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Has anyone else found another resource for this?

Steev42 wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
Hey, Steev, have you already converted Crown of Fangs? :p

Curse me for not paying attention.

Yes, I have. (Actually just re-did one of the creatures today). My group has just finished Castle Korvosa, and is moving onwards...

I'll try to remember to upload it tonight or sometime tomorrow.

I'm in the same boat. About to start GMing CotCT next month, and either need to get things converted or have my PC's use a 15 point buy to tone them down a bit.

Also, you can find quite a few things already converted at There is actually a whole section devoted to the adventure paths.

Here:d20pfsrd adventure paths.

I did just notice one more wrinkle. It looks like CotCT references monsters in the Monster Manual which I do not own, rather than the beastiary which I do own. If I use similar monsters from the beastiary won't they be stronger than what is in the MM?

Ok. So it sounds like it might make my life easier to go with a 15 point buy. I'm hoping that would let me use the materials as published without making a whole bunch of adjustments. And then if its way too easy re-adjust the PC's.

Either that or do a 20 point buy, then use the converted NPC's to help balance out PC's that might be a little too strong.

I really appreciate the help guys, thank you. Let me know if you happen to think of anything else.

Hey Guys,

This is my first post so forgive me if this has already been addressed.

I am a new GM about to run Curse of the Crimson Throne. Is there a recommended amount of points (high fantasy, etc.) that I should let my PCs have to generate their characters with point buy? What works best with the published adventure paths in general?