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Waking from an unsettling dream, after a few moments of confusion you realize that this is the morning of Professor Petros Lorrimor's burial. Having made your way towards Ravengro, the farming town where the Professor lived his final years, ever since you heard of his death and the date set for his burial, now only the final trek along the road between Lake Lias and Redwool River remains.

Just before noon, a bend in the road finally reveals your destination ahead. The idyllic town rests on both sides of the river, with numerous fertile fields and orchards liberally sprinkled within and nearby, while on a hill south of the town stands a looming building surrounded by stone walls.

Before reaching the town proper, the road passes by a large, well-tended cemetery. A few hundred feet ahead, at the corner of the cemetery closest to the town, a small group of people has gathered around a coffin; a woman in her mid-twenties, a teenaged boy standing close to a middle-aged man, two older men, and a middle-aged woman. While all are somber and mournful, the youngest woman seems the most distraught.

Those who spent a decent amount of time with the Professor may recall him speaking of his daughter Kendra, who would now be close to the youngest woman's age.

I'm assuming you're all arriving at mostly the same time; some of you may have travelled parts of the way together, or noticed eachother travelling in the same direction.

Here's a brand-new discussion thread for you :)

If you don't mind, I'll assume something like the bar dream did in fact occur, although the final scene would be slightly different in terms of the names spoken.

With two potential campaigns already under their belt, I figure all the characters are play-ready as far as mechanics go. Although 25PB is higher than I'd normally use, I won't waste time asking you to rebuild! I'll just note that I haven't used hero points before, and would prefer not to do so in this game despite the original character creation guidelines from that thread mentioning them.

I'll start the gameplay thread as soon as all the players are ready.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

The past few posts in this thread have become fully italicized, even including the poster's name and the post-information (the line with the post's timestamp and the flag, list, reply buttons).

The list of links at the bottom of the page is also italicized.

Here's a screenshot.

I'm guessing this could be due to a missing end-italics bracket in the post directly above the two shown in the screenshot, but it's strange that it would affect other posts and much of the bottom of the page.

Hi :)

I've always been able to use "Standard Postal Delivery" for my previous orders through this site, but when I checked the shipping details for a new potential order today (with similar items; 3 AP issues and 4 Campaign Setting products, one of which being a map folio), only the "USPS Priority" option was available, even after I tried to change shipping details.

Since that option is far more expensive, and I don't have any particular need for early delivery, I didn't make the order. For the future, I wonder why that particular potential order didn't have an option for "Standard"?

Currently, if I search the PRD (or messageboards) for a word such as "barding", then even if I put that word within quotation marks, there will be a ton of results that include only parts of that word (in this case, primarily "bard").

Using "-bard" in an effort to eliminate the unwanted results doesn't help, as that removes even results for "barding".

Whether this is intended or not, I hope it's possible to alter the search engine in some way that makes it more useful in cases like this.

I've tried to Edit my PBP-campaign (from the "Campaign Info" tab) a couple times today, and also a few times 3-4 days ago, but each time clicking the "Edit This Campaign" button has only produced an error page.

It would be nice if this behaviour could be fixed (if it's related to something on Paizo's end), although I certainly understand if it's not a priority :)

I'm using IE 10 on Windows 7.

I had a situation come up in my game just now, and I'm unsure if my decision was the correct one.

One among the party went to grapple an enemy spellcaster, and her Stalwart Defender bodyguard (in a defensive stance at the time) intercepted the grapple to end up being grappled itself instead.

What I'm wondering is this: Does an attempt to grapple actually fulfill the requirements of the intercept ability?

Some relevant rules text:

Once a round as an immediate action, when a melee or ranged weapon would successfully strike an adjacent ally, the stalwart defender can choose to have the weapon strike him instead of the intended target. The attack automatically hits the stalwart defender, regardless his AC or any miss chance in effect, and he suffers the normal consequences of the attack.

Performing a Combat Maneuver:
When performing a combat maneuver, you must use an action appropriate to the maneuver you are attempting to perform. While many combat maneuvers can be performed as part of an attack action, full-attack action, or attack of opportunity (in place of a melee attack), others require a specific action. Unless otherwise noted, performing a combat maneuver provokes an attack of opportunity from the target of the maneuver. If you are hit by the target, you take the damage normally and apply that amount as a penalty to the attack roll to perform the maneuver. If your target is immobilized, unconscious, or otherwise incapacitated, your maneuver automatically succeeds (treat as if you rolled a natural 20 on the attack roll). If your target is stunned, you receive a +4 bonus on your attack roll to perform a combat maneuver against it.

When you attempt to perform a combat maneuver, make an attack roll and add your CMB in place of your normal attack bonus. Add any bonuses you currently have on attack rolls due to spells, feats, and other effects. These bonuses must be applicable to the weapon or attack used to perform the maneuver. The DC of this maneuver is your target's Combat Maneuver Defense. Combat maneuvers are attack rolls, so you must roll for concealment and take any other penalties that would normally apply to an attack roll.

As a standard action, you can attempt to grapple a foe, hindering his combat options. If you do not have Improved Grapple, grab, or a similar ability, attempting to grapple a foe provokes an attack of opportunity from the target of your maneuver. Humanoid creatures without two free hands attempting to grapple a foe take a –4 penalty on the combat maneuver roll. If successful, both you and the target gain the grappled condition (see the Appendices). If you successfully grapple a creature that is not adjacent to you, move that creature to an adjacent open space (if no space is available, your grapple fails). Although both creatures have the grappled condition, you can, as the creature that initiated the grapple, release the grapple as a free action, removing the condition from both you and the target. If you do not release the grapple, you must continue to make a check each round, as a standard action, to maintain the hold. If your target does not break the grapple, you get a +5 circumstance bonus on grapple checks made against the same target in subsequent rounds. Once you are grappling an opponent, a successful check allows you to continue grappling the foe, and also allows you to perform one of the following actions (as part of the standard action spent to maintain the grapple).

Hi. I placed this order (# 2230216) on January 29th, and it was supposed to ship within 2-6 business days, but it has been listed as pending since.

I just noticed today that one of the items (the "We Be Goblins" module) is currently listed as unavailable, although it was available at the time I ordered the items. Presumably this is the reason for the pending status of the full order.

Is there a chance of the module becoming available again soon? If not, would it be possible to ship the other items without waiting for it?

I noticed something in the Disable Device skill description today that I haven't noticed before. As examples of difficult and extreme tasks, both requiring 2d4 rounds of actions to disable, we find "disabling a trap" and "disabling a complex trap".

In games I've played in as player or DM, it has always been played this way: If the rogue succeeds at his perception check and on his disable device check, then the trap never triggers.

But if the rogue has to spend 2d4 rounds to disable the trap, then an automatic reset trap would trigger anywhere from 2 to 8 times while the rogue is doing so, even if the rogue succeeds on his check.

If this is the way it should work, then traps may actually be worth their CR. At the same time, it would turn many traps into potential death machines.

So for the actual question: Does a rogue (or other trap-disabler) risk being affected by a trap for up to 8 rounds even when they succeed on both their Perception check and their Disable Device check?

Are there any options that allow a character to feint in combination with using Spring Attack?

Is there any way to have a single thread from a collapsed forum show up on the main page? I'm primarily asking because I don't want to see the Off-Topic forum, while I do want to see the "Ask James Jacobs.." thread.

I'm guessing there isn't, but it can't hurt to ask :)

What options are there for adding either Dex or Int to damage with melee or ranged weapons? I know of the Agile weapon property and the Dervish Dance feat, and I know several gunslinger archetypes get this, but are there any others?

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Now that the Advanced Race Guide has been released, and Ultimate Equipment is on its way, is there any chance that Paizo would create a book for monster customization? Feats, spells, prestige classes, variant abilities, equipment, and so on, all created specifically for monsters.

The "Revisited" series of products touch upon this type of content, but only enough to wet the appetite. I crave more! In fact, I still use Savage Species for its monster feats and other monster options, despite that being a relatively small part of that book.

I'd love to see a Paizo take on this in the not-so-distant future, and as the thread title suggest, I tentatively offer the title "Ultimate Monsters" for such a book :)

Are there any Dungeon adventures featuring Hell as a main location? I've seen several adventures featuring the Abyss, but I can't remember any taking place in the other iconic evil plane.

Hi. I received an email on November 11th that said order #1690986 was about to ship, but I haven't received any further email regarding the order actually shipping.

Has the order been shipped and I simply haven't received the email about it, or is something delaying the shipment?

Thanks in advance!


I've read through the entire playtest document, and these are my thoughts/opinions on the system. Since I expect this system to be DM-exclusive (or close to it), I haven't considered potential munchkin-isms.

Broad thoughts:

The system seems robust, at first glance. Paizo has created a good document here, and I like most of it. There's only a few specific RP costs I feel should be changed, as most of them seem to be well balanced in comparison to eachother (more on this later).

As I would like to use the system as a set of building blocks (like LEGOs), I feel that most of the subtype prerequisites should be removed entirely or turned into favored options for those subtypes (for instance -1 RP for the correct subtype). I would also like to see the RP-power-levels changed to power-ranges, such as 6-15 (Standard), 16-25 (Advanced), 26+ (Monstrous), but that's a minor point.

There are some traits and abilities I would like to have seen, such as non-standard body types and variations of fast healing and regeneration. Many of the new traits and abilities created for this document are cool, inspirational, and otherwise very welcome additions to the game, such as the Half-Undead and Half-Construct types, and the Elemental Assault ability.

Racial Traits; Potential changes:

Large Size: This trait doesn't appear to be worth quite as much as 7 RP compared to the other sizes. I'd reduce it to 5 or 6 RP (and potentially increase the cost for the Reach trait to 2 RP).

Small Size: This trait is really good for its cost. There are several benefits compared to Medium size, and few drawbacks. I'd increase the cost to 1 RP.

Slow Speed: The additional benefit regarding speed and encumbrance seems tacked on here. I would split that part off into its own trait in the general section.

Greater Weakness Modifiers: The last sentence appears to be missing some words. I assume it should say either
", and a +2 bonus in one ability score of the other type." or
", and a +2 bonus in one other ability score."

Language Traits: I would reduce the cost for all of these by 1. The Linguist Array would cost 1 RP, the Standard Array would be free, and the Xenophobic Array would cost -1 RP.

Racial Abilities; Potential changes:

Ancient Foe: Reduce the cost to 2 RP.
Desert Runner: Reduce the cost to 1 RP.
Eternal Hope: Reduce the cost to 1 RP.
Hardy: Increase the cost to 2 RP.
Plagueborn: Reduce the cost to 1 RP.

Elven Magic: Reduce the cost to 1 RP.
Gnome Magic: Increase the cost to 2 RP, making it equal to the other abilities with similar mechanics.
Svirfneblin Magic: Increase the cost to 3 RP, or reduce the cost to 1 RP and require Gnome Magic as a prerequisite.

Climb, Sprinter, Swamp Stride, Swim: I see no reason why any of these should have "normal speed" as a prerequisite.
Flight: I'd increase the fly speed increase for taking the ability multiple times to either 20 ft or 30 ft each time. I'd move Maneuverability into a separate trait.

Gatecrasher: Reduce the cost to 1 RP.

Cave Dweller: Reduce the cost to 1 RP.

Sneaky, Sneaky Rider, Underground Sneak: All of these appear too expensive; I'm not sure what a fair cost would be, but maybe 3 RP for Sneaky, 5 or 6 RP for Sneaky Rider, and 4 RP for Underground Sneak.

Prehensile Tail: The last sentence contains a typo. I expect it should say ", but they can retrieve ..." rather than cannot.

We're just about to begin part 2 of the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, and are in need of 1 or 2 replacement players.

The game moves fairly quickly, with each player typically posting at least once per day. Ups and downs are to be expected, of course :)

The party currently consists of:
Appario Lind - Human paladin
Derek Keegan - Human bard
Semenya Carbachon - Half-Orc sorcerer

Have a look at our Game Thread and see if this game looks appealing to you :)

Character creation rules are essentially as follows:
3rd-level character
20 point buy
2 traits (1 from the CoT player's guide)
3000 gp worth of items, as per the wealth-by-level guidelines

If you wish to use material that isn't in the Core Rulebook or the CoT player's guide, let me know the book and page and I'll look it over. I have all of the hardcover books and about half of the Chronicles/Campaign Setting/Companion books.

As of the time of this post, the product discussion thread for "Tome of Monsters" has become split into one thread with 22 posts and one with 39 posts, both of which show up on the main forum page. Hopefully someone will be able to fix that :)

On my copy of Osirion, Land of Pharaohs, one of the staples used to bind the book together has been improperly applied, and a thin piece of metal sticks out from the side of the book.

As a result, I'm considering removing this staple from the book entirely. Would the book still hold together with the remaining staple, or should I try to restaple it? Or would another option be better?

I had a thought for what the capstone ability of the Magus could be that would make me more likely to want to go all the way in the class, and came up with this:

Reflecting the likeness between Spell Combat and Two-Weapon Fighting, how about making the capstone ability similar to Improved Two-Weapon Fighting? That is, when using Spell Combat at 20th level, you can cast 2 spells instead of the normal 1.

I'm not sure how balanced it would be, though (it would probably need some penalties), but it would certainly be something that would be an "awe factor" when talking about the Magus class.

The Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows too :)

Can't wait for my local store to get this volume!

I was musing on what (types of) real-life people might have 18s in the various ability scores, and came up with this:

STR: world-class weightlifters, strongman competitors

DEX: world-class gymnasts, world-class dancers

CON: ironman competitors, world-class marathon runners, arctic/antarctic expedition members

INT: Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein

WIS: ???

CHA (force of personality): John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr
CHA (beauty): Miss World winners

Not sure who to put on WIS, so if anyone has suggestions for that or any of the others, please post them :)

There must be some sort of grand Paizo plan to get all of my money. Darn you!

Hmm. Is there any way to order these now, but not pay for them until about a month from now? I really can't afford to buy them at the moment since I've just spent about $130 on Paizo products the past week. I imagine this won't be possible, but it can't hurt to ask :)

In most forums I've been too, when a thread is moved from one forum to another, the original forum will no longer update that thread's listing with when the last post was made (so it will not be bumped in the original forum, even though posts are made in that thread in the new forum). Here, that is not the case, which can clutter up a few of the forums if you go into the specific forum page (the main page does not show them, thankfully).

For instance, see the Pathfinder RPG General Discussion forum. About 1/3 of the threads in the top half are moved threads at the time of this posting.

It's not a big deal, but if it's easy to do something about this, it's a least a suggestion :)

Back in 3.5, I really liked the poison spell, mainly because it had a save DC that scaled with level rather than only being adjusted by the casting ability modifier. It used (10 + 1/2 caster level + WIS) rather than the normal (10 + spell level + casting ability modifier).

I wonder why that was changed for Pathfinder? Was it too good when the effect was changed, or did you simply not want spells that had unusual save DC calculations?

Is there a list of the content from each Dungeon/Dragon magazine somewhere online? I'm hoping for something that lists the names and level ranges for the adventures in each Dungeon magazine, and that lists the titles of the articles in each Dragon magazine.

Would it be possible to add a brief sentence in the Bestiary section of the Adventure Path which new monsters (with page numbers) that have been detailed in the adventure part of the product (but not in the Bestiary part of the product or in another Pathfinder product)?

As an example: For "The Infernal Syndrome", the sentence could read:


In addition to the monsters in this bestiary, this product includes statblocks for Lich Shade (page 40), Achaierai (page 45), and Kolyarut (page 48).

It would make it a little easier to find that monster that you remember you saw in one of the adventures, but you don't remember exactly which one, without having to leaf through all of the adventures to find it.

On the main Pathfinder store page (Link) there seems to be no space between the product line link and the continuing text.

For instance, to me it looks like: "Pathfinder Roleplaying Gamebooks and accessories..." , "Pathfinder Adventure Pathprovides..." , and so on for all paragraphs except the Pathfinder Miniatures one.

I use IE8, not sure if it looks the same way on other browsers.

0-post threads crop up every now and then. I'm not sure what causes it, but from some previous instances it appears that the threads can be fixed if the web guys hear about them.

So, here's a thread where you can post links to 0-post threads you find (that haven't been reposted), or to your own 0-post threads.

To start things off, here are two from today:

Thread #1

Thread #2

The Resource page should include links to the Kingmaker and Serpent's Skull player's guides in addition to the Council of Thieves player's guide.

Is there any possible chance that you have a forgotten copy of this issue lying about the office just waiting for me to pick it up? I would be eternally grateful if you do :)

I'm considering buying some of the Map Folios, but I wonder what the paper quality of the maps in them is like. Is the quality similar to the map in the Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting or more similar to the map in the Pathfinder Chronicles: Gazetteer, or something else entirely?

I just thought some praise for Paizo might be in order :)

Having product developers and editorial staff and adventure writers actually read virtually all threads, and respond almost immediately to any questions is just awesome!

Not to mention the site seems to have everything I want, too. I was just beginning to get a little annoyed at scrolling past forums I don't frequent, and was about to ask for a "hide" feature, and I discovered there already was such a feature implemented :)

While I feel that surprise rounds work well in most cases (such as a group of archers on the top of a hillside trying to hide from characters walking on the road), there are a few situations where I feel it doesn't make sense that the attacker would only get a standard or a move action.

For instance, with the current rules, a Phase Spider can't perform his entire attack routine (free action move to Material, attack, move action return to Ethereal) unless the party is already aware that it's there. Which seems counterintuitive to me, as it would be best served by moving in to let them see it, return to the Ethereal, and then perform it's actual attack the next round, rather than stalking them on the ethereal plane and attack with surprise.

So, would I be too unfair on my players if I allowed a Phase Spider his full routine when they are totally unaware of it?

I would also let an invisible Rogue player get a full round action if he successfully snuck up on an unaware opponent, although by the rules for surprise he should only get 1 standard or move action.

How do other DM's handle such situations?

Whenever I try to select text from anywhere in the PRD, it seems to be impossible to just select the bits of text I want. I always get all the text from the top of the page down to where I am in the document. Is it possible to fix this somehow?

(It doesn't happen on any other pages I've visited, here or elsewhere)

Are the different movement modes a creature can have explained anywhere in the Bestiary or the Core Rulebook? In the old 3.5 monster manual, it was listed in the glossary what it meant when a creature had a burrow speed, climb speed, fly speed or swim speed, but as far as I can tell there is no similar listing in the PF Bestiary.

First of all, let me just give a huge thank you for keeping 3rd edition alive, fun, and thriving, and thank you greatly for the amazing Adventure Paths you have released :)

I wonder, though, if there will ever be another Adventure Path that ends when the characters are approaching 20th level, or even moving into epic levels?

It's obviously hard to balance encounters of such high levels in adventures, and I wouldn't want you to do them often, but once in a while could be nice :)


I'm going to start DMing the Curse of the Crimson Throne within a few weeks, and I wondered if there are any pdfs available with unmarked versions (without encounter areas and secret doors marked) of the maps in this Adventure Path?

One of the best things about the web enhancements for the Dungeon AP's were the inclusion of such maps, since handing out maps to players with secret doors and encounter areas marked isn't ideal :)

One other question: I couldn't find any areas on the Bolt Rock maps that were obviously marked as where the totems could be placed. Is it assumed that players can choose any location on the plateaus for their totems?

Thanks in advance!

Reading "Dawn of a New Age" in more detail (since I'll be starting that section of the AoW in my next session), I noticed that Kyuss apparently likes to prepare a whole bunch of cleric spells that he can either already cast at will as spell-like abilities, or cast numerous times as a sorcerer.

Is there any real reason why his cleric spell list isn't filled with useful other spells, rather than duplicates, other than the minor issue with caster level?

And if anyone has "fixed" his spell list, what did you change? Always good with some additional inspiration for these things :)

Thanks in advance!

Hi :)

I'm currently DM'ing in the middle of the Age of Worms campaign (the group just started exploring the Spire of Long Shadows), and I've been reading on a bit.

The additional help the party will likely get for the encounters with Dragotha, and to a lesser extent with Kyuss, has me a little worried that those encounters will end up being too easy. For those of you that have run through the last two adventures, is my hunch correct? Is Balakarde's spirit fragments and fighting despair in Alhaster making these encounters overly easy on the party? I don't want to be building up hype towards fighting powerful dracoliches and demigods if they're going to be walkovers :)

If this is the case, what would be the best way to tone down the spirit fragments and the results of fighting despair?

I'm currently in the middle of running my Age of Worms campaign, but I've been reading up on some of the later adventures now that I've got some spare time :)

Anyway, I noticed that Necrozyte's Fiendish template really adds very little to the Dragon, at least not enough to warrant a +2 CR increase, so I'm planning to swap that template for the Half-Fiend template (adding one more point of CR, but in exchange for some useful abilities, at least).

What I'm wondering is if this would make things too tough for my players, and if I should change something else about the adventure if I do this (such as cutting one of the "mundane" Dragons)?

So, I'm currently running the Age of Worms adventure path for my players (my first ever campaign, but so far it's going very smoothly), and they're in the middle of the Hall of Harsh Reflections adventure at the moment.

Since I knew they wouldn't be getting much farther than halfway through Sodden Hold in the last session, I didn't read through the Zyrxog's Lair part as thoroughly as the rest previously, but having done so now I've noticed a rather large discrepancy between the CR of Zyrxog (Mind Flayer Sorc 7) compared to that of the generic Mind Flayer Sorc 9 in the Monster Manual.. Namely 11 vs 17. Those two missing class levels should only reduce the CR by 2, to 15, not by 6.. I don't see any errata in the MM to lower the CR there, so is this just the writer deciding the Sorcerer class is non-associated for Mind Flayers?