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Hello everyone.

In another thread, I have seen someone using Use Magic Device to get caster level in order to activate a staff.

My problem is that he also believe that he can use the emulated caster level for the power of the staff (his character is a rogue).

Here is my question :

Can an emulated Caster level gained through Use Magic Device be used to enhance the power of a staff ? Same question for Ability scores emulated through UMD ?

Examples :
A rogue use the skill Use Magic Device to emulate a caster level of 15. You use a staff that have a caster level of 8. Which caster level do you use ?

A rogue use the skill Use Magic Device to emulate an intelligence of 20. Her actual intelligence is 14 and she use a staff casting a level 6 spell. Which DC will it have ? 19 (as the minimum for a level 6 spell) or 21 (using the emulated intelligence) ?