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I'm posting on behalf of our group of six players who were lucky enough to be selected for a game of Kingmaker, and unlucky enough to have our GM seem to drop off the face of the earth before the first encounter.
While we realize this is a longshot, we are hoping to find a GM willing to step in and take over running the game for us.
Maybe you've been wanting to run this game?
Maybe you're running for another group and might consider running a second table?
If you are interested in learning more please comment or pm me.

I've got an idea for a character, but can't really see a way to make it very effective.
I was going to try a Picaroon Swashbuckler/ Pistolero Gunslinger for PFS play, but the more I plot it out, the less effective it seems.
I can deal with the twf penalties, and reloading issues, but I just dont see this build shining at either of its aspects.
Rough build was Pistolero at level 1, Picaroon at level 2, then back to gunslinger for the rest.
Feats and basic crunch:
1 Rapid Reload
3 Point Blank Shot
5 Precise Shot/ Bonus Extra Grit
7 Piranha Strike (or likely power attack to go with rapier.)
9 Deadly Aim /Bonus Opening Volley
(Only building to level 10 right now)

Half Elf with Dual Minded starting at level 2 from a PFS rewrite.
Starting Stats are STR 13, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14
Bumps are Dex at level 4, STR at 8

Gear was start with Pistol and Short Sword (light off hand), then work up to a pepperbox and rapier.

Am I missing something?
Am I better going all levels of either gunslinger or all Picaroon without a dip?
I'm not the greatest optimizer, but I can't really see this working as I'd like it to.
(i.e. doing decent damage, and not crippling the character with penalties for the sword and pistol flavor.

Any advice or ideas would be appreciated.

I purchased two books in PDF format on the evening of 5-31-2018.
The order shows as completed and they are allegedly "in your downloads" according to the web page, however they are not listed or available for download on my account's digital content page.
I have waited nearly 24 hours, and checked my content list from 2 separate devices both before and after clearing my browser cache.

Please advise how I can correct this issue, as I've been charged for these items and cannot access them.

I just hit level 2 on my PFS Halfling Unchained Rogue, and I've decided to use the re-write to make him into a (nearly) full martial.

I'm staying Halfling so that's not changing, but I was thinking of a 1 level dip into Warpriest (Cayden) for the free weapon focus, first level blessings,divine spell(s), and damage die increase to offset the small weapon.
Dex to damage (probably rapier) will come online at 3, then the Deeds at 5.

I can't really see a big negative to the dip, but am I missing something?

Not posting full crunch because I haven't even started yet , but I'm not a fan of dump stats or going below 8 post racial, so stats will be close to 10, 17, 14, 10, 13, 15. (I know, I could leave the STR at 8 to boost the others, but I want some carrying capacity)

I'm drafting characters for possible use in PFS games,and I'm thinking of a dwarf that fights with a Dwarven waraxe, and shield.
**I fully realize that this style is not top tier optimized for dpr, and I dislike dumpstat minmaxing but I still would like some opinions on if the character idea will be reasonably functional in a PFS environment**

I've narrowed my choices down to either a Ranger or a Slayer with rough draft builds below the spoilers. I'm also open to suggestions on my feat choices and order.

Dwarf/Ranger/20pt buy:

STR:16, DEX:12, CON:16, INT:11, WIS:14, CHA: 8
Traits: likely Glory of Old for +1 to dwarf racial save bonus, 2nd TBD probably an initiative booster.
Feat Plan
1 Power Attack
2 Two Weapon Fighting -combat style
3 Improved Shield Bash, Endurance -class bonus
4 -
5 Iron Will or Boon Companion if I take pet
6 Shield Master -combat style
7 Shield Slam
8 -
9 Lunge, or other feat
10 Bashing Finish -combat style
11 Shield Focus or other feat

Dwarf/Slayer/20pt buy:

STR:16, DEX:12, CON:16, INT:11, WIS:14 CHA: 8
Traits: likely Glory of Old for +1 to dwarf racial save bonus, 2nd TBD probably an initiative booster.
Feat Plan
1 Power Attack
2 Two Weapon Fighting -combat style
3 Improved Shield Bash, Endurance -class bonus
4 Rogue Talent: Weapon Training -slayer talent or Trapfinding
5 Iron Will
6 Shield Master -combat style
7 Shield Slam
8 Rogue Talent: Combat Trick Lunge
9 Shield Focus, or other feat
10 Bashing Finish -combat style
11 Improved Bull Rush or other feat

Gear selection: Dwarven Waraxe, and start with light shield with spikes until level 6, then swap up to heavy shield. Shield enchants will start with bashing, plus others as affordable. Weapon enchant will be decided based on class, but bane and/or holy seem favorable. For ranged attacks,maybe a sling for simplicity or a crossbow as its a very dwarf weapon.

Are either of these builds reasonable and viable for PFS use?
Any ideas to tweak that will help make up the lack of hard core optimization?