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(#1-12) "Burden of Envy" (inactive)

Swindler, rogue, and occasional Pathfinder ally Guaril Karela has approached the Society with an opportunity that Valais Durant, the leader of the Society's Radiant Oath faction, can't refuse. Guaril has been charging refugees to sneak them out of Xin Edasseril, a city ruled by the Runelord of Envy, and now it looks like Guaril won't be able to fulfill his contracts. Society agents are charged with sneaking into the dangerous city and sneaking out with a handful of its citizens before their absence is noticed so that the Radiant Oath can help them find new lives beyond their current ruler's tyrannical reach.

Slides / Maps > Burden of Envy
Resource > Faction Boons (PDF)
Resource > (GM Numbat's) Org Play PbP intro
Resource > Joining Pathfinder Society: Faction, Training, Network Items, and First Boons
Action Symbols > Single (◆), Double (◆◆), Triple (◆◆◆), Free (◇), Reaction (↺)
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