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So that I can remember later. Chandu, Jair, and Lasaraleen all pay 300 gp for "Honest Arti's Stealth from Hell" ritual. ;)

Lasaraleen wrote:

If and when the gnome is able to provide some protections against the planar punishments, Lasaraleen will try out a channel on the party to get everyone up to full before she rests (or first thing in the 'morning')

Ah, much better. Now we can get going to the Market? Where is Zarta?

Dis doesn't notice. The presence you previously sensed "watching" you turns over and goes back to sleep

"Just remember--seven hours." warns the gnome.

Chandu wrote:

Chandu stretches and relaxes in their lodgings for the first time since they have entered hell. She shares a meal with Atum and helps him with the contracts.

[Linguistics, aid, hell, heroism]1d20+5-2+2

+2 Zarta bonus! Having Zarta scout places is a good way to get around some of your planar problems.

Chandu wrote:

During the evening she will chat with their host, So, what brings a gnome merhant to the depths of Dis, this must be a dangerous place to spend time in? Hoow have you managed to get yourself set up here?

[Diplomacy, heroism, hell]1d20+24-2+2

+2 Zarta bonus!

I'll assume this happens during your watch if you set one, because the excited gnome tells you his life story about his strange gifts (he's an oracle) and how he came by them (inherited from his mother), his time on the Elemental Plane of Fire, the fact that he misses food the most in Hell.

"Hell doesn't really have many taverns he says sadly. Devils don't really sleep or eat. Man, I could go for a steak, or strawberries in cream, or even a potato with some sour-cream and chives! Oooh, sour cream!" he says longingly. "But hey, I see you look a little edgy there, you and your friend Shrec. Hell getting you down? I might be able to help."

Shrec wrote:
Traffic violations and warnings go away after two years, same concept here, only we are staying out of sight hoping the Hells points go down.

Alas, Hell does not forget or forgive, these penalties follow you around as long as you are in Dis.

"I've learned a way to get around it." Arti winks. "And I am willing to help for a small fee. You know parts and labor." Another wink.

Arti can magically hide PCs from Hell's Displeasure for a period of 7 hours for the low, low price of 300 gp.

One vote for watches and the Market.

Artinean sees the party to an empty metal storage vault at the back of the shop. "TA-DA!"

"Welcome to the Warm Welcome!" says the gnome. "I am Artinean Tecbright--most folks call me Arti! I represent the Armorer's Guild we are an interest for a consortium of business beings from the City of Brass!" He hands everyone a small brass business card. The cards are actually pretty hot.

The gnome gives everyone a warm handshake but when he gets to Shrec and Chandu he gets a puzzled look and asks "Say, what's eating you two?"

After the pleasantries

Come in! Come in!" Arti invites the group inside. The place is sweltering. Several huge efreeti smiths stand about the forge room.

"You can knock off for a bit guys!" says Arti and the genies disappear in several puffs of black smoke. "I've got you set up in one of the back vaults!"