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Full Name

Aurora Arulius




Cleric 4 | AC 19 T 11 FF 18 | CMD 11 | HP 31/31| F +7 R +3 W +8 | Init +1 | Perc +3 | Channel 6/7 | Divine Vessel 6/6 | Death's Kiss 6/6


active effects:

About Aurora Arulius

Aurora Arulius was not a typical mermaid. As a youth she hungered for more than the soft, idyllic undersea existence of her tribe. She longed to know more of the world, and lusted for knowledge and experience of far-away places above and below the surface of the ocean. Most especially, she wanted to experience more and different foods.

A chance encounter would change Aurora's destiny, and grant her desires.

For a lich, a lair beneath the waves held great attraction. More difficult to penetrate than an underground dungeon, most would-be crusaders would have to take greater precautions and would find any enchanted bludgeons that they hoped to employ against the skeletal undead less effective. Water-breathing spells could be easily dispelled. Vortig Volus was one such lich, a powerful priest of Urgathoa, he sought a safe haven from righteous adventurers and militant Pharasmins. On a foray into the deeps he encountered Aurora and several of her tribe. Ordinarily it might be expected that violence would be inevitable – the isolationist merfolk would not tolerate the presence of an evil lich-priest in their territory, and Volus would take that territory by force with no qualms. Aurora, however, saw something in Volus. Opportunity perhaps, or a spark of the divine. She sang to him:

♫♫"Oh my, you are really boney!
Even more boney than me
And I find it's really tricky
Nobody knows what I need
I search for a new sensation
I long for a different life
I've eaten fish and crustacean
Even that awful seawife!

Under the sea
Under the sea
I'm always starving
No good at farming
That's just not me!
I know there's more to life than this
I want to leave, that would be bliss!
To get what I need
To properly feed
Oh please set me free!

I see you're a man of knowledge
An explorer of unknowns
You surely have lots of courage
Coming so deep all alone
There are sharks and sahuagin
They think that they rule the sea
I don't care for any of them,
They can't give me what I need!

Under the sea
Under the sea
There's no horizon
It's not surprisin'
I've got to flee!
I'll go right up to the surface
Though it sure makes me nervous
Please take me with you
I'm sure I can aid you
Oh please set me free!"♫♫

And so it was the Vortig Volus took Aurora as an apprentice cleric. For many years Aurora served as an undersea guide. She helped Volus find a suitable lair, and she made trips out into the deep to procure rare items that her master needed for spells or for research. Most of all she enjoyed it when she was sent to the surface, where she could experience food that wasn't grown in the sea! Whilst she did not much care for some of Volus' more depraved dogma, Aurora embraced the lust for physical experience that Urgathoa taught. Volus, though he could no longer eat, took vicarious pleasure in watching Aurora feast.

One day, not long ago, Aurora returned from an expedition to find Volus vanished. There was no message, nor any sign of intrusion. The only clue was a broken Wayfinder, left in her master's study. Aurora took the Wayfinder to every wise and knowledgeable personage known to her, beneath and above the waves, learning that the device was commonly accepted as a symbol of the Pathfinder Society, based out of Absalom.

Determined to discover where her mentor had gone, and why he had vanished with no message but a broken Wayfinder, Aurora signed up to be trained as a Pathfinder Agent. And along her quest, she was sure to experience many, many culinary delights...

Bot Me!:
Aurora is not a melee character, and her ranged attacks are also very poor. Instead, she should rely upon Channel and spells, supplemented by her Divine Vessel domain power.

The first action in combat is likely to be Negative Channel to impose Sicken and Shaken on enemies - do this as long as you can catch the bad guys in the area of effect. Selective Channel means you can exclude 4 allies.

After that, use your spells if appropriate. Remember that you have Seasinger and Secret Magic boosting the DCs of some spells. If you don't have a useful spell target then cast Guidance on yourself and grant +2 to one d20 roll for all allies within 15'. Try to position yourself accordingly, but take an action other than double moving whenever possible.

Aurora Arulius
Female Merfolk Cleric 4
N Medium Humanoid (aquatic)
Init +1; Senses normal vision; Perception +3
AC 19, touch 11, flat-footed 18 (+7 armour, +1 Dex, +1 shield)
hp 31 (4d8+8)
Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +8
Defensive abilities:

Base Atk +3; CMB 1; CMD 12
Speed 5 ft; swim 40 ft.

cestus, +1, 1d4-2/19-20

masterwork underwater light x-bow +5, 1d8/19-20

Spell-like abilities, (CL4, concentration +8):

At will:
Level 1
Speak with animals - aquatic only

Level 1
Hydraulic push

Level 3
Fins to Feet - self only

Spells Prepared (CL 4, concentration +7):

Level 0 (4)
create water, guidance, detect magic, read magic

Level 1 (5/day)
Cause Fear (DC14) (D), Command (DC16), Remove Sickness, Unbreakable Heart, Liberating Command

Level 2 (3/day)
Ghoul Touch (DC15) (D), Communal Water Walk, Hold Person (DC16), Spiritual Weapon

variant spellcasting (Inner Sea Gods p.163):
A cleric of Urgathoa may prepare Ghoul Touch as a 2nd level spell. Her Contagion spells always use the caster's spell DC for the disease's secondary saves.



Str 7 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 12 Wis 17 Cha 18


Selective Channel, Shatter Resolve


Sacred Conduit (faith) +1 DC to Channel; Beast Bond (social) +1 to handle animal and ride, ride is a class skill

12 ranks + 4fcb
(4) Ride 9
(4) Know.religion 8
(1) Perform (sing) 10
(1) Diplomacy 8
(1) Linguistics 5
(1) Sense Motive 7
(4) Spellcraft 8

ACP - 4




Gear from this scenario

Combat Gear
breastplate +1
masterwork underwater light x-bow
x-bow bolts (16)
acid flask (2)

Other Gear

light war horse
exotic riding saddle

spell component pouch
waterproof bag

cloak of resistance +1
bedroll (in saddlebags)
blanket (in saddlebags)
unholy symbol (wooden)
cheap holy text (in saddlebags)
rope, 50' hemp (in saddlebags)
grappling hook (in saddlebags)
hammer (in saddlebags)
flint and steel
4 pitons (in saddlebags)
4 torches (in saddlebags)

wand of cure light wounds 42/50

comprehend languages
obscuring mist
shield of faith
daybreak arrow
5 x lesser restoration
2 x remove fear

potions and oils:
monkey fish

weight: 46lbs
carrying capacities: 23.46.70

0 CP; 9SP; 4389GP


channel negative energy 7/7
divine vessel 6/6
death's kiss 6/6

enduring scholar (+2) 1/1
gm reroll 1/1

Special Abilities

Special Qualities:

Aquatic (swim speed 40', breathe water)
Seasinger: The beautiful voices of the merfolk are legendary. A seasinger gains a +2 racial bonus on Perform (sing) checks and a +1 racial bonus to the save DC of language-dependent spells. This racial trait replaces low-light vision.
Secret Magic: Merfolk sometimes manifest magical powers they are unwilling to explain to non-merfolk, leading scholars to speculate that the magic originates from the merfolk’s rumoured eldritch patrons. Such merfolk have only a 40-foot swim speed, but they add +1 to the DC of any enchantment spells they cast, and if they have a Charisma score of 13 or higher, they gain the ability to cast the following spell-like abilities: At will—speak with animals (aquatic animals only); 1/day— fins to feet (self only), hydraulic push. This racial trait replaces the armour racial trait and alters the merfolk’s movement speed.

Spells + Orisons
Spontaneous casting: inflict wounds
Aura: evil

Channel Negative Energy (variant channel, harm: disease) + Shatter Resolve. Creatures are sickened until the end of your next turn, plus a number of rounds equal to your channel penalty [1]. At cleric level 10, you may select one creature as the target of a contagion in addition to the effects of the channeled energy. At cleric level 20, all creatures in the area are subject to contagion in addition to the effects of the channeled energy. Creatures failing the save are also Shaken for 2 rounds [1 round per channel die]. (Damage 2d6/2, Will DC 17, duration of Sicken end of next turn +1).

Domain: Divine (magic). Domain spells: identify, bless water
Divine Vessel (Su): Whenever you are the target of a divine spell, you can, as a swift action, grant each ally within 15 feet of you a divine boon. This boon grants a +2 bonus on the next attack roll, skill check, or ability check made before the end of their next turn. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Domain: Undead (death). Domain spell: cause fear, ghoul touch
Death’s Kiss (Su): You can cause a creature to take on some of the traits of the undead with a melee touch attack. Touched creatures are treated as undead for the purposes of effects that heal or cause damage based on positive and negative energy. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum 1). It does not apply to the Turn Undead or Command Undead feats. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

pfs faction card, season 10:

Dark Archive
ENDURING SCHOLAR (2+ goals): Your exposure to dangerous magic has conditioned you to resist spells. Once per adventure before rolling a saving throw against a spell, you can apply a bonus equal to 1 + half the number of goals you have completed.
MAGICAL TINKERER (4+ goals): You have a knack for analyzing and activating magic items. Use Magic Device is a class skill for you. Once per adventure, you can use a bonus equal to 5 + twice the number of goals you have completed to a Use Magic Device check. If your own skill bonus is higher, you instead gain a +2 bonus on that check.
PACTMAKER (7+ goals): You made a pact with an outsider, gaining magical power. You start each adventure with a number of spell points equal to half the number of goals you have completed (rounded down). You gain spell-like abilities from one of the following lists that matches the outsider’s alignment, which you can spent 2 points to cast. Good: aid, speak with animals; Chaotic: blur, entropic shield; Lawful: darkvision, identify. These spells are more effective when used on allies, costing only 1 point if you picked good or lawful, or affecting a second random ally within 30 feet if you picked chaotic.

  • [x]Recover a named text (typically listed in italics or quotes) found during the course of an adventure.
  • [][]Recruit a named NPC scholar, knowledgeable spellcaster, or similar figure to the Dark Archive. Recruitment requires a successful Diplomacy or Knowledge (arcana) check with a DC equal to 15 + your character level.
  • []Participate in a magical or occult ritual during the course of an adventure.
  • [x][]During the course of an adventure, acquire a unique magic item and deliver it safely to the Pathfinder Society.
  • [x][]As a part of defeating an undead creature, use a consumable magic item worth at least 100 gp per character level.
  • [x]Have a number of ranks equal to your character level (minimum 4) in one of the following skills: Bluff, Knowledge (arcana), Profession (archivist, librarian, or scribe), Spellcraft, or Use Magic Device.
  • [][]Participate in an adventure that takes place in the Blakros Museum or that features a member of the Blakros family. Alternatively, participate in an adventure that takes place on a demiplane.
  • [x][][][][]Serve as the GM for an adventure that grants 1 or more XP, and apply the Chronicle sheet to this character. Checking 3 boxes counts as one goal for earning faction rewards; checking all 5 counts as two goals.

pfs chronicles:

10 XP, 16 Fame, 10 Prestige

1. The Wounded Wisp; 1xp, 2PP
2. Murder's Mark; 3xp, 4PP
3. The Godsmouth Heresy; 3xp, 4PP
4. Amongst the Dead; 1xp, 2PP
5. Day of the Demon; 1xp, 2PP
6. The Veteran's Vault; 1xp, 2PP

pfs boons:

Explore, Report Cooperate
Prized Find
Masterful performance (1 only): (a swift action): a +3 bonus on a Bluff check to feint in combat or create a diversion to hide, a +3 bonus on an Intimidate check to demoralize an opponent, a +3 bonus on any Sleight of Hand check, or a +1 bonus to the caster level and DC of any one enchantment or illusion spell you cast.
Pharasma's Blessing (1 only): you may reroll an attack roll against an undead, or a saving throw against an undead's ability or effect.
Scholar of the Gates Ajar: gain a +2 competence bonus on Knowledge (planes or religion) checks regarding daemons, demons, and devils.