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Lv15 Witch
Hexes: Cackle, Misfortune
Feats: Spell Perfection, Extend Spell, Persistent spell, Heighten spell
Spells: Suffocation

Witch actions
Round 1: Misfortune (standard action), Cackle (move action)
Round 2: Extended Persistent Heightened Suffocation (standard action), Cackle (move action)
Round 3-27: Chase enemy down (move action), Cackle (move action)

Assume the enemy fails the save for misfortune.
Suffocation grants a fort save to end the spell with a minor penalty. Misfortune makes you roll 2 dice and take the lowest. If the lowest die passes, you've succeeded at a save, so Persistent spell says you must make another save. Misfortune says you roll 2 dice and take the lowest. So you have to roll 4 dice, and have them ALL pass in order to get out of it.

If you fail any of those, you have to make 1 save per round to avoid going to 0hp. Misfortune * persistent makes that 4 saves per round. Normally you'd only have to do that for 3 rounds, but extend pushes that to 6.

End result: 4 saves, fail any of them, make 24 saves or go to 0 hp.

This seems too good to be true for a lv 6 spell with lv 5 saves, or lv 7 spell with lv 6 saves via heighten. Am I misinterpreting something somewhere in there?