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5 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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Savannah's busom heaved longingly, as she reached over and said, breathlessly, into his ear "That'll do pig".

Shouldn't it be "You're an evil man" or even better "you are an evil man".

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How to turn "Free range pig tickling" into sexual innuendo, that's the eternal question.

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NobodysHome wrote:

No time for a full post, but *my* favorite moment of the night was when they were discussing poisoning the water supply and hiding until they were all dead as their "solution" to the charau-ka problem.

As Templari was indignantly spouting objections to this "plan", they asked Kwai Chang, "Iomedae'd be OK with that, right?"

One abysmal roll later, and Kwai Chang responded, "Well, I don't see why not..."

EDIT: And color me ecstatic that the "Iomedae" alias is already taken so CY can't create yet another one and say, "Oh, I'd be OK with that..."

EDIT 2: And what is it about my kids and their desire to commit genocide through subtle poisoning? They wanted to do it to the cannibals, too...

I found a couple of work arounds there; 1) i'll add the title afterwards @) just to be safe i'll do a kooky reinterpretation (like this one of Asmodeus:-D)

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Alright, what the F~$% has my brother been telling you people about his "Paladins".

Listen, everything he says about his church is b%%&+$@*, I mean the guy collects Star Wars action figures for f@~@'s sake!