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Dash 19 wrote:
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

You actually found the *one* bite attack that's worded WEIRD.

Is there another way to get a Claw/Claw/Bite attack with a Tiefling?

Yes, with class abilities, but that will work for any races. If I remember correctly, you can get claws, bite gore with rage powers. Feral mutagen gives you bite and claws. Natural attack ranger can give you claws too. Wolfscarred oracle with lunar mystery and gift and claw and horns.

Silver Crusade

When I played Midnight Mirror, it took us about 9-10 hours to complete the module.

Silver Crusade 4/5 Venture-Agent, Switzerland—Geneva aka Arendall

Tiefling x1
Aasimar x2 (Garuda 1x, Standard 1x)
Human x8 (Tian-Min x1, Ulfen 4x, Varisian 1x, Kellid 1x, Vudrani 1x)
Vishkanya 1x

Silver Crusade

My group has experienced some changes. Some experienced a glorious death or not. The group now consists of:

Sajna Grimalkin: Female Angelkin aasimar, Spirit Guide Lunar Oracle, she's still alive, one of the few.
Emrig: Male Dwarf, Goliath Druid, it is the second survivor of the original group


Regnar Stonebreaker, Male Dwarf, Stonelord
Mura Aki, Male Oni-spawn Tiefling, Falcata specialized Magus
Khalida, Female Keleshite Human, Swashbuckler, Urban Barbarian and Dawnflower Dervish Bard, tank of the group
Ashe, Male Varisian Human, Ranger with a bow.

They reached level 12, and are now carefully scour the grave of Skirtala.

Silver Crusade 4/5 Venture-Agent, Switzerland—Geneva aka Arendall

I've played with a sacred fist sometimes, but it's not what I want. I search mainly a divine caster without armor. So sensei monk for two levels then Ecclesitheurge.

Silver Crusade 4/5 Venture-Agent, Switzerland—Geneva aka Arendall

Joining the wagon too


Lancelia Scars - Tieffling - Unchained Rogue 10/Paladin 2
My first character, she's some sort of skill monkey. She can hit pretty hard but it's even better if she can flank her foes. She's a child of Mendev, she fights evil when she can, she's primary some sort of scout but after the fifth Mendevian Crusade she become a dedicated warrior of the Empyreal Lord of spies. One more paladin level to take and back to rogue.

Gwynn Lightbringer - Musetouched Aasimar - Ranger 12
An archer on a horse. He's some kind of mobile artilery character. He likes to learn new languages so he became a specialist in linguistics. Maybe som fighter level to take to get some feats.

Sunetra Lighthope - Aasimar - CLeric 11
She's from Qadira. She was a blessing for her parents. She joined Sarenrae church at a young age and she became a cleric. She's a healer buffer. She can cast some fire spells but her primary goals are to maintain her companion alive at almost any cost. She died once trying to save a friend but failed to save him. She came back to life and she's still on the edge to save people. She looks angelic with her feathered wings.

Hitomi Kakita - Human - Samurai 10
Stern woman from Tian. She joined the Sovereign Court to regain her familly's prestige. She's a tank.

Svenn Byrder - Human - Inquisitor 3
My wannabe Hellknight. Ulfen from Cheliax, dedicated to Damerrich. More inquisitors level to take before going to Hellknight.

Ulrika Blackmane - Human - Urban Barbarian 1/Dawnflower Dervish 4
Hard hitting dex build. Fun character to play because she can do a lot of things out of combat. Usually group face. Stuck a level five because she wants to continue Dragon's demand.

Eric Sarovich level 2 GM blob

Belom Break Bones - Armored Hulk 6/Ragechemist 2
Not your typically barbarian. He has some AC. He hits hard. He works for Mr Karela as some kind of debt collector. He's also a personnal trainer and a MCG (Muscle Club Gorum) Member. He's a barbarian tanky build with a lot of strength.

Sajna Ashwari - Human - Spirit Oracle 7
Some kind of sorcerer in armor. She's a Lunar oracle and she has a changing mind. She loves her domesticated white tiger Nuala. She buffs, heals and casts some damage spells.

Siriana Xanjahar - Human - Divine Hunter 5
Holy servant of Erastil. She trys to bring some justice to Pathfinder business. My second archer.

Erwann Grimm - Human - Inspired Blade 1/Urban Barbarian 1/Arcane Duelist 4
Usually party face. He's my interpretation of Inigo Montoya. He travels the world to find his father's murderer, a man with six fingers on the right hand. Urban barbarian increase dex. Swashbuckler give him panache and parade and dex to damage on first level. He can buffs, talks, tanks a little bit and knows some things.

For full caster classes I don't want to lose a caster level, so I tend to not multiclass full caster. Hovewer, I have got a monk/cleric concept in mind. For martial build I think dipping is a good way to gain new abilities. Right now, I don't think I'll take other classes on my already multiclassed characters with maybe one exception for my dawnflower dervish. I'm thinking about a swashbuckler dip for parade and panache.

Sorry for my poor English

Silver Crusade

Our group is currently composed of :

Thornriel - Male Musetouched Aasimar, Inspired Blade
Zaerilla - Female Fetchling, Unchained Rogue
Ambre Grimalkin - Female Human, Diviner Wizard
Alice "Grimm" Grimalkin - Female Tiefling, Witch
Sajna Gimalkin - Female Angelkin Aasimar, Lunar Spirit Oracle
Emrig - Male Dwarf, Goliath Druid, with Pebbles his Allosaurus pet

Thornriel is tanking and does a lot of damage. Zaerilla tries to spot traps but fails sometimes. Ambre uses more evocation spells than divination. Grimm put people to sleep in combat and curse them. Emrig usually blows out giants with his hammer. Sajna heals, buffs and casts some wizard spells.

They are 6th level. They entered Redlake Fort and started to explore. They had some problems with Orcs, but they managed to ally with them.