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Ok, I can't find this ruling in D&D or Pathfinder.

So got a character, had a bunch of buff spells on. Died. Got resurrected next round of combat.

Did my spells on myself like Haste or Shield of Faith ended since I died? Or do they continue after death until they end?

Not sure, cause I'm assuming once dead, those spells wear off since they no longer can affect the target it was designed for. As in, you're an object now being a corpse.

What's the consensus?

Why does Menacing Shot state: "affect all living creatures within a 30-foot-radius burst as if they were subject to the fear spell."

This would affect allies no? That'd be dumb, why would the allies run in fear from their gunslinger party member? Shouldn't the RAI for this affect enemies only?

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There's still a huge following of PF1e, I'm surprised I'm not seeing more products for PF1e on Pathfinder Infinite. Are people really buying into the hype of PF2e and not realizing it's not really good for everyone? That some of us still prefer PF1e and would be interested in support for it?

Personally, I'd love to see a series written that converts all the monsters new to Pathfinder in 2E to convert to 1e. I'd pay for that! We could technically have Bestiary 7 and 8 for PF1e if so!

There's still a huge following of PF1e, I'm surprised I'm not seeing more products for PF1e on Pathfinder Infinite. Are people really buying into the hype of PF2e and not realizing it's not really good for everyone? That some of us still prefer PF1e and would be interested in support for it?

Personally, I'd love to see a series written that converts all the monsters new to Pathfinder in 2E to convert to 1e. I'd pay for that! We could technically have Bestiary 7 and 8 for PF1e if so!

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As much as I will always wish Paizo supported both editions (I'll even accept an unequal support of them, such as PF1e just getting mechanic conversions only), there's just that empty void of PF1e fans while PF2e keeps paving roads. (Here's to never seeing a PF1e conversion of the "Inventor" class coming out next month)

But I wish they at least did the monster conversions. Seeing some awesome creatures I wish were PF1e monsters. But at least there's a guy on Tumblr who's been doing PF1e conversions for a long time and has a ton of stuff now.

He's got several PF2e monsters converted on here (along with monsters from mythology and older D&D editions), and he accepts commissions at various times. Check it out here:

The Creature Codex

The Ruse spells from Ultimate Intrigue was a very necessary component to running Intrigue games for PF. However, I'm wondering if there were any 3PP products that expanded more new Ruse spells beyond what's in Ultimate Intrigue? Be a shame if there wasn't.

Does anyone know of at least a fan-created Forgotten Realms Conversion for the rest of the AP beginning with "Tides of Dread" all the way to the end of the AP?

I find it stupid that Paizo never finished the conversion documents, no idea why WotC wouldn't let them. I'm reading through this AP to get ready to run it and it abruptly stops Forgotten Realms conversions on the 4th adventure "Here They Be Monsters."

Is there any PF or 3rd party source of a good selection of Monster feats? Trying to see if I can find anything for creatures with a Burrow speed.

I'm confused about this feat and what it means. Here's the text that confuses me.

If it grapples a creature three or more sizes smaller, it squeezes each round for automatic bite or claw damage with a successful grapple check.

Ok so I have a Colossal creature bite a Large foe. It succeeds on a Grapple check after hitting and dealing damage, the two are now Grappled. The Large foes fails to escape, now it's back to the Colossal creature's turn.

So it states "squeezes automatically" to deal the damage on a successful grapple check. Does this mean the creature gets a "free" grapple check to deal this damage? So could a creature potentially deal damage twice in a round with Snatch?

For example:

Standard Action (Attack) ---> Success, make Grapple check ---> Success

Squeezes Automatically (Grapple Check) ---> Success, deal damage
Standard Action (Maintain Grapple + Damage) ---> Success, maintain grapple, inflict damage equal to unarmed strike/natural attack/weapon

Is this correct?

I'm wondering if there's a spell, and I'll go with 3rd Party spells too, that mimics the monster ability Lifesense?

I noticed there's the Grim Reaper (and Minor Reaper) presented in Adventure Path #48.

But then Bestiary 5 has its own Grim Reaper (and Lesser Reaper) entry. And the game stats to both are wildly different.

So, which one is official? Or does either version work? There's some features I like with the AP #48 version but also ones I like with the Bestiary 5 version.

Or are they just separate creatures and one of them needs a new name?

What's the deal with Greater Make Whole being weaker than Make Whole in the "Target" entry as outlined here?

Make Whole

Make Whole works on much more materials and any Construct size.

Greater Make Whole only works on ONE object up to 5 lbs/level?

Is this an error or was it intended to work better, but not on as much material, as Make Whole?

I have a few Gunslinger questions.

So, the Bleeding Wound deed states that after you hit with an attack you can use Grit to make it a bleeding wound (either hp or ability bleed) as a Free Action.

Can you do this more than one attack in the turn as long as you spend the Grit? So say you hit with 3 attacks, can you use Grit on each to do bleed, Str, and Con bleed damage?

Ok, now for True Grit class feature. If you chose Bleeding Wound, since the cost to use is now 0 and you just need to have at least 1 grit remaining to use it, does this mean every attack hit can be bleed damage for free? Am I interpreting this correctly?!

So I saw this creature here, really thought it a cool monster, and decided to take a crack at converting this to the real awesomeness of PF1e.

Let me know what you think, if anything should be added, changed, omitted, etc.

Here's the PF2e version link: RHEVANNA

Here's my conversion:

XP 614,400
LE Large Outsider (Evil, Extraplanar)
Init +12; Senses darkvision 60 ft., see in darkness, true seeing; Perception +40
Aura Plunder life (60 ft.)

AC 41, touch 18, flat-footed 32 (+1 dodge, +8 Dex, +11 profane, +12 natural, -1 size)
hp 333 (29d10+174)
Fort +15, Ref +24, Will +24
DR 15/good and silver; Immune death effects; SR 33
Defensive Abilities

Speed 40 ft., fly 80 ft. (good)
Melee +3 unholy spiked chain +42/+37/+32/+27 (2d6+18 plus 2d6 unholy) or 2 claws +38 (1d8+10)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Special Attacks detaining strike, malefic binding
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th; concentration +31)
Constant--- detect good, tongues, true seeing; At-Will--- dimension door, dimensional anchor, plane shift (self only), soul bind (DC 30; requires gem); 3/day---dominate monster (DC 30), quickened dimension door, greater dispel magic, greater possession (DC 26), scrying (DC 25); 1/day--- call spirit, greater planar binding, imprisonment.

Str 31, Dex 26, Con 23, Int 22, Wis 27, Cha 32
Base Atk +29; CMB +40; CMD 58
Feats Bleeding Critical, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Critical Focus, Dodge, Flyby Attack, Greater Vital Strike, Improved Critical (spiked chain), Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Improved Vital Strike, Quicken Spell-Like Ability (dimension door), Vital Strike, Weapon Focus (spiked chain)
Skills Acrobatics +40, Bluff +43, Fly +43, Intimidate +43, Knowledge (arcana) +38, Knowledge (planes) +38, Knowledge (religion) +38, Perception +40, Sense Motive +40, Stealth +40, Survival +40, Use Magic Device +43
Languages Common, Celestial, Infernal; telepathy 100 ft.; tongues
SQ Lifedrinker

Environment any (Lower Planes)
Organization solitary
Treasure 4 black sapphires, various values, altogether totaling 50,000gp

Detaining Strike (Su) Once per round, a creature struck by a rhevanna's melee attack is affected as if by a dimensional anchor spell if they fail a Will save (DC 35). The saving throw is Charisma-based.

Lifedrinker (Su) If a rhevanna kills a living creature of at least half it's own HD (14 HD for a typical rhevanna), it drinks the life force from the kill and regains 40 hit points. If the creature killed is a celestial, the rhevanna regains 80 hit points.

Plunder Life (Su) Any non-fiend creature within the rhevanna's aura receives only half the hit points from any healing magic or effects. The rhevanna regains half the hit points the effect would heal.

Malefic Binding (Su) If the target of a rhevanna's soul bind spell-like ability is a celestial, the gem the celestial is stored in has Hardness 40 and will kill the celestial if destroyed.

Ever since Krampus was written for Bestiary 6, I've been looking (and hoping) to find some company or person who did a really good Pathfinder monster stat for "Kris Kringle."

But NOT as a character. As the Archfey he clearly is supposed to be. With Krampus being CR 21, I'm looking for Archfey stats for Santa Claus of a being who should definitely be probably CR 24 or 25.

I keep finding him being given stats as if he were a human with class levels or a Fey with class levels and not many special abilities and other aspects of being more of an Archfey than just a bunch of class levels with the Fey creature type stuck to it.

If anyone knows where I can find such a write up, I'd love to know (Surprised Paizo never statted him up as one after all the years 1e has been out).

Does this spell work on Unarmed Strikes? Since unarmed strikes count as natural weapons or do they count as manufactured? I believe for Monk it can count as both, whatever is more beneficial.

I run a 3.5/PF hybrid game and I port many of PF's material into the Forgotten Realms setting.

My question is, Psychic Magic is an alternative way of accessing power and emulating magic similar to what Arcane and Divine casters have access to (as well as biting off of Psionics) and is not considered to be either one. The methods are different even though, sometimes, the end result is the same.

So would The Weave affect/be affected by those using Psychic Magic?

My leaning is toward a no. In my games, I've had the magical scholars speak of it as "Mind Magic" and "Occult Magic." It's a taboo territory of utilizing magic. One of the big reasons being it's a way to access magic without requiring The Weave. It makes sense for something considered to be "Occult" magic. It's meant to be misunderstood, dangerous, alien, and too esoteric even for Wizards.

I'm wondering if this is a wise choice. I mean, it makes sense, and Ed Greenwood has stated many times that the Realms has all sorts of magic beyond the typical ones we're used to, and that there are methods of using magic without using The Weave, and I'm thinking having it where Psychic Magic is one such method makes it all the more interesting.

What are your thoughts?

The Seugathi monster, originally published in "Into the Darklands" was changed when added to Bestiary 2.

It lost the Shatter Mind Blank and Id Insinuation abilities.

The question is, why?

The Seugathi monster, originally published in "Into the Darklands" was changed when added to Bestiary 2.

It lost the Shatter Mind Blank and Id Insinuation abilities.

The question is, why?

Can someone explain to me why there are absolutely no descriptions to any of the qlippoth? Or artwork for them all? It just feels like a bunch of monster blocks with no substance. Especially the ones with no artwork or description, what happened here?

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There are some monsters I am seeing in PF2e I really wish had PF1e conversions.

Judging from the entirely new (and unwanted, but that's another topic) system, it's not possible to convert PF2e spells and feats and such to PF1e.

However, the monster stats seem like they could convert half of it PF1e at least, but there're some things that need some judgment calls.

Since the material is open source, is there a 3rd party publisher we can request to write "Monster Conversion" PDFs from PF2e to PF1e? Since Paizo doesn't care to do both systems, as I believe they should because if I owned an RPG company I sure as heck would, someone else could do it.

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We really need a thread to convert P2 material over to P1 and hopefully the Pathfinder designers can help.

For starters, can we get conversions of the new monsters in P2's Hellknight Hill Adventure Path?

Door Warden
Emperor Bird

Thanks, much appreciated!

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Need to make this thread since many of us want to still play P1 but also want the new material from P2 for our P1 games.

For starters, can we get conversions of the new monsters in P2's Hellknight Hill Adventure Path?

Door Warden
Emperor Bird

Thanks, much appreciated!

Is there anything in Pathfinder that allows a Cleric to bypass the one-step alignment rule for divine spellcasting?

For example, playing a CN cleric of a LN deity and still receiving spells?

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What 3PP companies that are well known and credited are sticking to continuing developing 1e PF material? Because I'd like to check them out and start supporting that.

The biggest reason I ever got into Pathfinder was because one of their "pillars" of game design was backwards compatibility with D&D 3.5 and there were a ton of us that hated WotC and 4e and wanted to go to something that carried on to what we enjoyed. It made the transition mostly easy. In fact, I have been running a D&D 3.5/PF hybrid system for years.

But, no offense to anyone, I feel like Paizo has become the new WotC with their 2e system. Abandoning a loyal base to unneccessarily change up an entire gaming system that's been statisically very successul for...I honestly don't know why. Profit? I mean, we all saw how hard 4E flopped. I personally have no interest in 2e because of how vastly different it is and all my 1e material is useless. It's not compatible at all.

So I'm doing what I thought I'd never do to Paizo, and I did with WotC, which is jumping ship from my support for them and looking to see what 3pp companies I can support that's going to continue to make the quality game I desire.

Considering Paizo has released very little for the Samurai, can anyone point me in the direction of 3rd party source material that has more options for Samurai?

In particular, I am looking for one where the Samurai can replace his mount for an ancestral weapon, sort of like a Paladin being able to choose a bonded weapon.

Or a Samurai archetype that replaces the mount with an animal companion instead. Be cool to play a Samurai with a wolf sidekick, for example.

Outside of magic spells, for melee/ranged warriors, is there anyway to face a foe and negate their fast healing?

I ask this because of a PC who has fast healing and really high AC. So when they finally do get hit, it doesn’t matter because by the time they get hit a second time their damage is healed back up.

Is there a feat or magic weapon, alchemical item or class feature that can stop a foe from benefitting from Fast Healing? Or is magic the only way?

I downloaded the Playtest PDF, but I see there are updates to it. Currently it's at version 1.6

Does the original PDF get updated or do I have to jump and forth between the two PDFs to see the differences?

It would be much easier to playtest the material if the updates were also included in the original PDF playtest.

When a synthesist uses Split Form, can they still keep their Eidolon alive by using Fused Link class feature?

I may be mistaken entirely, but I thought there was a build out there that allowed you to wield a spiked chain as if it were a double weapon?

I am confused by the Synthesis capstone ability. It looks like it does everything that being Fused already gives you, so what's the point of it really?

Is it really only beneficial when you do Split Form? Such as splitting you and Eidolon apart, and then using Twin Eidolon to gain the same benefits?

What's the difference between it and Fused Eidolon and what are the benefits/cons?

How does terrain affect large spaces?

Say I have a Huge (3x3 squares) creature walking through an area that's only 2 squares long full of dense rubble. Does difficult terrain affect them?

What about, say, a 10 ft. x 10 ft pit and my Huge or Gargantuan creature is going through it. Is their movement normal or is it difficult terrain? What if they stop and are partially in the space?

Thanks to those who can direct me on what to do. I am in a situation where I have a Huge (3x3 square) creature with a 2x2 square pit in front of them, and a Wall of Stone blocking the other side. I was curious if my Huge creature can partially share that space without hindrance as they attempt to break the wall down (the creatures only have 10 ft. reach).

Are we going to be seeing more updates to the wrongly unplaytested Shifter class soon? Or are we getting the shaft cause of PF2?

Menacing Shot says it functions as the Fear spell.

Meaning if the enemy passes the save, they're still Shaken for 1 round.

But if they fail, they flee in panic for 1 round/caster level.

But Gunslingers don't have a caster level. Am I to assume the enemy is in panic for 1 round/class level then?

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Here's an interesting idea that can easily rake in a ton of cash while ALSO pleasing the community at the same time.

Why not support BOTH PF1E and PF2E?

Yes, I know what people will say. But I'm not suggesting they equally do both, as we all know that will split their resources when they really want to focus on PF2E.

I'm saying maybe they release just a few products per year, better than nothing, I say! Right?!

It's better than screwing an entire community over who still want official PF1 material and don't really like and want to be forced to play PF2 because everybody else is, or arguing why they should switch.

I'm pretty much hanging on a thread here hoping I can look forward to more PF1 material, even if it's just a miniscule amount.

This is utterly depressing me thinking about it. :'(

Is there a 3PP for Pathfinder that has more stuff for Fighters, specifically new Advanced Weapon Training and Advanced Armor Training options?

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Would it be too much to ask for ONE more Bestiary before Pathinder 2E rolls in? That would be nice. (This time with more Aeons and Inevitables)

For feats like Deflect Arrows and Cut from the Air, they require the character to "be aware of the attack."

So what does that term mean mechanically speaking?

My best assumption is, if you're surprised in the surprise round. Such as a rogue sneaking up on you, you fail Perception, and they take a shot at you from their hiding spot.

Does this term rely on the character also needing sight to the incoming attack, or just simply knowing the are being attacked? For example, mid-battle my character is blind. He's aware of enemies present and attacking, he just can't see, but can he still use Deflect Arrows?

If the answer is no, then a follow up would be "Does Blind-Fight prevent this, since you keep your Dex bonus to AC when being attacked while blinded/can't see enemy?"

I am asking this because I have a fire giant fighter against the PCs, who wields two weapons and has the Cut from the Air feat. He was blinded by a PC spell, but he still has Blind-Fight. The Cut from the Air feat specifically says it USES an attack of opportunity, but it's not making an attack of opportunity, it's using one to make a melee attack against an incoming ranged attack in order to deflect it.

Can my Blind-Fight blinded fire giant who is aware he is being attacked still use Cut from the Air when some arrows get shot his way?

Is it me, or is Starfinder causing the slump of new Pathfinder material? We used to have a PF Campaign and Player Companion product almost every month, but lately I have seen it every other month (and it looks that way for the future according to the schedule). Not that I have anything against Starfinder, but I thought Paizo was a growing industry yet it seems Starfinder is replacing some PF releases instead of side by side releases?

Is there a method to use two one-handed weapons and benefit from Dexterity towards attacks and damage? Such as using two longswords, two battleaxes, etc.?

I am surprised we don't have PF stats for a fantasy version of Santa Claus since we have one of Krampus. Maybe some kind of Arch Fey I guess, probably why we haven't seen one yet. Just curious since Paizo tends to do real-life mythical being stats a lot.

I think what would be awesome as future hardcovers are Pathfinder RPG books with real-world cultures as themes for a generic fantasy/Golarion version of them.

Such as an Ultimate Far East, detailing Tian Xia as part of the book and the rest a bunch of material for fantasy Far Eastern material such as archetypes, spells, expanded rules, NINJAS, and so on.

Others could be Ancient Americas, Egypt and such

Considering the amount of options Paizo has released for monsters, going as far releaseding a "Monster Codex" book, I am very surprised how much lacking of feats or ruling on how a monster can advance their Spell Resistance and their caster level for their spell-like abilities. (Or even feats in general to improve upon the Universal Monster abilities, but I'll stick to the more common SLA caster level and SR abilities)

I consistently upgrade my encounters because my players are experienced enough to create characters that are not only min-maxed but also sync together well. This has made encounters of their level and even higher very easy encounters.

So I advance many of my monsters that I use, but the problem I keep running into is while my monster advances in HD/class levels, their skills, feats, etc. increase, but their CL remains stuck at a lower level for their SLA and their spell resistance remains too low as well, againt my caster players who have boosted CL checks due to their builds.

What do you suggest for increasing CL for SLA? Should I go by CR increase or HD increase? If a monster has 18 HD and a CL of 13th for their SLA, if I pumped them to 25 HD, should I adjust their CL to 20th going by HD? Or more of a 1 to 1 ratio of their CR?

The same for SR. If I have a creature at 15 HD with a SR of 20, if I increase their HD to 25, should their new SR be 30? Or should I base the 1 to 1 ratio on their CR and not HD?

With these high levels of play I am DMing now, traps and magic traps in particular, have become way too easy to detect and bypass.

Mechanical traps have built in rules to increase the DC as high as you want, but it's the magic traps I have issues finding ways to increase the DC for Perception/Disable Device.

I know of a couple of spells that directly help:

Improve Trap
Undetectable Trap

Both are very helpful, although Undetectable Trap's DC increase doesn't work on characters with Trapfinding, sadly.

So since I cannot find other ways to increase Magic Trap DCs, I figure finding ways to make them very hard to detect via magic would also help. Undetectable Trap helps in this, but I was wondering if Magic Aura would also work?

The spell specifies an item or person, but couldn't I build a Magic Aura effect into a Magic Trap like you can build an Alarm trigger or visual magic (like True Seeing) to hide its aura?

Thanks for any clarifications and/or advice.

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