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Azothath wrote:


for reference here's Michael's Boon List of what's mostly out there...

--- NonRace PFS Boons --- (1 removed)
2015 #1 Ley Line Access (Lake Encorthan, Osirion, Varisia, Cheliax & Nidal)
2015 #2 Loci Spirit Ritual
2015 #5 Against the Consortium
2016 ACG Ritual of Wrath
2016 #8 Elemental Voyager
2016 #9 Arcane Ammunition
2016 #12 Expedition Manager
2016 #13 Share the Wealth (Companions)
2016 #14 Hypnotic Therapy
2017 Addt'l #1 Mounted Tradition
2017 #4 Freedom's Champion(LEdge), Argent Knight(SCrusade)
2017 #5 Share the Wealth (Equipment)
2017 #13 Fighting Off Corruption (Lycanthropy)
2017 #14 Spontaneous Mutation
2017 #15 Alchemical Efficiency
2017 #16 Ley Line Access (Darklands & Taldor, Mwangi Expanse & Sargava, Andoran & Galt & River Kingdoms, DtangMa & Minata & Nagajor & XaHoi)
2017 #16 Master Herbalist
2018 #7 Seasoned Archivist(DArchive), Taldan Courier(SCourt)
2018 #11 Recalled Knowledge
2018 #13 Blakros Agent(Blakros Museum), Elemental Charm(CoElements), Follower of the Way(Way o/t Kirin)
--- Race PFS Boons --- (2 removed)
2014 GM Elemental Ancestry (Air): sylph, Paragon of the Society, Elemental Dilettante.
2015 GM Elemental Ancestry (Water): undine, Paragon of the Society, Elemental Dilettante.
2016 GM Character Rebuild, Exotic Heritage: Vanara, Skinwalker, Changeling.
2016 GM #2 Elemental Ancestry (Suli), Paragon of the Society, Elemental Acclimation.
2017 GM #1 Rodent Heritage: ratfolk I have enough ratfolk/vanara to empower the Aquatic Agent below.
2017 GM #2 Simian Heritage: vanara
2017 GM #4 Born to the Sea: aquatic elf, Inheritor of Azlant: gillman (req aasimar or tiefling), Aquatic Agent: merfolk (req 3 of grippli/ratfolk/vanara/dhampir/samsaran race boons).

Want: hmmm... I'm kinda full up now but Samsaran's or Dhampir's welcome.

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Vine Leshy x 2

character rebuild


Have: Aasimar
Vine Leshy

Want: Character rebuild


Have: Samsaran, Vanara
Want: Character rebuild boon.



Have: Vanara
Want: Rebuild


Resurrecting an old thread again, because it may become relevant to me in the near future.

The entry reads:
"Dwarves have a base speed of 20 feet, but their speed is never modified by armor or encumbrance."

It says their base speed is 20 feet, but it does not define a specific speed that is never modified by armor or encumbrance.

RAI? Probably not. RAW? Sure looks like a dwarf in full plate would have a fly speed of 60ft.