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So first, let me post the two relevant texts:


Object Possession, Greater

School necromancy; Level occultist 5, psychic 6, sorcerer/wizard 7, spiritualist 6, witch 7
Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target unattended Gargantuan or smaller object (minimum Tiny) or construct
Duration 10 minutes/level (D)

This spell functions as object possession, except as noted above. The possessed animated object has a number of Construction Points appropriate for its size (up to 5 CP for Gargantuan objects). Your silver cord extends to medium range (100 ft. + 10 ft./level).

You can attempt to possess a construct instead of an unattended object as your first possession with this spell. If you do, this spell acts as control construct, except as noted above.

... and ...


Control Construct

School transmutation; Level sorcerer/wizard 7
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target one construct
Duration concentration
Saving Throw none (see text); Spell Resistance no

You wrest the control of a construct from its master. For as long as you concentrate, you can control the construct as if you were its master. You must make a Spellcraft check each round to maintain control. The DC of the Spellcraft check is (10 + the construct's HD). If the construct's creator or master is present and trying to control the construct, you both must make opposed Spellcraft checks each round to control the construct.

So if I use greater object possession to jump into a construct, do I even need to make any checks? The former spell implies that it replaces control construct's school, range, target, and duration with its own—"10 minutes/level" replacing "concentration"—so the Spellcraft check would be completely unnecessary, wouldn't it?

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So these things are rather interesting, from a certain point of view. My question is, for a given slot, one can have a minor, major or greater piercing. If one takes a greater piercing, does one get the lesser abilities as well (i.e., those granted by the minor and major piercings)?

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The Cartomancer, out of The Harrow Handbook has the ability to deliver touch spells via cards:


Deliver Touch Spells (Su)

In addition, the cartomancer can deliver a touch spell with a thrown card. This uses the Deadly Dealer feat (see below), except the attack is resolved as a ranged touch attack and the card deals no damage of its own. This ability can be used with any card (not just one from the cartomancer's spell deck).

My question would be, since the rules for touch spells in combat permit the caster to cast the spell and touch the target in the same round, can/does the cartomancer cast a spell and deliver it via card in the same round?

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I'm helping a friend design some dwarven sub-races for a home campaign; it's not Pathfinder, but we're using the Advanced Raced Guide for guidance to keep the sub-races balanced.

One of the sub-races has more affinity for earth and stone than the others—similar to an Oread, but not quite the same. We also found the "earth dwarf" variant in the D&D 3.5 Unearthed Arcana, and those stats were just about right: +2 Str, –2 Dex, +2 Con, –2 Cha. The Str and Con bumps for the hardiness of stone, Dex penalty since stoney things aren't generally very agile, and Cha penalty because, well ... they're *dwarves*.

So Specialized (1 RP) seems to be the best starting point, with the following base: +2 Str, +2 Con, –2 Cha. But can anyone suggest what the point value might be to lower that last stat (Dex)? Advanced Dexterity grants a +2 bonus for 4 RP, but I can't really see a –2 penalty to a stat being worth –4 RP? I've also tried various combinations of Greater Weakness, Mixed Weakness with Advanced (whatever), but one stat always gets out of hand (either to a +4 or –4)...

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So, thinking of ways to improve a witch's survivability without the expense of also killing her familiar, I was taking a look at longarm bracers. Some relevant text:

Her weapon attack rolls take a –4 penalty, while unarmed strikes and natural weapons using the arms take no penalty.

So what about touch attacks made to deliver a spell? Yes, I know that you are considered armed when holding the charge from a touch attack, but that doesn't entirely answer the question...

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In preparation for GenCon, I finally got off my slacker butt and downloaded the KS PFS Chronicle. So the dumb question I have is -- how do we use it? I.e., there's no GM signature, etc. Do we just put it in our character stack unsigned? Does someone at the con HQ need to sign it before we use it? What prevents us from using it more than once?

If all these questions and more are already answered in another thread, can you point me where? My search-fu is sorely lacking...

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I just want to make sure I'm merging all the changes to Heirloom Weapon together correctly, so I thought I'd throw this out there for opinions...

First the relevant text:

[i wrote:

Adventurer's Armory Errata[/i]]Replace the Heirloom Weapon entry

with the following text: “Heirloom Weapon: You carry a non-masterwork simple or martial weapon that has been passed down from generation to generation in your family (pay the standard gp cost for the weapon). When you select this trait, choose one of the following benefits: proficiency with that specific weapon, a +1 trait bonus on attacks of opportunity with that specific weapon, or a +2 trait bonus on one kind of combat maneuver when using that specific weapon.”


[i wrote:
PFS Additional Resources (20010804)[/i]]Characters with the heirloom weapon trait who gained the trait prior to 7/21/11 may keep the masterwork weapon granted by the previous version of the feat but lose all other benefits of the previous version of the trait, replacing them with one of the new granted benefits. If the selected weapon was an exotic weapon, you may retrain any existing feat with Exotic Weapon Proficiency or change the weapon type to a simple or martial weapon and retrain any feats dependent on the original weapon (such as Weapon Focus or Critical Focus) to the newly selected weapon. Any enhancement bonuses added to an exotic weapon transfer to the replacement martial or simple weapon if you take the second option. These changes to your character must be documented on a Chronicle sheet and initialed by a GM.

So the situation is this: Tikobos is a gnome barbarian, with the heirloom weapon trait, wielding a tree pruner passed down through the generations (OK, so functionally it's a ripsaw glaive, but carry on); normally this would require the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat, but the trait granted proficiency under the old rules. Several adventures ago, it was also enchanted, such that it is now a +1 ripsaw glaive.

As I understand the re-writes:

  • I can keep the weapon;
  • I retain proficiency with that specific weapon, by swapping an existing feat (say, Combat Reflexes) for Exotic Weapon Proficiency(ripsaw glaive);
  • since I have enchanted it, it remains a +1 ripsaw glaive;
  • and I lose any bonus to hit granted by the original version of the trait
Alternately, I could say it is now simply a +1 glaive, retaining proficiency automatically (since barbarians are proficient with all martial weapons), keep my existing feats, and instead take one of the other options for the trait (e.g., the +1 trait bonus to AoOs)

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The Arcane Archivist (Su) revelation states:

  • "Your experience with lore-filled
    tomes has granted you the ability to cast arcane spells as
    if they were on your spell list. Once per day, you can cast
    a spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list as if it were on
    your list of spells known. The spell consumes a spell slot
    one level higher than the level of the spell. You must have
    a spellbook containing the spell to cast it in this way, and
    the spell is erased when you complete the casting."

Can "the spell is erased" be clarified? Is it gone for the rest of that day, or gone from the spellbook for good? If the latter, it doesn't seem like that useful of an ability unless you have a wizard on retainer to continue to scribe new spells into a spellbook for you...

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So I just got notice that version 3.0.1 of the guide for organized play is available, and downloaded it. Does anyone have any idea of what is different between the two versions?

Edit: The only thing I can see from skimming it is that the Magus playtest has been added as legal for play...

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So I'm looking to expand my Lore Oracle's spell selection somewhat -- has anyone taken a look at any 3.5 sources and what my be some appropriate spells? She really does try to stay within the concept of lore/divinatory-type spells, though I can flavor text stuff outside that realm (e.g., when she casts hold person, the paralyzation comes from forcing the person to contemplate the many paths available to them; she also has the Tongues curse (Abyssal), so sound burst works for her by directing/focusing the profane sounds of the language into a damaging force)

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OK, so the class feature states:

Advanced Player's Guide wrote:
... Once per day, you can cast a spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list as if it were on your list of spells known. The spell consumes a spell slot one level higher than the level of the spell. You must have a spellbook containing the spell to cast it in this way, and the spell is erased when you complete the casting. ...

So, if I "borrow" my wizard friend's spellbook to do this, is the spell gone for the day on the day that I cast it? Or is it gone permanently? If the latter, this doesn't really seem that useful a feature, as you'd have to have some other character scribing spells into a spellbook for your use, or hoping that your DM throws you an occasional bone in the form of spellbooks in the treasure you find...

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Curious if anyone out there has tried out an oracle with the Bones mystery yet in PFS, and how things have worked out for you.

I have a concept for a halfling refugee from Geb, and I wanted to try and build the concept around the Wasting curse of the oracle class, and that his attacks, etc. are manifestations of the curse, perhaps spreading a bit of his curse, like a disease. It would make more sense if there was a mystery built around disease or pestilence, but Bones seems to be about as close as it gets (barring anything new in the final release of APG).

What I'm running into is perhaps (in my mind) a legacy sentiment against [evil] spells -- for example, contagion -- and the nature of the Bones mystery in general -- lots of summoning/controlling undead, potentially. Other than the prohibition against evil alignments for PCs, I don't see anything that prevents a character from casting such spells, or taking actions built into their class (such as the Bones ability to summon skeletons or zombies).

I don't think the concept I have is out-and-out evil; perhaps I simply need to stay away from all the undead aspects of the mystery, but I'm curious what others may think...