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Can't be forgotten...

PC Name: Gazna
Class / Race: 5 Druid / Lizardfolk
Adventure: Hall of Harsh Reflections
Location of Death: Octopus Room
Catalyst: Saw the Octopi and swam away. Not quite fast enough. Pummeled by
all 8 tentecles and dragged below. Death comes swiftly.

PC Name: Allastar
Class: 9th Level Grey Elf Wizard
Adventure: The Champions Belt
Location of Death: Arena Day 5 (Auric's Warband)
Catalyst: Auric flew across the arena directly toward Allastar. Allastar very cleverly attempted to use telekinesis to fling Auric above the 30 foot mark for the quick DQ, but Auric saved. Auric closed and crit with the greatsword. On the following round Auric requested Allastar take a knee to which he was told "Give me your best shot..." Auric did.

PC Name: Meepo the Great
Class: 6th Sorcerer/2nd Dragon Disciple Kobold
Adventure: The Champions Belt
Location of Death: Arena Day 4 (Madtooth)
Catalyst: Meepo cast instead of running when Madtooth approached. Being the smallest bite sized morsel he was improved grabbed with the tounge and swallowed. A fitting death for a sorcerer who uses acid spells... death by stomach acid.

Grey Elf Male Wizard (LG) of Celene is apprentice to "The Smartest Man in Town" and overhears Khellek's Dragonchess Cairn stories and dreams of the riches that lie beyond unfound passages.

Human Male Rogue (NG), the only native of Diamond Lake, is approached by mild aquaintence Grey Elf Wizard with Khellek's stories. Rogue mentions the spooky old Cairn nearly forgotten from his childhood. Can't recall why he hasn't been back...

Wizard knows they may need some "fodder" and arranges for a Dwarf Male Fighter (NG) who is displeased with his assignment to the Greyesmere Company. He had no idea Diamond Lake was such a hell hole when he took the assignment.

Wizard, still not satisfied with the quality of his "fodder" seeks a Wild Elf Male Yeoman (NG) from the Lodge to assist with any survival skills lacking in the foursome.

The foursome arranges to meet at the abandon Mine Office (as it is near the Cairn) and discover a Kobold Male Sorcerer, and future Dragon Disciple (NG) has run away from the Emporium. He proclaims He isn't a side show freak. He is a decendent of Dragons! He won't return to a life of servitude.