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OMG that cover is the most impressive one yet! 10/10

So my newest group of 4 veteran players has proved to conquer all my combat encounters I threw at them. They're level 1, almost 2, and we're playing through the first chapter of Council of Thieves.

While scheming how to make this adventure path more of a challenge to them, I noticed all 4 of them have chosen charisma as their dump stat, with some low (7-9) wisdom values here and there.

My question to you creative GMs out there: how would you make this walk in the (Westcrown) park that is "The Bastards of Erebus" more challenging for this group?

(The classes are human witch, halforc cleric of War, elf magus and human Zen Archer monk)

Hi there,

One of my groups consists of all gnomes/halflings and they use riding dogs to charge into adventure. A question has popped up: do those "ordinary" riding dogs (from UE pg.82) level up with the characters like animal companions do?
My players are playing a rogue, a fighter and a shaman, so I know the dogs do not count as animal companions, Eidolons, cohorts or followers, but the players have grown really fond of them.

Have any of you encountered a similar situation? Or do you have any ideas how to rule this?


A quote from Disney's Aladdin, right? :)


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Hi all,

I've been googling my eyes out for a chronological order in which to play the season 4 scenarios in which to enjoy the metaplot of that season to its fullest.

I know the core metaplot as it were is centered around scenarios 04-8, 04-10, 04-12, 04-20 and 04-26, but where do 04-00 and 04-02 fit in? And what about the subplots?

Anyone out there having a shortlist lying around maybe?

Hey nice Pathfinder-people,

A player in my new Pathfinder Campaign wants to play a (WoW-inspired) Warlocky-type class. Any of you have some class/race/archetype advice on that?

Quick rules question: can an alchemist, who has just imbibed a Strength mutagen, voluntarily dismiss it when he needs the INT bonus for a Knowledge skill check? Or does he have to wait out the entire duration of the mutagen?

Okay, here's one to wrap your brains about:

The group of heroes is traipsing down a familiar dungeon in a familiar classic adventure path and gets attacked by a vargouille. You know, the flying, tentacled creepy CR1 monster. The eidolon of a player's summoner is kissed by a vargouille and fails its save. While said vargouille is bested, the summoner dismisses his eidolon before "bad schtuff happens to mein beastie".
What next? What happens when the eidolon is resummoned the next day? Does dissmissal of the eidolon causes all diseases and poisons (magical or otherwise) be removed? Or maybe time flows faster in the eidolon's plane of existence and the summoner summons a vargouille with a familiar face next time? Oooh the possibilities! :)