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You pig!

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F~$% you old man!!

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Babe: Pig on the Internet wrote:
GM_Beernorg wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

I used to think I was forgetting to lock the door when I left because I'd come home and it would be unlocked.

Turns out, the dog (a beagle) unlocks the door for us about 3-5 minutes before he can sense we'll be home.

damn, smart beagle!

BBC: "Can dogs tell the time?"

While it isn't the same as unlocking the door, I've seen some cats figure out how to open the lever-style handles of doors.

There's one on Hulu that says the reason dogs and humans get each other and get along so well, is because we use the same facial expressions and body language.

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Orthos wrote:
Alias battle?

Stops gorging on truffles and Frenchmen

Oh, it is on!!

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Robert Carter 58 wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

Does the Brace "stance" happen immediately, or, like a Readied Action, happen when triggered, which, in this case, is the Charge?

So, you ready an action to Brace. You don't change stance, or anything, like a normal Readied Action. Enemy Charges, the Readied Action(Brace) triggers, you deal double damage.

Wild boars charge, and impale themselves. That's what they do.

F@+!. you.

Actually only one charges into the spear (that would be Wilbur) the rest of us are tearing out your knee ligaments, of course that's not where the true value of us Boars lay tho, there's a reason French people call us "Truffle Hounds" (i mean besides the french being a~$#+%$s and needing to come up with dismissive nicknames for anything not french).

So think of that next time you dine out at a fancy restaurant some stinky f~*+ing pig found that truffle you paid so very much for:-)