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blackbloodtroll wrote:
cwslyclgh wrote:
Or perhaps because somebody wanted to talk about the same subject but decided to search for a thread that talked about it instead of just creating a new one to clutter the boards??? couldn't be something like that....

Weird that you are irked. Huh? Strange peeves?

Anyways, when responding to an old thread, you are responding to statements that may be irrelevant, and outdated. Those who were originally involved are likely not to respond, and if you are trying to get a FAQ, it will be ignored.

In general, it is a bad idea.

Nuh uh.

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Ok, so this really a question about how Fighter's Bravery class feature works.

The question is, Bravery says "anytime you gain the frightened condition, reduce its value by 1."


Dirge of Doom says "They can't reduce their frightened value below 1 while they remain in the area."

The Fighter argued that the Bravery triggers before Dirge even applies, and so never gets the frightened condition at all. I was wondering if there was a specific ruling on this.

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I would love to see something that fleshes out and adds to the Whispering Way mythos, there's not enough on it out there and it's very interesting. Just one man's opinion.