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Conditions of creation
20 point-buy
Human race
Wizard necromancer (which is not as strong as divination, conjuration or transmutation wizard)
Book used : Core, APG, UM, UC, UCa (for traits), Bestiary 1
No wish, no bloodmoney, ...

True Neutral Human Undead Necromancer Wizard 20 (Prohibited schools : Evocation)
Init +14; Senses See invisible and ethereals 120ft, Darkvision 120ft; Perception +31
AC 37, touch 20, flat-footed 32 (+6 armor, +5 dex, +6 shield, +5 natural, +5 deflection)
HP 192 (20d6+120);
Fort +17, Ref +17, Will +18 ; +5 against mind-affecting
Speed 30ft
Melee Gauntlet +11 (1d3+1), touch spell +10
Distance touch spell +15
Space 5ft, Reach 5ft
Special attacks Power over Undead (Command Undead, DC 23, 12/day), Grave touch (+5 attack, saves, +HD temp HP, +2 turn resistance for 10 rounds, 12/day), Life Sight (40ft, 20 rounds/day)
Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 20th; Concentration +29)
9th - 5+1
8th - 5+1
7th - 5+2
6th - 5+2
5th - 5+2
4th - 5+2
3rd - 5+3
2nd - 5+3
1st - 5+3
0 (at will) - 4
Str 10, Dex 20, Con 20, Int 32, Wis 10, Cha 16
BAB +10, CMB +10, CMD 30
Traits Deathtouched (mind-affecting), Influence (Diplomacy)
Feats Scribe scroll, Spell focus (Necromancy), Improved initiative, Undead Master, Craft Wondrous Item, Fast Study, Persistant spell, Experimental spellcaster (Undeath), Opposition research (Enchantment), Extend spell, Quicken spell, Reach spell, Spell penetration, Greater spell penetration, Spell focus (Illusion), Immortality.
Skills Diplomacy +31, Knowledge (arcana) +35, Knowledge (local) +35, Knowledge (nature) +35, Knowledge (planes) +35, Knowledge (religion) +35, Linguistics +35, Perception +31, Spellcraft +35, Intimidate +27, Sense motive +21, Fly +29, UMD +27, Stealth +26.
Languages Common and 31 others.
SQ Arcane bond (Ring of protection +5)
Combat Gear Wand of desecrate, Boots of speed Other Gear +5 Silken ceremonial armor of heavy fortification, +5 Mithral light shield, +1 gauntlet of Dueling, Ring of protection +5, Amulet of natural armor +5, Cloak of resistance +5, Ring of freedom of movement, Belt of physical might (dexterity and constitution) +6, Headband of mental prowess (intelligence and charisma) +6, Robe of the eyes, Circle of persuasion, Tome of clear thought +3, Stone of good luck, 4 Blessed book, 4 Bookmark of deception, 4 bookplate of recall, 485250 gp
Valuable components 5 eye ointment (true seeing), 10 diamonds (limited wish), 10 supplies (clone, including 5 used), 10 jacinth (Astral projection) Valuable focus 5 miniature shovel (pit spells), 2 Gems (Magic jar), Pair of canine statuettes (Repulsion), Ruby and Gold lens (analyse dweomer), Ivory statuette of the wizard (contingency), Forked metal rod (Create demi plane), Special laboratory equipment (Clone), Jade circlet (Shapechange)
Heavy fortification 75% chance of transforming critical hits/sneak attacks into normal attacks.
Dueling +4 initiative, +2 disarm and feint check, +2 to the DC to perform feint against wielder.
Freedom of movement immune to lots of things that hinder movement, including grapple, underwater combat, paralysis, slow, web, ...
Robe of the eyes see invisible and ethereals 120ft, Darkvision 120ft, +10 competence in perception, immune to flank, retains Dexterity bonus to AC even when flat-footed.

Each blessed book contains every spell below.
(S) : School spell
(O) : Opposed school spell

0 (17) : Acid splash, Arcane Mark, Bleed (S), Daze, Detect magic, Detect poison, Disrupt undead (S), Ghost sound, Haunted fey aspect, Mage hand, Mending, Message, Prestidigitation, Open/close, Read magic, Resistance, Touch of fatigue (S).
1 (20) : Alarm, Ant haul, Charm person, Crafter's fortune, Endure elements, Enlarge person, Expeditious retreat, Feather fall, Grease, Mage armor, Magic aura, Polypurpose panacea, Protection from Evil, Protection from Good, Ray of Enfeblement (S), Reduce person, Shield, Silent image, Unseen servant, Vanish.
2 (23) : Blood transcription, Blindness/Deafness (S), Command undead (S), Blur, Create pit, Darkvision, Detect thoughts, Disfiguring touch, False life (S), Fog cloud, Glitterdust, Invisibility, Levitate, Make whole, Minor image, Mirror image, Pyrotechnics, Resist energy, See invisibility, Shatter (O), Spectral hand (S), Spider climb, Web.
3 (27) : Arcane sight, Blink, Blood biography, Countless eyes, Dispel magic, Displacement, Fly, Gentle repose (S), Greater magic weapon, Haste, Heroism, Hold person, Mad monkeys, Magic circle against Evil, Magic circle against Good, Major image, Phantom steed, Shrink item, Sleet storm, Spiked pit, Stinking cloud, Suggestion, Summon monster III, Tongues, Undead anatomy I, Vampiric touch (S), Water breathing.
4 (20) : Acid pit, Bestow curse (S), Black tentacles, Charm monster, Dimension door, Dimensional anchor, Enervation (S), Greater darkvision, Greater false life (S), Greater invisibility, Lesser Geas, Minor creation, Phantasmal killer, Remove curse, Ride the waves, Scrying, Secure shelter, Shadow projection (S), Solid fog, Summon monster IV.
5 (28) : Baleful polymorph, Break enchantment, Cloudkill, Contact other plane, Curse of disgust, Dominate person, Echolocation, Fabricate, Fickle winds, Hold monster, Hungry pit, Lesser planar binding, Magic jar (S), Major creation, Mind fog, Overland flight, Permanency, Persistent image, Planar adaptation, Prying eyes, Shadow evocation, Suffocation (S), Summon monster V, Telekinesis, Teleport, Undead anatomy II, Wall of sound (O), Wall of stone.
6 (20) : Analyse dweomer, Antimagic field, Contingency (O), Create undead (S), Disintegrate, Enemy hammer, Flesh to stone, Geas/quest, Greater dispel magic, Greater heroism, Major curse (S), Mass suggestion, Move earth, Permanent image, Planar binding, Repulsion, Summon monster VI, True seeing, Undead anatomy III, Wall of iron.
7 (16) : Banishment, Control weather, Finger of death (S), Greater scrying, Greater teleport, Lesser create demiplane, Limited wish, Mage's magnificent mansion, Mass fly, Plane shift, Rampart, Reverse gravity, Sequester, Simulacrum, Statue, Summon monster VII.
8 (17) : Clone (S), Create demiplane, Create greater undead (S), Discern location, Greater planar binding, Greater prying eyes, Greater shadow evocation, Horrid wilting (S), Maze, Mind blank, Moment of prescience, Polymorph any object, Prediction of failure, Prismatic wall, Summon monster VIII, Trap the soul (S), Undead anatomy IV.
9 (17) : Astral projection (S), Clashing rocks, Dominate monster, Foresight, Freedom, Gate, Greater create demiplane, Imprisonment, Mage's disjunction, Mass suffocation (S), Overwhelming presence, Prismatic sphere, Shapechange, Summon monster IX, Time stop, Wail of the Banshee (S), Weird.

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