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So I've had two questions come up about the shield cantrip, the first is about armor proficiency: does some type of proficiency apply to the use of the Shield cantrip like when using a normal shield? My inclination is no, but I could see either shield proficiency or spell proficiency being applied.

My second question is about when it gets dismissed for 10 minutes. As it's written if it's ever used to block it will be dismissed for 10 minutes, regardless of the damage caused by the hit it blocked. But I'm wondering if the intent might have been if it's used to block an attack that meets or exceeds its hardness then it gets dismissed for 10 minutes. That seems a bit more in line with normal shield use to me.

I'm unclear on how long conditions that come from afflictions are meant to last. Let's take Goblin Pox as an example:

Your touch afflicts the target with goblin pox. The effect is based on the result of the target’s Fortitude save.
Success The target is sick 1.
Critical Success The target is unaffected.
Failure The target is afflicted with goblin pox at stage 1.
Critical Failure The target is afflicted with goblin pox at stage 2.
Goblin Pox (disease) Level 1. Goblins and goblin dogs are immune.
Stage 1 sick 1 (1 round); Stage 2 sick 1 and slowed 1 (1 round); Stage 3 sick 1 and can’t reduce its sick value below 1 (1 day)

So this has the potential to apply two different conditions: sick 1 and slowed 1.

Sick can usually be removed by spending an action and succeeding at a save, so I'm assuming that it sticks around until that's done. Is that incorrect? Does recovering from the disease also remove the sick condition? If it does, that almost makes it beneficial to fail the initial save then succeed on the second one rather than just making the initial save since now it wouldn't cost you an action to get rid of the sick condition.

Slowed has no inherent way to be removed, though. Are you stuck with it until you can find some magic or item or something that gets rid of it, or does it only affect you while you're in stage 2? If slowed only lasts while you're in stage 2 does that mean you also recover from sick if you recover from the disease? If not, why not?

Hey, I was looking at the Robe of Stars and in this part of the description:

It enables the wearer to travel physically to the Astral Plane, at will and on command as if using the plane shift spell. Once he has done so, the wearer can also return to his plane of origin on command, also as per the plane shift spell.

I'm not sure what it means by Plane of Origin, as I can see two possible interpretations:

  • The Plane the wearer was on before activating the robe
  • The home plane for the wearer

Does anyone have any input as to which of those would be the correct interpretation?

I wanted to make sure I'm understanding how scrolls would work for a caster with slower spell progression, like a bard.

Scroll Use Rules:
To have any chance of activating a scroll spell, the scroll user must meet the following requirements.

    *The spell must be of the correct type (arcane or divine). Arcane spellcasters (wizards, sorcerers, and bards) can only use scrolls containing arcane spells, and divine spellcasters (clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers) can only use scrolls containing divine spells. (The type of scroll a character creates is also determined by his class.)
    *The user must have the spell on her class list.
    *The user must have the requisite ability score.

If the user meets all the requirements noted above, and her caster level is at least equal to the spell's caster level, she can automatically activate the spell without a check. If she meets all three requirements but her own caster level is lower than the scroll spell's caster level, then she has to make a caster level check (DC = scroll's caster level + 1) to cast the spell successfully. If she fails, she must make a DC 5 Wisdom check to avoid a mishap (see Scroll Mishaps). A natural roll of 1 always fails, whatever the modifiers. Activating a scroll is a standard action (or the spell's casting time, whichever is longer) and it provokes attacks of opportunity exactly as casting a spell does.

Are the stats required determined by the class of the creator of the scroll or the user of the scroll?


Say a Bard wants to use a scroll of Blur(2nd level spell) created by a Wizard.

Blur is on both the bard and wizard spells lists and is an arcane spell in both cases.

For a Bard Blur requires a caster level of 4 and at least 12 Charisma.

For a Wizard Blur requires a caster of 3 and at least 12 Intelligence.

From what I can figure out the Bard needs 12 Charisma and either a caster level of 3 or to make a DC 4 caster level check to use the scroll. Is that right?