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Please make the stuffed owlbear the next Paizo-made plushie! We wants it, Precious!!!

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Hm... I wonder if my PFS gnome is a long-lost Nackle? He's a barbarian, but he gets excited instead of raging (I mean seriously, there's so much to see in the world; why get angry at it?). He (thought he) comes from a long line of gnomish gardeners, so he uses the family tree pruner as an heirloom weapon (okay, so it was really a ripsaw glaive, but then the 'Heirloom Weapon' trait was updated, so it became a glaive-guisarme, i.e., the pruning blades stopped working), and yes, he has ranks in Craft (Topiary)...

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The Cartomancer, out of The Harrow Handbook has the ability to deliver touch spells via cards:


Deliver Touch Spells (Su)

In addition, the cartomancer can deliver a touch spell with a thrown card. This uses the Deadly Dealer feat (see below), except the attack is resolved as a ranged touch attack and the card deals no damage of its own. This ability can be used with any card (not just one from the cartomancer's spell deck).

My question would be, since the rules for touch spells in combat permit the caster to cast the spell and touch the target in the same round, can/does the cartomancer cast a spell and deliver it via card in the same round?

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Kerney wrote:
there is no rule in any book that allows for Re-Skinning of Companions/Mounts what have you, there for I don't allow it and would not let my PFS players back home do."
Well there are no rules saying you can't and the rules as Rubia pointed out--

The whole "The rules don't say you can / the rules don't say you can't" argument is a terrible base to start a discussion from in any situation. For example, the rules don't say I fall down when hit with a sleep spell, or when I fall unconscious -- there's no mention of the prone condition in either case. For that matter, I apparently don't drop things when knocked unconscious, only when I am stunned.

So please stay away from "rules say you can/can't" arguments -- I had my fill of them with the Living Greyhawk player base, and I'm unfortunately starting to see that mentality creep into PFS judges and players as well...

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Soliloquies wrote:
I talked to the Hero Lab folks about these boons on Saturday and they were unaware of it (seemed to be anyway). I showed him the boon and they said they would need to have contact from Paizo to get any of these changes into their system. Otherwise, i would have to create my character with a bunch of red ink on the screen.

Or, you know, do it by hand ;-)

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Lab_Rat wrote:

I have not seen the actual text yet. Just looking at your quotes.

I see three options given:
1) Still proficient with weapon - no changes

This (#1) is not an option, as the rewrite of the trait requires the weapon to be of either the 'simple' or 'martial' category; a ripsaw-glaive is an exotic weapon (out of Gnomes of Golarion).

I opted for swapping it out for a glaive-guisarme. In-character rationale being, since he's been using grandpa's tree-pruner for a purpose other than what it was intended, that the gearing finally broke and the blade is stuck; hence, it still wields like a glaive, but those stuck saw-blade teeth give it that extra grip that the glaive-guisarme has (when hitting mounted combatants) :-)

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BenS wrote:
Joshua J. Frost wrote:
I won't say "never" but it's highly unlikely.
Josh, I'm curious about this. Is it b/c higher-level adventures need to be bigger for stat blocks and such, or are there other considerations? I've bought every single one of these, but never thought to ask why they stopped @ 12th level.

This is speaking from experience as an author and Triad member from the Living Greyhawk campaign, and all IMHO, of course... :-)

Increased amount/size of stat-blocks is certainly a contributing factor (which can be mitigated by limiting the adventure to specific level bands/tiers). But at higher levels, encounters *really* need to be tailored by the GM to the specifics of the party, much moreso than when PCs are starting out -- and in a home game this is easy enough to do. But in a living-style campaign, while the CRs of an encounter may be appropriate for the levels of the PCs sitting at your table, the particular selection of creatures can, in some cases, simply be a total pushover because of certain abilities that group has; conversely, the creatures could just as easily completely manhandle the group, resulting in a TPK.