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The Equipment chapter is unclear about the use and consumption of thrown weapons. When you throw a weapon, you use it to make a ranged attack. (p. 183) You can apparently reload and draw a thrown weapon, which requires a free hand. (p. 179) Is this is a different thrown weapon from the first one you threw? Do you need to purchase multiple thrown weapons to throw in order, or can you just buy one and continually reload it? (Maybe the line on p. 179 means "reloading [a ranged weapon] and drawing a thrown weapon both require a free hand"? It's unclear.) Maybe you buy a set of thrown weapons and can just throw them at will?

You can find out the answers to some of this over in the returning rune (p. 374). So thrown weapons don't return to you. Where do they go, then? Presumably they are either destroyed or drop in the target's space, but that's not specified.

I'm still not sure if you need to buy multiple thrown weapons or just one though. The thrown weapons in the Rulebook combine ones that have historically been priced as ammunition (darts, shuriken) and ones that have been single weapons (javelins.)

It's easy to interpret that things work broadly like they did in 1e - buy multiple thrown weapons, thrown weapons drop in the target's square, new thrown weapons must be drawn to throw again unless you have a returning weapon.

But the text doesn't say as much, hence bringing it up.

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Crystal Frasier wrote:
Shardra Geltl: Great Iconic, or Greatest Iconic?

As a trans person who plays Pathfinder, Greatest. Thank you Crystal and anyone else involved in her creation!