Elf Thief

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The elf races over to the warforged, his boots starting to glow. When he gets there, he touches his larger cohort on the back, and they wink out of existence.

H'Tor wrote:

As Krays' rays travel to their target, H'Tor moves up to attack it

Touch attack
1d6 Negative energy
1d6 CON (Fort save DC 17 negates)

Attack against H'Tor's CMD as he is moving to close with the warforged (this occurs at 20 feet out)

A dark form fades into view about 15 feet away from H'Tor, striking out with something long, sinewy....and very, very fast.

1d20 + 20 ⇒ (15) + 20 = 35

If successful, H'Tor falls as he is tripped before he can get near the warforged, falling prone.

As one of the terrified werewolves veers away, something grabs his ankle and sends him careening into a wall at a full run. Crumpling to the ground, a bald elf fades back into view with a smirk on his face.

"More for me," he chuckles quietly as he snaps his bladed whip back from the werewolf's ankle then proceeds after the other panicked werebeasts.

Avalon RS#2 wrote:


"Goodygoodygoody!!! Wannamaulwannamaulwannamaulwannamaul!!!!"