any redflags on this old spell being used in Pathfinder. It was a 1st level Bard spell cast as a swift action that allowed boosted your Inspire Courage by +1 on its bonuses.

Thought I would ask to see if there were any folks that felt the spell had problems in Pathfinder before I put it on the table as an option to learn (or perhaps incorporate in treasure).

Thanks much.

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Hi there folks. I've been working on a home game that is separate from Council of Thieves that would use Westcrown as its setting. I was wondering beyond the Player's Guide and the section on Westcrown specifically in the first book of the AP if there were any parts that I might want to read in the AP to get a better feel for the environ. I'm also wondering which section I would go to look at for information on the attacks at night that occur in Westcrown and what the "official" information on that is.
Thanks for answers and help. Happy gaming.

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We have a long term gaming group that has played a lot of D&D/Pathfinder in the past but we like playing many other game systems as well. We play just about every genre, the last two non D&D/Pathfinder campaigns we've done have been Legend of the Five Rings and Shadowrun. We like D&D (1st through 3rd), D20 (and all it's sub worlds/genres), L5R, White Wolf (no experience with new WOD, but old WOD, Exalted, have Changeling books but never gotten to play, etc), Hero System, Shadowrun, Mutants and Masterminds, On the occasional Saturday that our campaign isn't being played, we still get together and play board (such as Puerto Rico, Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, Twilight Imperium, Smallworld, and many more on my shelves) and card games (such as Magic the Gathering, Dominion, etc).
Our gaming group meets every Saturday from 10 am to midnight. Four of our group have known each other for 10+ years. As of late real life has thinned our group a bit so we are looking to fill some seats. Our optimal # is 6 as we like to have 5 players and 1 GM giving plenty of roleplaying opportunities when the GM is occupied with other players. We have 1 female member, and the rest are male.

We are looking for a gamer who can first of all deal with a health situation presented by one of our members. This person has severe allergies and asthma that causes the person to take some precautions in day to day life and rarely leaves home. The person has spent many trips on life support in the ICU of hospitals since the age of 20 and is now 29. Most people who have visited have found the precautions to be of minimal impact on their lives however, and details on what it entails can be covered later on.

Going along with the health issues are food concerns, due to the severe allergies of the given member we are somewhat restricted on what food can be at the table. (The person has been sent to the hospital simply from being in the same room as a pizza before.) Because of this we primarily cook food here and simply ask for a monetary donation to help with supplies. We do steaks with sides ranging from peas cooked with bacon, to potatoes, to roasted vegetables. We do many chinese dishes, some on the rather traditional side (nothing too strange, we use beef tendon in the beef stew to help flavor it up, we use soy products beyond just the white tofu many are familiar with etc). Three of our current members love eating extremely spicy food while the remainder can handle a fair amount of spice so sometimes we cook spicy dishes up (but can certainly tone that down or up for individual taste with a little chili pepper or hot sauce on the side rather than in the dish).

Second, we hope to find someone that is a somewhat vocal roleplayer. We primarily have players who roleplay in character rather than by direction. More interaction means more stuff going on, hopefully. (We generally like to play on "good" aligned side of things. We like to be heroes and the epic characters of novels etc. Not bad guys.)

Third, like I mentioned earlier we like to play lots of games from lots of genres as a group so we hope to find someone willing to change things up from time to time.

And lastly we are strongly hoping to find someone who would ultimately make a good long term friend for members of the group. We try to make sure we're not just a group with a "campaigns over, time to walk away" group.

Well, if I haven't scared you off from this very straight forward introduction you might be just the person we're looking for. Please contact me!

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Didn't really know where to go, and I'm heading out the door. Last night as I was thinking on some things a jumbled version of a quote came into my mind. Poking the internet this morning, I think it might have been a Sun Tzu translation, but didn't find it as I was looking around. The general meaning of it is 'If you make it so that your opponent is unable to oppose you, you secure your own victory.' But it was a lot more elegant than that.

Anybody got it?

Thanks for any help.

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The Enforcer feat requires 1 rank of Intimidate. For that you are able to make a free intimidate check to demoralize whenever you do nonlethal damage. The duration of the demoralize is equal to the amount of damage that you have done.

I haven't seen this in play yet, but the way that it looks makes me nervous. The feat seems like it is going to be really powerful. Not sure if I am overestimating the power of the feat or not. Figured I might look here for some feedback.

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Just wondering about some crow themed monsters. Harpy and kenku come to mind as options. Corvids from White Wolf could be there. Others?

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I'm running a game and have had a summoner using the Beta rules in the home game for coming up on 200 played hours. The APG changes one important facet of the character by not allowing him to summon and use his eidolon and his SLAs.

I'm not trying to come here and debate the reasoning behind the change or the effect that it has on the summoner. What I'm hoping to see is the builds that people are using for their summoners or ways that people are looking at building them.

I'm not looking at ways to build the eidolon, but the summoner.

I was disappointed with the lack of good feat support for the summoner and I know that my player is as well. We have both been hoping that there would be some worthwhile feats for the summoner to guide them, especially since Augment Summoning no longer seemed as worthwhile.

Thanks for any offerings of advice for my player.

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I have been working my game towards a spooky mansion for a few weeks, nothing overt, but just in my mind building some evidence towards it. I expect the group to hit the mansion this week.

The mansion is a noble's estate. The noble family has gone over to the dark side and gotten in bed with demon's, basically corrupting the family over the past years. Now, their estate is a hot bed of bad stuff.

I'm wondering if there is a good mod or source that I can look to for some inspiration and ideas. I am currently drawing from Castlevania (Symphony of the Night and what I remember of other ones I used to play) as well as the really fun Living Greyhawk Duchy of Urnst game Last Dance at Heron House (thank you to the convention coordinator for running it for my group way back at Unlikely Allies 2001).

The group should is level 4 right now, and might be level 5 (on some of them) by the time they start investigating this locale. I'm hoping I might figure something else for them to do before they get here so more of them can be 5th, I think it would be pretty helpful to them, but not really certain what I should throw at them.

In another request, I'm looking for an earth creature fight for the ruined arcane academy that the group is finishing up right now. I had placed a group of gargoyles in a room, but realized that they would fit so much better at the mansion, fitting with the spooky elements that are going on.

Last part (for now), I'm looking for some sort of self actualizing torture device. In LDaHH, there were cages that ratcheted shut and were powered by the person's breath. It was a pretty intense scene, but my wife played the game with me, and so I'm hoping to come up with a different torture method that maximizes the suffering of the victim while keeping it very hard to rescue them.

Not sure if there is anything better than bird cages in the conservatory that slowly crush their victims and the scene that came from it at the table we played. My wife's character had nightmares of it for the rest of her days.

Thanks for help in advance.

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Hi folks. Did a search and didn't find conversions for the Arrowhawk or the Thoqqua, so I broke out my 3.5 MM and did direct conversions over on them. Advice welcome on them if anyone has thoughts.

I have them written in my shorthand for my Init cards. Sorry if that gives anyone trouble, but I think it should be pretty understandable.

Arrowhawk, Juvenile: CR 3 (800 XP); Small Outsider (air, extraplanar); HD 3d10+3; Init +5; Spd fly 60 ft. (perfect); AC 21, touch 17, flat-footed 15 (+5 Dex, +1 dodge, +4 natural, +1 size); Base Atk +3; AL N; Str 12, Dex 21, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 13; Treasure none, Language Auran, Skills and Feats: Acrobatics +11, Escape Artist +15, Fly +15, Knowledge (planes) +4, Perception +7, Stealth +15, Survival +7 (Arrowhawks receive a +4 racial bonus to fly and escape artist); Dodge, Weapon Finesse.

HP: 19; AC 21, touch 17, flat-footed 15; CMB +3; CMD +16; Atk +9 melee (1d6+1, bite) or +9 ranged touch (2d6 electric, electricity ray); SQ Darkvision 60 ft., immunity to acid, electricity, and poison; resisitance cold and fire 10; SV Fort +2, Ref +8, Will +4.

Electricity Ray (Su): An arrowhawk can fire this ray once per round with a range of 50 feet.

Thoqqua: CR 2 (600 XP); Medium outsider (earth, elemental, extraplanar, fire); HD 3d10+6; Init +1; Spd 30 ft., burrow 20 ft.; AC 18, touch 11, flat-footed 17 (+1 Dex, +7 natural); Base Atk +3; AL N; Str 15, Dex 13, Con 13, Int 6, Wis 12, Cha 10; Treasure none; Language none; Skills and Feats: Acrobatics +7, Perception +7, Stealth +7, Survival +7; Skill Focus (Perception), Toughness.

HP 22; AC 18, touch 11, flat-footed 17; CMB +5; CMD 16 (can’t be tripped); Atk +5 melee (1d6+3 plus 2d6 burn DC 12, slam); SQ burn, darkvision 60 ft., elemental traits (immune paralysis, poison, sleep, and stunning; not subject to crits or flanks; immune to precision based damage), immunity fire, heat, tremorsense 60 ft., vulnerability cold; SV Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +4.

Heat (Ex): Merely touching or being touched by a thoqqua automatically deals 2d6 fire damage.
Burn (Ex): A creature with the burn special attack deals fire damage in addition to damage dealt on a successful hit in melee. Those affected by the burn ability must also succeed on a Reflex save or catch fire, taking the listed damage for an additional 1d4 rounds at the start of its turn (DC 10 + 1/2 burning creature’s racial HD + burning creature’s Con modifier). A burning creature can attempt a new save as a full-round action. Dropping and rolling on the ground grants a +4 bonus on this save. Creatures that hit a burning creature with natural weapons or unarmed attacks take fire damage as though hit by the burning creature and must make a Reflex save to avoid catching on fire (see Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, page 444).

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I'm finishing up my ruined elemental academy for tomorrow, and one room that is giving me some trouble is the room that is the earth font. Each of the elements has a room that is tied to the plane of the appropriate type (water, air, fire, earth). Originally each of these rooms was a test to ensure that talented students would only be able to progress to the three rooms beyond. Fire requires resisting the fire, water is a tough swim, air involves flight or crazy jumps.

For earth though, I'm just not sure what I should do for the room. It has to be a test that simply crossing the room involves. I have contemplated collapsing the room and forcing the party to come up with a way through an obstacle of that nature.

Some of these obstacles I'm not convinced they will do tomorrow, but they can return later on after finding a way through to attempt it then.

Any thoughts on another challenge that I can do for the earth room? Do you find groups when presented with challenges like this that they cannot solve ever remember to return for them later on? It is something I saw back in 1E and some 2E, but seems to have dropped off in what I have seen as the years have rolled by.

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I am not currently finding the rules for Burrow. Anyone advise me what I'm missing? I bet I will feel dumb.

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