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The text concerning a spiritualist's phantom fully manifested in incorporeal form states it "can't attack corporeal creatures, except to deliver touch-attack spells using the deliver touch spell ability." The text also states that "Fully manifested phantoms can wear armor and use items (though not wield weapons) appropriate to their forms." (Note that "wear armor and" is contradicted by later text and has been acknowledged as a mistake.)

My preferred interpretation is that the spiritualist should be able to give the phantom an Amulet of Mighty Fists enchanted with the Ghost Touch special ability to allow it to make its slam attacks against corporeal creatures. I'm not confident of that interpretation, though, because I'm not certain whether Ghost Touch overrides "can't attack corporeal creatures" or vice versa. Thoughts?

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Entryhazard wrote:

A Cleric with a divine scroll of spell Z can only use it without UMD if it's a Cleric spell or if it is a Domain spell of his.

So if he gets a divine scroll of Fireball, regardless who wrote it, he can only cast it if one of his Domains has Fireball as a domain spell (that is only the Fire Domain among the Paizo ones)

Nope. There is nothing that says domain spells are added to the cleric spell list. Bizarrely, this means that a cleric with the Fire domain and Scribe Scroll feat can create a scroll of Fireball she can't use (without UMD), but that's how the rules (item creation, item usage, and cleric domains) are written.

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All of the Focus Powers for Occultist implement schools seem to be spell-like abilities, which provoke attacks of opportunity. Side Step, from the Conjuration school, specifically states that it is *part* of a move action and that passing through the fissure does not provoke attacks of opportunity. If the occultist is in a square threatened by an enemy, can she use Side Step to move a bunch of squares away without casting defensively or provoking attacks of opportunity, or does it just mean that once Side Step is cast the occultist can then move through it without provoking further attacks?

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I'm trying to work out whether this bends the rules to the point of breaking or whether it is a legitimate build. Here are the problems I see:

  • Enervation couldn't be used with Spellstrike since it is a ray (ranged touch) rather than melee touch.
  • A Magus couldn't activate a wand of Enervation since it isn't on the Magus spell list.
  • Even if the Magus could activate the wand (e.g. with Use Magic Device) it couldn't be used with Spellstrike since it isn't on the Magus spell list.

The first problem is easily solved by taking the Close Range arcana. I think the second problem can be solved by taking the Spell Blending arcana, based on similarity to this post by SKR. I am not sure whether that also solves the third problem, but I think it should. (And yes, I'm aware that if this does work then the Wand Wielder arcana would let me do it as an additional strike in a full round attack.) Can anyone confirm/deny that this should work?


I expect it will be obvious why I want to do this, but just in case it isn't: The whole concept is built around making the strike with a keen rapier and having a good chance of a critical (30% threat). 1d4 negative levels is nice, but 2d4 (or is it 1d4 x 2?) is even nicer. Does anyone claim that this is a bad idea or won't work?

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Claxon wrote:

Magic missile does specifically say:

The missile strikes unerringly, even if the target is in melee combat, so long as it has less than total cover or total concealment. Specific parts of a creature can't be singled out. Objects are not damaged by the spell.

Which does sort of indirectly state that you couldn't use it to deal precision damage, which Sneak Attack is the most common example of.

The concept of Sneak Attack is even more abstract when you add in the Scout archetype. You couldn't use a spell with the Skirmisher class feature, since it specifies an attack action (which precludes a spell or even a wand) rather than just an attack, but it does Sneak Attack damage on a hit if the Rogue moves at least 10 feet first and the target does not have Uncanny Dodge. There's nothing about it being precision or catching the target unawares or even off balance. Move 10 feet, do extra damage, period.

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I'm comfortable with my item (Vest of Aerial Perspective) not being up to snuff, but I was really hoping I'd be able to see the judges' feedback on it. My profile cryptically claims that I have one more messageboard post than can actually be found, implying that it is hidden even from me. Is there any way to get at it?

Among other things, I tweaked wording as I entered it into the submission form, so I don't have a copy of what I actually submitted anywhere.