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| Acrobatics +6, Deception +10, Diplomacy +10, Occultism +5, Perception +7, Performance +12 (11), Society +5, Thievery +7


| HP: 63/63 | AC/TAC: 21(23)/19(21)| F/R/W: +9/+9/+6| ghast ick, inspire courage


N/N male gnome bard/5

Strength 8
Dexterity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20

About Banterknell

Resource Tracking:

Loot: tanglefoot bag, elixer of life, thunderstone
1st level spells cast (3/day):
2nd level spells cast (3/day): sound burst
3rd level spells cast (2/day): invisibility sphere at guard towers
Expendables used: 1 alchemist's fire

Involved in GD VII: Redelia's Raiders of Shrieking Peak scenario


Main Stats:

Banterknell (141936-1501) N/N Male Gnome Bard/5
Ancestry Gnome
Background Entertainer
Class Bard

Str 8/-1 {10 -2[gnome]}
Dex 16/+3 {10 +2[gnome] +2[acrobat] +2[ability boost]}
Con 16/+3 {10 +2[gnome] +2[bard] +2[ability boost]}
Int 10/+0 {10[/ooc]
Wis 10/+0 [smaller]{10}

Cha 20/+5 {10 +2[gnome] +2[acrobat] +2[bard] +2[free] +2[ability boost]}

Senses Low-light vision
Traits Gnome, Humanoid
Speed 20'
Perception +2 {+1[expert] +1[level]}
Hitpoints 63 {+8[gnome] +15[con] +40[bard]}
Hero Points 1
Resonance Points 9 {5[lvl] + 4[cha]}
Languages Common, Gnomish, Sylvan


AC 21(23) {10 +3[dex] +3[+1 chain shirt] +0[trained] +5[level] (+2)[shield]}
TAC 20(22) {10 +3[dex] +2[+1 chain shirt] +0[trained] +5[level] +2[shield]}
Fort +9 (+0[trained] +5[level] +3[con] +1[armor])
Ref +9 (+0[trained] +5[level] +3[dex] +1[armor])
Will +6 (+1[expert] +5[level] +0[wis] +1[armor])
Special Saving Throw Bonuses:
  • +1 vs. Illusions

  • Offense:

    Normal Attacks
  • +3/1d6-1 Kukri [crit x2; S) +3[dex/finesse]/1d6 -1[str], -4 per additional attack
  • +9/1d10 TK Projectile [crit x2; B) +3[dex/finesse] +0[trained] +5[lvl]/1d10 (+1/+1 if inspired)

  • Spell repertoire:

    DC = 20 {10 +5[level] + 5[cha]}


  • (C) Inspire Courage, verbal, 60' aura, 1 round, +1 conditional bonus to attacks, damage, and saves vs. fear
  • (CP) Counter Performance, verbal or somatic reaction, triggered by You or an ally within 60 feet must roll a saving throw against an auditory or visual effect. 1 spell point to use.
  • Daze, somatic and verbal, target is flat-footed on failed Will ST, slowed 1 on crit failure.
  • Light, somatic and verbal, 1 object of 1 bulk or less, for one day, 20' radius light.
  • Prestidigitation, somatic and verbal, 10' range, lift light object 10' off ground, make useless object of negligible bulk
  • Read Aura, somatic and verbal, 30' range, check item for magic and school
  • Telekenetic Projectile, somatic and verbal, 30' range, 1d10 damage
  • Triple Time[feat], somatic, 60' aura, 1 round, You dance to a lively tempo, speeding up your allies’ movement. You and all allies in range are accelerated 10 for 1 round.

    1st level 3/day

  • Summon Monster[muse], material and somatic and verbal, 30' range, up to 1 minute of concentration, (Animated broom, bloodseeker, bobcat, dog, dire rat, fire beetle, pig, pony, viper)
  • Protection, somatic and verbal, touch, 1 minute, +1 conditional bonus to AC and ST vs. alignment, +3 vs control or summoned.
  • Illusory Object, somatic and verbal, 500', 20' burst, 10 minutes, stationary object with animation.
  • Phantom Pain, somatic and verbal, 30', 1 minute, 2d4 mental damage, 1d4 persistent damage and sick 1 on failed Will ST. Recover from sick to stop damage. 1d4 mental damage on successful ST. Sick 2 on crit failure. (Heightened +1: +2d4 and +1 persistent)

    2nd level 3/day

  • Blur, somatic and verbal, target is blurry and concealed.
  • Illusory Creature, somatic and verbal, 500', concentration, huge or smaller creature, can't speak unless you use action, flanks, do 1d4 +4[cha] mental damage on successful strike. Seek action to disbelieve.
  • Sound Burst, somatic and verbal, 30', 10' burst, 3d8 (+1d8/heightened level) sonic damage and deafened for 1 round on failed Fort ST. Crit failure doubles damage and deafened for 1 minute. Successful ST halves damage.

    3rd level 2/day

  • Hypnotic Pattern, material and somatic, 120', 10' burst, concentration up to 1 minute, targets are fascinated. May not react on crit failure.
  • Invisibility Sphere, material and somatic, 10' aura, 10 minute, invisible while in area. Does not work in battle after first round.

  • Skills:

    Skill Ranks 10 = 7[bard] +0[int] +1[acrobat] +2[skill increase]
    Signature Skills: Crafting, Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Occultism, Performance, Society

    Acrobatics +lvl+1 {+0[trained] +3[dex] -1[ACP]}
    Arcana +lvl-2 {-4[untrained], +0[int]}
    Athletics +lvl-4 {-4[untrained] -1[str] -1[ACP]}
    Crafting* +lvl+1 {+0[trained] +1[int]}
    Deception* +lvl+5 {+0[trained] +5[cha]}
    Diplomacy* +lvl+5 {+0[trained] +5[cha]}
    Intimidation* +lvl+1 {-4[untrained] +5[cha], may use performance to demoralize}
    - circus* +lvl+0 {+0[trained], +0[int]}
    Medicine +lvl-4 {-4[untrained] +0[wis]}
    Nature +lvl-4 {-4[untrained] +0[wis]}
    Occultism* +lvl+0 {+0[trained] +0[int]}
    Performance* +lvl+7(6) {+1[expert] +5[cha] (+1)[VP])
    Religion +lvl-4 {-4[untrained] +0[wis]}
    Society* +lvl+0 {+0[trained] +0[int]}
    Stealth +lvl-2 {-4[untrained] +3[dex] -1[ACP] -1[noisy armor]}
    Survival +lvl-4 {-4[untrained] +0[wis]}
    Thievery +lvl+2 {+0[trained] +3[dex] -1[ACP]}


  • Spell point pool
  • - Needed to use composition powers which are prefixed with a (DP)
  • - 5 points {smaller]{+4[cha] +1[loremaster's recall]}[/smaller]

  • Gear:

    Max Bulk: 4 {5 -1[str]}

    Kukri (6 sp, uncommon, 1d6, L bulk, 1 hand, knife group, Agile, finess, trip)
    Chain shirt (+2 AC, +1 TAC, -1 ACP, 2 bulk, noisy, +1 expert potent, level 3 item)
    Heavy Wooden Shield (10 sp, +2 AC, +2 TAC, -1 ACP, 1 bulk)
    Bracers of Missile Deflection (Level 3 item)
    Wand of Heal (level 2 item, L)
    Backpack (1 sp)
    flute (8 sp)
    Bag of Holding (level 4 item, 1 Bulk)
    Silk rope (10 sp, L)
    grappling hook (1 sp, L)
    pup tent (8 sp, L)
    hooded lantern (7 sp, L)
    Bedroll (1 cp, L)
    14 pints oil (14 cp)
    5 days rations (25 cp, 5L)
    rocks (for TK projectiles)
    Scroll of protection (Level 1 item)
    Scroll of protection (Level 1 item)
    9 sp

    5 Alchemist's Fire (15 gp, 5L)
    Scroll of Calm emotions, 120', 10' burst, concentration up to 1 minute, may not act hostil (8 gp)
    Scroll of False Life, +7 HP for 1 day (8 gp)
    Scroll of Mirror Image, 1 minute, 3 images (8 gp)
    Oil of Potency (5 gp)

    Feats and Class Abilities:

    1 skills Trained in Occultism, Performance, and 6 skills
    1 acrobat feat: Steady Balance - You can keep your balance easily, even when balancing in adverse conditions. You treat a success using the Balance action as a critical success. You’re not flat-footed while attempting to Balance on narrow surfaces and uneven ground, and if you’re the target of an attack or effect that requires a saving throw, you fall only if you critically fail your attempt to Maintain Balance.
    1 ancestry feat: discerning smell - You can smell and taste all sorts of exotic flavors that are too nuanced for a human palate. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to sense an unseen creature that is close enough for you to smell (typically within 30 feet, though halve the distance if you are upwind and double the distance if you are downwind). For more information about senses, see page 301.
    1 muse feat: Versatile Performance - In social situations, you can rely on the grandeur of your performances rather than ordinary social skills. You can use Performance instead of Diplomacy to Make an Impression and instead of Intimidation to Demoralize. You can also use an acting performance instead of Deception to Impersonate.
    2 bard feat: Loremaster's Recall - somatic, You spend the Recall Knowledge action. Roll the skill check you attempt as part of the triggering action twice and take the higher result.
    2 skill feat: Fascinating Performance - Fascinates four observers on a on missed Will ST
    3 general feat: Fast Recovery - heal from rest x2, extra reduction vs. poisons, drained, and enervation
    4 bard feat: Triple Time - You learn the triple time composition cantrip (see page 266), which makes you and your allies move more quickly for a round.
    4 skill feat: Virtuosic Performer (+1 with Bagpipe, flute, recorder, trumpet)
    5 ancestry feat: Illusion Sense - Your ancestors spent their days cloaked and cradled in illusions, and sensing this magic is second nature to you. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Perception checks and Will saves against illusions. When you come within 10 feet of an illusion that can be disbelieved, you can attempt a single Perception check to disbelieve it, even without spending an action to interact with it in some way. For more about disbelieving illusions, see page 194.

    Class Abilities

  • Compositions:
  • - Inspire Courage
  • Muse:
  • - Polymath
  • - Versatile Performance feat
  • - Add summon monster to your spell repertoire.
  • Spontaneous Heightening:
  • - May heighten up to two spells (Phantom Pain, Sound Burst)
  • Skill Increases:
  • - 3) You can use this increase to either become trained in one skill you’re untrained in, or become an expert in one skill in which you’re already trained.
  • - 5) You can use this increase to either become trained in one skill you’re untrained in, or become an expert in one skill in which you’re already trained.

  • ———Rules for Building a 5th-Level Playtest Character———

    Use the following rules for creating your own character for Pathfinder Society Playtest adventures. Except where noted, all of the rules for building a 1st-level character apply.

    Gear and Wealth: Your character begins with 50 gold pieces (gp). In addition, you begin with the following permanent items.
    One 4th-level item (Bag of holding)
    Two 3rd-level items (+1 light armor potency, Bracers of Missile Deflection)
    One 2nd-level item (Wand of Heal)
    Two 1st-level items (1st level scroll)
    Rarity: Your character may select one character option—a piece of equipment, a magic item, or a spell—that has the uncommon rarity (kukri). Any spell must appear on your class’s spell list; for example, a wizard cannot learn a bard’s inspire courage composition spell or a cleric’s fire ray domain spell, but he could learn nondetection.