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Just to make sure everyone knows as well, I'm just wanting a simplified version of realism. It doesn't need to be super complex or detailed, just a blanketed thing over the armors. Maybe something like I stated above?

Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 35%
Armor Type: Heavy Armor
Armor/Shield Bonus: +9
Slashing/Bludgeoning/Piercing Bonus: +2/-2/+0
ArmorCheck Penalty: –6
Max Dex Bonus: +1

That's exactly what I don't want, too much tinkering can lead to too much number crunching and that's never fun. I was wanting just a base plus or negative against the armors. Like some of you said, lets say full-plate AC +9 & +2/Slashing? Something like that.

Im just wanting that.. Fear maybe? When you have a longsword and a full-plated knight comes out. I want you to either have that backup weapon or think ,"I'm screwed." Then run, die or get lucky.

Hello again everyone, I've got another question pertaining to armor and weapon damage.

Currently as the system is we have things like Full-Plated armor wearing soldier being able to be damage by things like a longsword (slashing damage). Now I'm no militaristic historian and I don't know everything there is to know about different armors and weapons, but I do know that plated armor was exceptional against slashing weapons and blunt weapons such as a mace did well against it due to it 'grabbing' it better.

I was wondering your opinion, if this would be feasible and help the game feel a bit more realistic without adding too much to bloat number crunching, as well as give a reason to pick a wider variety of armors and not just the 'top' armors.

Thoughts? Ideas? Is there already something like this? (I already looked at the DR variant as well but it's not exactly what I'd call balanced.)

As @Sphynx said, this needs to be formatted. I took one look at it at was immediately hit with the Word Wall. Format it a bit better so it's easier to digest and then I'll take a look at it.

Thank you both for letting me now this, but where exactly does it say all of this? It seems like this is 'Common Knowledge' as Java Man said but there is no actual writing that states this.

I'll keep this short and sweet. This is my confusion.

A masterwork weapon is a finely crafted version of a normal weapon. Wielding it provides a +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls.

Special Weapon Abilities
Some magic weapons have special abilities. Special abilities count as additional bonuses for determining the market value of the item, but do not modify attack or damage bonuses (except where specifically noted). A single weapon cannot have a modified bonus (enhancement bonus plus special ability bonus equivalents, including from character abilities and spells) higher than +10. A weapon with a special ability must also have at least a +1 enhancement bonus. Weapons cannot possess the same special ability more than once.

So let's give the example of flaming. I want to add flaming onto my longsword. I look at the requirements: A weapon with a special ability must also have at least a +1 enhancement bonus.

Ok, I look at my Masterwork longsword and see: A masterwork weapon is a finely crafted version of a normal weapon. Wielding it provides a +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls.

Then I'd pay the 2,000 Gp for the special ability?
I've asked this question to one of my other friends but he says you need a +1 from the enchantment that costs 2,000 Gp then you can add the flaming for another 6,000 Gp for a total of 8,000 Gp. But why is that? Does Masterwork not cover the prereq for the weapon special ability?

Exelent ideas! I forgot about attack dogs and wildlife XD as well as robots/AI/Cyborgs.

That is an option. I just dont know if itd fit in that well. But, still a viable option!

@Caryth Derellis:
I was thinking the same thing. Snow, desert, etc. Urban and such.

Hello once again all,

I'm currently putting together my next campaign. I've asked all my players if theyd want to take a step back from our normal fantasy campaigns we've been playing. They've all eagerly agreed, though a concern came up.

While I was explaining the setting to everyone, (a modern/futuristic setting, year 2121 on Earth) one of my player's asked the question, "How will we have enemy variety?"

I understood what he meant, there will be tons of different things in the campaign for enemies such as: Different factions, weapons, vehicles, and even a sort of "magic". The magic will be more scientific and such. But that doesn't really replace all the monsters and such of a fantasy setting. I could put some in the campaign but, I want a realistic feel and itd feel a bit weird to me with some monsters in it. Im not sure.

Any advice on what I should do?

Don't mean to Necro this but I just wanted to give a final update to this!

After a lot of reviewing and testing, I found that Savage Worlds will be an awesome system for my next campaign! Maybe even other campaigns for my group in the future. I find it easy to learn and adapt to, coming from Pathfinder. The various different sources of settings is amazing as well. I find the combat a bit like Tabletop Warhammer: 40,000. There is a TN, (Target Number or AC/DC) that you roll to hit. After that you roll damage that goes against the targets toughness. Then, they have wounds (not HP). I personally love it, big shout out to Neongelion!

In conclusion, I'm going with Savage Worlds and absolutly love the system. It's cheap ($10 PDF Core Rulebook), easy to learn and can be used with almost any setting.

Thank you all for your suggestions! You're all what make this community amazing!

Thank you all once again for your awesome suggestions!

I'm really looking into Savage Worlds and am trying to learn it as well as test it out to see if it fits. The system seems very digestible and easy to learn. I'll let you know what I think of it once I learn a bit more!

Honestly, just the amount of armor and weapon types. I love that they have this guide and that I could technically play a campaign with them. But the amount of armor is.. underwhelming to me. Sure, it gets the job done but look at the Ultimate equipment guide. There are so many items to choose from that usually two players won't have the same thing. Where as in the Technology Guide there are plenty of light armors, a few medium and two heavy. Which, I understand Ultimate Combat has ALL the equipment from basically every book they've had published before it. But the amount of equipment in it is.. Eh. And the weapons. Like I said in my post, I don't really enjoy laser-type weapons. I love the sense of a gun firing a projectile and having to reload that magazine. I'm not really sure why but that is just my preference. Also, the class archetypes are alright. They could have been more but, it works. All in all, I feel like the amount of content in the book is just the basics. Which I'm fairly certain that, that is what they intended to do.

I'll take a look at Savage Worlds. While I'm not really going for a "Fast! Furious! Fun!" thing, it may work if it's what you're describing it as. I want my setting in the real world, around the year 2424. I'm wanting to implement real world politics, wars, resources and the like. Hence why I want only humans and such.

Hello once again all,

I have another question for all the great people here in the Paizo community. I've been playing Pathfinder for a good three years now, and have GM'ed three full campaigns. I really enjoy almost every aspect of Pathfinder and it's system in whole. But for my next campaign, I want to do something different then what I have been doing.

All three of my past campaigns have been set in the medieval era (as most Pathfinder games are). For my next campaign I want to go into a futuristic/modern era game. I don't really want it as far as say, Star Trek, Star Wars, or anything really with lasers and space ships. I'm going for more of a cyber-soldier, high tech thing. Something were there can be lasers and such but it's not as common.

First, I looked at the Pathfinder Technology Guide. I don't know if I'm missing something (maybe because I'm just looking at the website's showcasing of it), but there doesn't seem to be too much content in it to actually play a game in that setting. It seems the book is just a launch pad for GMs to use and add/remove/modify what's in the book. Though, if I'm wrong please correct me on the book.

After that I looked to the Shadowrun 5th edition system. It seemed to be exactly what I wanted, as far as guns with actually ammunition instead of lasers and such. I was just planning on taking out the magical races and only have the humans (due to my setting). But the more I tried to learn the system, the more I was overwhelmed. The system is MASSIVE, and really hard to digest. At least it is for me. I can't quite get into the system due to this, as I flipped through the hundreds of pages just trying to get a grasp on the game. I attempted to create a character (with the help of a character creator) but there is SO MUCH customization that it's overbearing for me.

All in all, I'm looking for a system for a modern/futuristic campaign. If the Technology Guide can do it that's awesome as I wouldn't have to learn a complete new system. But, if it's as shallow of a book that it seems to be then if someone can suggest a system for me that would be AWESOME! Thank you all, I look forward to your advice on this.

Sorry for the late reply all! You all gave me great answers and ideas, I just want you to know how much I appreciate all the feedback! After a few of you suggested it, I looked into the Grittier Variant Rules.

After a quick scan I immediately fell in llove with the books and bought them the same day. I read three of the main ones, Grittier, Grittier Rules & Grittier Magic. All of the rulings pretty much fit perfectly in what I wanted!

So again, thank you all for the advice. This is one of the best communities ive been a part of.

@Blind Kobold: What exactly do you mean? I know what you mean by lowering magic items and such. But how would you do it with spellcasters themselves?

@Umbral Reaver: I want it to be realistic HP wise as, I want to focus more on AC, Skill and playing smart. I know even with full HP you can still get demolished but im setting back a few things like enchantments and such. So things will deal a bit less damage overall. I understand that the HP doesnt mean that you can take a sword through the chest 10 times in a row. But it always seemed odd that people can just swing and do nothing to others all because of low damage out put. Think of dark souls where though you can get high level, lower level things could still kill you if you didnt play smart.

Hey all,
So for my new campiagn I want to lower the HP for a more realistic and tactical feel. Ive come across the problem of spells doing massive damage though. Anyone have any ideas for lowered HP games?

Hello all,

Im unsure if im in the right the thread to be asking this. If I am please let me know and I'll move over.

Question: Some time ago I stumbled upon an alternative way to cast spells. Instead of per day, each spell cost a certain amount of 'Stress'. I want to impliment it into my new campaign but I can't seem to find it.

Anyone know what I'm talking about or where to find it?

Alright, thank you all for your answers! You're all very helpful! In the end, he's going with creating a construct. He's mainly using it as a flanking buddy and grapple/pinning buddy for sneak attack, as he's a Slayer.

@Skylancer4: Ah I see. You're right, this is the rules section, not suggestions/homebrew.

I also see what you're saying as far as balance wise. It would be a bit much now that I think of it to have let's say three of these things that only get disabled.

So in conclusion, let me get this straight. It acts as a regulat creature as far as HP and AC. That particular construct cannot be animated again, the same as an undead and the player must do the whole process over again?

So Animate Object, permanent would need to be recast on it?

@Jerra: Alright? I dont really know why you felt the need to tell me it doesnt matter if it seems odd to me or not... But thanks?

I dont know. I think I'd rule it it becomes disabled until fully repaired. Unless of course it does actually get destroyed that normal armor most likely would.

Alright, ill look into that. Does that say what happens when animated armor is attacked? It just seems odd for it to 'die' at 0 HP.

It's an empty suite of armor. Actually, he's attempting to make it intelligent as well so it's considered a creature I believe?

Hello all,

In one of my current campaigns one of my player's is trying to build a construct that is Animated Armor. Basically its a Full-Plate, living steel suit that has been permanently Animated. My question is, how does the HP, AC, hardness and armor HP work?

Now the animated objects have templates for them, with AC and Hp. But what im not understanding is, how will this thing take damage and die?
I get that rule wise it probably has normal AC and Hp but it doesn't make sense to me. You take a set of armors creature HP to 0? How would the armor die? Or is it that you have to 'sunder' it to destroy it. In that case, does Hardness act as DR? Or is it even that if the regular HP goes to 0, it just becomes disabled until it's healed?

Thank you for the feed back :) Much appreciated!

Ya, I know that it exists but I found it too complicated and clunky. I want to make a highly customizable and simple system.

Hello all,

I've posted about this before and had some volunteers for testing and helping me build this rpg game. Sad to say that my only help had stopped entirely and hasn't tried to contact me since. But, I did not give up. Though I have taken breaks here and there, this game is nearly finished, well the basics at least.

With work, college and my wife, I have little free time to work on this project but I still do and am. This post is to try and rekindle the idea and get some testers to help me balance this game, as it is most likely horribly unbalanced. I have many clans finished and only a few that need added content. This game is in Pre-Alpha, if that is even a thing, meaning that anything implemented at this moment can be tweaked, changed drastically or taken out entirely. But I need you to help me make this project come to life. Here's a few basics to help you get your mind around what this is all about:

There are no races in PS (Path of a Shinobi "Name subject to change")
There are Elves or Orcs. Everyone is a human, for the most part. Instead, there are Clans. These will give a player awesome skills and amazing abilities depending on the clan they choose. I'm even adding an option to pick a nameless clan for those who do not want a bloodline.

Simply put, there are no classes. There is but one class, the Shinobi. Now, before you get crazy on me, listen. I want endless customization, I want everyone to build the character they want and play the way they want. It might seem crazy that I want that and there is only one class. Instead of multiple classes, there are Specializations. These Specializations are like talent trees in a sense. There are multiple Specializations (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Chakra, etc) and each have 10 options. You gain Specialization points as you level, from there you may spend those points and get the perks as you spend them. So you may be level 3 with 3/10 Ninjutsu and solely be going into Ninjutsu. Or perhaps you'll spread out into three different Specializations.

JUTSUS (Spells):
Again, there are almost no Jutsus. There are a few basic ones, but I have created a system where you can build your own Jutsus and then train with that Jutsu to learn it. Now, this is the biggest thing that needs to be tested and balanced.

There is unique gear, items and such that need to be implemented. This game is going to have a mixed ruleset of various other table tops and some I think are good to add in myself.

Now, while this is not entirely finished, I think it is nearly ready to be tested. With the help you the community and some Naruto fans, we can build this together and to create a Naruto system that everyone can enjoy. Comment below to let me know if this sounds interesting to you. I'll be posting this on various other forums as well.

Awesome! Thanks for the answering so quickly guys!

Hey there, quick question. I was sifting through the wondrous items and came across the AGILE ALPENSTOCK. In my current campaign I am a Wizard and would love this item, but the crafting requires the spell 'longstrider' which is a Ranger spell. I just so happen to have a Ranger in my party, which bring me to this question.

I searched and searched but could not find an answer. Maybe I was just asking Google the wrong question. Can the Ranger assist me in the item craft by 'casting' the spell while I'm crafting? Is there anywhere in the rules this would work?

I'm on Skye ATM, when ever you''d like to start :)

OgreBattle wrote:

The Cleric domains is already a good model for how you can add specialization within a single class, in Naruto Ninjas fall into categories like...
-Healing: also used offensively like Tsunade's super strength and Kabuto's chakra disrupting strikes
-Sensing: never get surprised, or even possess people with advanced skills
-Genjutsu: A Uchiha specialty
-Ninjutsu: fireballs and lightning cutters and earthen walls oh my! (would break down into 5 elemental sub categories)
-Ken/Taijutsu: Swinging around giant swords and firing of furious flurries
-Summoning: dogs, snakes, toads, slugs, bugs, all kinds of specialized subcategories to break down into

Rock Lee and Guy would be a good Barbarian variant actually, unlocking gates is like a form of frenzy that leaves the user fatigued after it wears off. So putting together an unarmed/unarmored combat Barbarian archetype would fit.

That's also a good idea. But the domains seem to only give spells and skills. Not so much a drastic change and extra feats, abilities and skills. It needs to be more prominent than a Domain but I see where you're getting at.

And as far as the gates, I'm really want to stick to the lore of Naruto, so I wouldn't restrict the gates to a class/archetype/domain/whatever. I think they should be a feat if anything. Anyone can learn to unlock the gates, with time a practice. I don't want much to be class restrictive except for obvious stuff like Kekkei Genkais (But that's for the 'races'.) I want a lot of customization, that will really help the players make their own unique ninja and separate them from the rest.

I'm deeply looking into each skill with the Wiki, manga and anime as references. I don't want.. Dumb stuff. Idk how else to put it. Restrictive stuff like you see in naruto video games. This is gonna be different. Anyone can build how they want, and how they build their character determines their skill and all around ability to fight, create, craft or build. I'm even wanting to make a non-combat type class/archetype thing. For those who don't really want to fight, maybe just as a healer, maybe someone who only crafts, or a sharp tongued ninja who can help the squad (instead of party), get to this easier with diplomatic ways.

I want Choice. That is one of the main things. Choice, customization, and sticking to the lore.

Hm.. I like what that is. But I have a few problems with it that I believe need to be changed.

1.) I've always hated the crafting system. When does a character have time to sit down for a month in-game time to craft a weapon. While they sit and make a powerful sword for a month, everyone else is off getting stronger, having fun and perhaps even finding better equipment than the person making one. I want to change this drastically. Now, I've already seen Making Crafting Work. And I like that, but there has to be something similar to crafting spells. Something to the sort of either dedicating some time per day to work on them or perhaps a mandatory down time for the campaign.

Well thank you Te'Shen :)
Any and all help is appreciated. Such as what you just linked. I would like to use Pathfinder material such as that. Like I said, I don't want to create an entirely new system. Just a slightly modified Pathfinder, for easy use to players. So they don't have to learn an entire new and complicated system. More like just learning a few new rules in regards to 'Shinobi'.

I'm getting into contact with now my main co-....worker? founder? idk. Teammate. OmNomNid. So I think so will go quickly :) and any help will only give everyone more ideas and make it go faster so we can finalize and playtest this for everyones enjoyment :D

@brad2411: exactly one of my thoughts.

Ashmit wrote:
3.) As far as jutsus go, I want to create a lot of the universal jutsus out there. Such as Shadow Clone Jutsu, Fireball Jutsu, Water Bullet Jutsu, etc, etc. Then, implement a system either like the 'Words of Power' from Pathfinder or find a basic guideline to help GMs help players create their own jutsus. Because I believe my self, that, that is a very important thing in the Naruto Universe. A Characters own signature jutsu.

OmNomNid wrote:
Ashmit wrote:

Ya, I totally see your point with the class system. Not every Shinobi is the same.. Though I was hoping to incorporate differences through various customizations such as Secret Jutsus, Kekkei Genkais, Different Shinobi class variances, and the assortment of jutsus a player would learn.

Meaning while An Uchiha Shinobi and a Uzumaki Shinobi would have the same base class, they would have different abilities and bloodlines, as well as different jutsus that they would each learn. I don't know, i'm really interested what you have in mind for tiers though.

And I don't know we should incorporate the skills and classes with those of Pathfinder. It almost feels like trying to balance a DBZ character with Pathfinder characters. Most of the time they are going to vastly over-power regular humans. (Think of Itachi versus a fighter. Ya...) And if we did balance them, it might feel like the abilities are a bit.. underrated to be on par with others. But, who knows. Everything is yet to be created and tested.

Also, how on board are you? Are you really wanting to help me with this or just give me some ideas/suggestions? Either way is fine :)

First off consider me very on board. I really want to break into pro game design and I feel like a project like this will really help my experience. That, and I have longed to share my rules for shonen-Pathfinder campaigns; what a better place than here.

On to your feelings about Pathfinder classes- with a shinobi tier system the ninjas will not be on par with standard Pathfinder characters. Your absolutely right- Itachi would trounce a standard Pathfinder fighter, even if they were like 18th plus level; however how would Itachi stand next a that same fighter with a splash of mythic tiers? The fight is much ore even. Plus you even said so yourself you wanted this to not become too separated from standard Pathfinder. Designing a system were the usual classes can be utilized will allow just that. If you want we can still build a few base classes from...

Sweet :) I'm glad to hear you're on board! And the tiers gave me an idea as well, maybe we are thinking of the same thing though. I'll go into detail later with you.

And I've also thought of 'active combat', or at least how to make a faster paced Pathfinder. But I have a few ideas that might work along side of the tiers that may speed up everything. Anywho, It's 11:04PM right now where I live (In Cali) so I'm gonna call it a night. I'll shoot you a PM with my e-mail so we can talk more over something faster than posting on the forums possibly. If you'd like. Or we can continue on here, your choice. But goodbye for now! Can't wait to get started! :D

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OgreBattle wrote:
(Think of Itachi versus a fighter. Ya...)

Now think of an illusion and charm focused Wizard vs a Fighter, heheh.

Naruto characters are more like Druids and Clerics than fighters, and should be balanced to that level. A Trickery domain cleric is already able to make shadow images, and eventually teleport, hop through trees, and summon monsters to his side.

But the prepping of spells doesn't match, Ki points do though. A Naruto ninja class would basically be a BAB3/4 full caster that uses ki points instead of vancian magic memorization.

Ya I see your points as well. But I was simply trying to make the point of characters in the Naruto universe seem to overpower Pathfinder classes. But perhaps not, a 20th level Wizard is a force to be reckoned with and can do crazy 9th level spells and such.

I'm just torn in making everything balanced with Pathfinder classes or make a complete new 'game' or 'setting' I should say. As Naruto d20 did.

And yes, I agree with your last statement if I understand it correctly. I thought of them as a spontaneous caster that uses Chakra or 'ki' points instead of times per day. Though some skills, jutsus whatever it may be would still be times per day.

Ya, I totally see your point with the class system. Not every Shinobi is the same.. Though I was hoping to incorporate differences through various customizations such as Secret Jutsus, Kekkei Genkais, Different Shinobi class variances, and the assortment of jutsus a player would learn.

Meaning while An Uchiha Shinobi and a Uzumaki Shinobi would have the same base class, they would have different abilities and bloodlines, as well as different jutsus that they would each learn. I don't know, i'm really interested what you have in mind for tiers though.

And I don't know we should incorporate the skills and classes with those of Pathfinder. It almost feels like trying to balance a DBZ character with Pathfinder characters. Most of the time they are going to vastly over-power regular humans. (Think of Itachi versus a fighter. Ya...) And if we did balance them, it might feel like the abilities are a bit.. underrated to be on par with others. But, who knows. Everything is yet to be created and tested.

Also, how on board are you? Are you really wanting to help me with this or just give me some ideas/suggestions? Either way is fine :)

As a rule set, I'm not wanting to create an entirely new game per say. Just a modified version of Pathfinder.

These are some basic terminology I've come up with for chakra and some basic rules with chakra:

Chakra Points (CP): These points are used to cast various jutsus as well as chakra based skills and abilities. If a character is at 0 Chakra Points, they begin taking Chakra Depletion damage (haven't figured out a balanced damage yet.) (Also, Thinking about implementing a 'below a certain point' in chakra will give a character fatigue or something of the sort.

Chakra Pool: This is the total amount of chakra a character can have. Pool sizes vary from character to character.

One of my MAIN things is to stick very close to the 'lore' and how Naruto truly works in the Manga/Anime.

Also, I've already created 5 'Races'. The only race will be human and their will be no bonuses for that. BUT, instead of 'races' there will be clans such as Uchiha, Aburame, Uzumaki, etc.

Ones I've created so far:
Aburame Clan
Akimichi Clan
Fūma Clan
Uchiha Clan
Uzumaki Clan

Yep, that's what I'm looking for :)

Now, before I respond to your post, let me tell you what I've thought of as well.

1.) One base class. That's it, a simple Shinobi class. BUT from this class players can pick different.. I guess you'd say "archtypes" for said class. So while one can be a Basic Shinobi, the other can delve into Taijutsu by being a Taijutsu Master. See what I'm saying?

2.) The one part I'm really working hard on is the implementation of Chakra Points or just chakra in general. (I like and came up with the same thing as you " The rank of the technique (E,D,C,B,A,S). It would also determine the chakra tax.")

3.) As far as jutsus go, I want to create a lot of the universal jutsus out there. Such as Shadow Clone Jutsu, Fireball Jutsu, Water Bullet Jutsu, etc, etc. Then, implement a system either like the 'Words of Power' from Pathfinder or find a basic guideline to help GMs help players create their own jutsus. Because I believe my self, that, that is a very important thing in the Naruto Universe. A Characters own signature jutsu.


Now, for your responses.

1.) I understand where you're coming from, truly and have thought of that myself. But two classes just doesn't feel very.. Naruto-y to me. While it might give the appearance of a Naruto-like character, they don't have specials and other abilities and implementing them wouldn't fit well I feel. But I am taking various pieces from the classes (which sounds contradicting to what I just said, I know.)

2.) Hm.. I get that. I was kind of thinking the same thing with what I said above at point number 1. Players could pick a.. (yet to find a better word) archetype class such as Taijutsu Master, Ninjutsu Master, Genjutsu Master, etc. etc.

3.) Yes! I want to implement a Learning System for jutsus or I should say a learning DC. (Yet to make a formula for it but maybe you have one?) And I want to use the Pathfinder spells as a reference point for the power of jutsus and how hard they are to master while not making it impossible. If I do recall right, Naruto right from the beginning taught himself a very powerful jutsu Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu.


All in all, I'm mainly looking for someone interested and willing to help me put time into designing something everyone can use and enjoy. A partner if you will or a multitude of them. A community helping create this. Every game started somewhere, so why can't we be the next?

Hello all, I've seen various attempts at trying to create a "Naruto Pathfinder" game, for all us Naruto fans out there. I've followed another users creation that seemed to be pretty legit, but I fear the project has gone dark yet again. So, I'm wanting to take matters into my own hands and get this thing done so we all can play a Naruto Pathfinder game.

Now, the task is not easy. And i'm not really expecting myself to create an entire new system JUST for Naruto. I simply wish to plug in Naruto to the Pathfinder rules and tweak them until the product is one that majority of the people like. I've gotten tons of ideas from my own thoughts, as well as various things on the interwebs. Now, I know there is 'Naruto d20', but looking over it.. It's daunting to say the least. I've never play tested it so I cannot say whether it's good or not, but at a glance it seems.. Complicated.

That's why I wish to use the Pathfinder Rule-set. So that everyone has that common thing in mind, that you can ease into this game from Pathfinder. I'm asking for help from the community. From those Naruto fans out there that want a Naruto/Pathfinder RPG tabletop once and for all. One that sticks true to the Naruto Lore, but still allows your Game Master and players to create a new world with custom content. A Jutsu crafting system that is not only viable, but is something that players WANT to do. Creating fantastic jutsus, that have a balancing template for the players and GM to refer to, so no cheesy/shenanigan jutsus can be used.

Like I've mentioned above, I have a lot of ideas floating around. But first, I need to know if anyone is interested. I don't want to put work into something no one wants :/ So let me know. Who's on board with me to create something.. Amazing that Naruto/Pathfinder fans can play and enjoy at their tables, IRL or virtual.

I looked at the Pathfinder PRD spell list index, all books are marked and antipaladin is chosen. Didn't see it :/

So i'm making an Antipaladin and long story short i'm trying to find out if at 3rd level they gain access to the'Animate Dead' spell. Some sources say yes and others say no. Can I get some clarification?

Ah alright, thank you for the explaination.

How exactly does the damage work?
Is it 1d6 + my weapon damage? Or just a 1d6?
Do I add my STR to my sneak attack?
Do I get a sneak attack per weapon?

This isn't so much a implemented rule in my games as something I was thinking about.

I don't want to get too in-depth about my game but basically I made it so crafting is a viable option that almost everybody can do without losing any adventuring time.

I was thinking, should crafting an item give a small amount of XP? (I like using an XP Leveling system) and on-top of that if I do choose to do that.. Should that XP go towards the overall Character level or.. Into a separate Crafting Level.

For example: Level 10 Barb crafts a sword, the sword gives say... 100 XP.
That XP would either go into the character level or a "crafting level" such as Crafting level 1 - 0/200 XP and each time crafting levels up you gain 1 Misc. Mod. to that craft.

Let me know if this sounds like a good idea or not or if it's already been done and I just haven't seen it.

Zhayne wrote:

I pretty much make death a voluntary decision on the part of the player. One of D&D/PF's greatest faults, from day one, is the idea that characters are disposable. Every time I hear a player say 'well, if this guy croaks, I'll just make another' I want to vomit. Rapid PC rollover is bad for two reasons:

1. It's bad for roleplaying. Nobody's going to spend time coming up with an interesting background or personality for a character if they can't expect to play it long enough to explore it. Heck, they might not even bother with a background or personality at all. There's no attachment there.

2. It goes against the fiction the game is trying to emulate. The PCs aren't extras, they're the protagonists. Protagonists don't die unless it's integral to the story, and they usually die while accomplishing something. The death of a protagonist should be an EVENT, with drama and emotion, not just 'Well, Bob lost another one'.

I completely agree with you. I hate the game being viewed on a mechanical level and without any thought to backgrounds and RPing. If I wanted that I'd play WoW or something of that sort. I enjoy this game for the immersion and story. Not for:

"W00t. I got phat l0tz and now I can 1 hitz anythin'! I'm such a beast!"

Set wrote:

I'll use dark or bleak if it fits the theme (my Freeport game had the PCs bust up a child-slavery ring, for instance), but the example sounds kind of weird to me, because you've got people who are, in theory, kind of greedy (willing to sell people for cash) and selfish (willing to buy people for cash), who are killing their hard-won slaves *to mess with other people's heads.*

That doesn't really make a lick of sense, to me.

Evil 'for the lulz' may exist, but it isn't the sort of evil that could run a slave market or, indeed, any sort of business venture. Running a business, one needs to turn a profit, not petulantly destroy your own wares to spite potential customers or annoy individuals who find your business practices objectionable. I go to Home Goods, and there's not a dude in front of me in the aisle, "Quick, buy this lamp or Imma smash it!" <Smash!> "Too late! Quick, buy this carpet before I set it on fire!" Similarly, I walk into a butcher's shop, and I don't expect to see owner shoving all the bacon into his mouth in an attempt to offend any potential vegetarians, Jews or Moslems in the place.

And if there is, I know that I've wandered into a universe that functions on Joker-logic...

I don't find the scenario where the owners of a slave market might kill anyone that doesn't sell after a few days to be more cost-effective than feeding them to be all that shocking (getting rid of / removing from the shelves 'inventory' that doesn't sell is a time-honored business practice, after all), but the manner in which it occurred seems to be purely meta, to shock the players, and therefore, not so much 'morally offensive' as 'implausible, dragging people out of the game and making it feel more obviously like something the GM is doing to affect the players, and not an organic part of the game.'

Instead of the on-stage executions, a slower-dawning horror, perhaps even more horrible for its banality, would be for the party to leave the area to find a cart with some human bodies stacked on it, of...

While I understand what you're saying. Human lives are, at least in my opinion, more valuable then lamps or carpets or even bacon. Of course you're not going to buy those things from a salesman who is smashing or destroying his own wares. Some guy on the corner going "Get 'em while they last!" As he's smashing his own watermelons on he side of the street. "They won't last long!" *Smash*

But with human/humanoid lives it a bit more like a ransom. Pushinh buyers to buy these people or watch them die in front of them. While some people might not care or even enjoy such a thing because they're twisted. Most, even some evil character will see it as a waste or just distasteful.

It the same as if you walked into a room with people in it and a guy told you to give him money or they all die. Would you? I believe most people would.

Also, these auctions were not public knowledge and there is an abundance of slaves that have been taken throughout the continent. Same as slavery and sex slaves in todays world. Do you think low end "merchandise" is cared for? Or do they see this "merchandise" as numbers or even cattle.

Mark Hoover wrote:

Wow, I imply darkness but rarely actually show it off. Last game the PCs met a dying man in a cell that was at the back of a tortrure room. His skin had been flayed. I didn't describe the wounds, nor the graphic nature of the chamber. After finding him they got grim news - the kobolds are using the skin collected as vellum. That session concluded with the party being sheltered in the dungeon by a kobold "courtesan" in her brothel where it was implied that one of the PCs and one of the NPCs "didn't get much sleep."

However I don't know that I actually unleash real darkness on my players. My plan with the vellum using kobolds is
** spoiler omitted **

I guess if I'm really honest, I don't think I have the stomach for true darkness in my own games. I can allude to it, but in RL I have a wife, kids, and am very close to family and friends; my stomach churns when I think about RL horrors like crimes involving children, genocide, graphic murder and such. Silence of the Lambs in my opinion is still one of the most horrific horror movies ever made IMO.

Kudos to those of you that can actually pull it off. I just can't get that dark.

I also have a wife and it too makes my stomach knot and infuriates me when I think of anything happening to her. Because those things are terrible god awful things that no one should ever commit.

But I talked to my players, and implemented it because of what I said. For most people these are vile things that should be stopped. Its a goal with heavy emotion behind it.

Also, I never do graphic descriptions of these events. Except deaths at times.

The Rot Grub wrote:

In the campaigns I'm running, I have any player whose character dies (or who wants to substitute in a new character) start exactly one level behind the rest of the party, XP-wise. But from that point on, they earn XP with a 50% bonus so that they eventually catch up.

I keep track of what I call "Party XP" separately -- the XP of a theoretical character who never dies over the course of the campaign. So that way, even if every single player dies, I have a baseline. (And because I run Adventure Paths, it's important they can eventually catch up to the power level the campaign demands.)

I originally considered making it a two-level penalty, but my players are young (that is, not sophisticated tactically, and impatient!). Besides, in Pathfinder character power advances geometrically, so even a one-level gap is FELT.

I think I like your idea the most. But perhaps with only starting gear and $.

I didn't want to penalize them too much as I know and was mentioned that sometimes you just roll bad.

I think this will give enough incentive to not die or at least not be careless because there are no penalties.

I've been thinking about this lately. Recently I started my second campaign and I'm trying to run a fairly 'Hardcore' game. Meaning I've scaled down the GP the PCs get. Implementing all the currencies such as PP, GP, SP, and CP. Also my players now have weight to deal with and I'm not doing much dice fudging. My PCs are all okay with this and seem to like the harder challenge.

We've had two sessions and let's just say that without the Cleric that plays they all would have wiped. I see a PC death is going to happen sooner than later.

I've always had the rule, if your Character dies and can't/won't be revived than you may make another. But for each time you die, you take a -1 level penalty that stacks from the APL. Meaning, if everyone is level 10 and a character dies, their next character will be level 9 and so on and so forth.

Now, I've had the thought as well as my PCs did. "If I keep dying, won't I just continue to keep dying since I'll just going down in levels?"

Some PCs said simply, "Don't die then."

I want to know the opinions from you all. I think a PC death should have penalties because of 2 main reasons.
1. They shouldn't be reckless. This will give even more of a reason to cherish their lifes.
2. For those who don't want to play the class they are playing anymore so they just continue to die and cycle through classes.

What do you all think? How do you deal with your PCs death or how does your DM/GM deal with it?

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