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Full Name

Arianne Edwards


Initiate 1.0 (Charm +1, Cool -1, Sharp +1, Tough +0, Weird +2)


(0 harm, 0/7 luck spent)

About Arianne Edwards

Look: Woman, angular body, mismatched clothes.

Silver knife (1-harm hand silver)
Spear (2-harm hand/close)
.38 revolver (2-harm close reload loud)

Sect: The Collectors
Good traditions: knowledge, magical items
Bad traditions: Dubious motives


When you are in good standing with your Sect, at the beginning of each mystery, roll +Charm. On a 10+ they provide some useful info or help in the field. On a 7-9 you get a mission associated with the mystery, and if you do it you’ll get some info or help
too. On a miss, they ask you to do something bad. If you fail a mission or refuse an order, you’ll be in trouble with the Sect until you atone.

That Old Black Magic: When you use magic, you can ask a question from the investigate a mystery move as your effect.

Fortunes: The Sect has ancient prophecies or divination techniques to predict the future. Once per
mystery, you may use them. If you look at what the future holds, roll +Weird. On a 10+ hold 3, and on a 7-9 hold 1. On a miss, you get bad information and
the Keeper decides how that affects you. Spend your hold to:
• have a useful object ready.
• be somewhere you are needed, just in time.
• take +1 forward, or give +1 forward to another hunter.
• retroactively warn someone about an attack, so that it doesn’t happen

Ancient Fighting Arts: When using an old-fashioned hand weapon, you inflict +1 harm and get +1 whenever you roll protect someone.