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I am working to close on book 2 of the AP, and am looking forward towards book 3 while laying down my plans. Some things that I have thought of when dealing with book 3 is that when the PCs are traveling into

the Dreamlands
that they would take on traits that were more an idealized version of themselves as they wish to be.

The idea initially came from the Fighter/Barbarian of Ragathiel that we have in our group. I have thought for a long time that I could see him developing into a paladin based on the way that he plays. As I thought more on it, I realized that it could be accomplished during those adventures, to at least show him some of what he could be.

One of the players was a replacement for an early PC death. He had been committed because of his belief that he was a dragon (Dragon Sorcerer). So during this section of the adventure, I am pondering letting him instead be a Dragon with the group.

Are there any rules in PF for support of PCs that are actual Dragons?

Given the nature of that section, I'm not as concerned with being perfectly in balance, and so might just give him an appropriate dragon, but was hoping there might be some resource.

I would recommend the spell, Form of the Dragon.

When I ran book 3 during the Dreamlands section, I allowed PCs to use the rules of lucid dreamers from Occult Adventures.

I treated the Denizens of Leng as lucid dreamers as well to combat the PCs.

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