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Hey, I was looking at the Robe of Stars and in this part of the description:

It enables the wearer to travel physically to the Astral Plane, at will and on command as if using the plane shift spell. Once he has done so, the wearer can also return to his plane of origin on command, also as per the plane shift spell.

I'm not sure what it means by Plane of Origin, as I can see two possible interpretations:

  • The Plane the wearer was on before activating the robe
  • The home plane for the wearer

Does anyone have any input as to which of those would be the correct interpretation?

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Considering the "Once he has done so," text, it should be apparent that the second line of text is still part of the first line's relevancy.
It seems pretty clear it's referring to the plane you left from when you made the initial trip with the robe.


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