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Several questions about Wall of Stone.

Each 5-foot-by-5-foot section of the wall has AC 10, Hardness 14, and 50 Hit Points, and it's immune to critical hits and precision damage.

First question - I cast a Wall of Stone. if an enemy has a flaming rune, a shock rune, and a striking rune. They Roll 2d8, dealing 12 slashing, 6 fire, 4 electricity damage. Do all the damages pool before applying hardness, dealing 8 actual damage to the wall, or does it reduce the damage of each source first, dealing effectively 0 damage to the wall?

Second question - If the person has a +25 to attack, and rolls a natural 1 when attacking the wall of stone, the nat 1 reduces the success by 1 step, but being 10 over it's AC, it would still be a critical success. However, Wall of Stone specifically states it is immune to critical hits, so would that 26 result on a natural 1 roll still hit the wall, or would it be a miss?

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Ok, so this really a question about how Fighter's Bravery class feature works.

The question is, Bravery says "anytime you gain the frightened condition, reduce its value by 1."


Dirge of Doom says "They can't reduce their frightened value below 1 while they remain in the area."

The Fighter argued that the Bravery triggers before Dirge even applies, and so never gets the frightened condition at all. I was wondering if there was a specific ruling on this.

Pretty simple question,

Fascinating Performance reads "When you Perform, compare your result to the Will DC of one observer."

Both Inspire Heroics and Lingering Composition state "attempt a Performance check..."

Does attempting a Performance check count for the "When you Perform" requirement for the purposes of Fascinating Performance?

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If I have a +1 Flaming Shocking Longsword, would using the feat Weapon Evoker Mastery (Item Mastery) add 1d4 of each element, or would I choose one element each time I use a swift action to activate it?