Activation Cube

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We have such sights to show you.

Within the smallest Anaxian's chest, a clattering of gears moved. It activated a simple scroll, attaching a spell to the invisible ring.

Dimensional Anchor, cast from scroll, on the binding ring.

If there was anyone well suited to having complicated conversations while in the middle of stressful combat, it was Anaxian. He simply shuffled the conversation off onto his autonomous spirit-duplicates.

Telepathic broadcast
Now is not the ideal time for my analysis. I have only two minds able to focus on your idea rather than my full compliment. However, I can say that your plan has merit. I have three thoughts.

The first would be liberal use of Symbol spells and their like, placed on one face of the bricks. When the right stimulus was given, the bricks could turn themselves to reveal or hide the symbols.

Second, constructing them out of Adamantine, Cold Iron or Silver would increase their versatility as weapons.

Third, there is a type of construct originally developed by the mage-kings of ancient Thassilon called a Rune Guardian. They are relatively inexpensive, autonomous, and designed to work together as part of a collective. The bricks could be made in such a way to house a Rune Guardian, wearing them essentially like armor.

A fifth voice added to the chorus from the mind of the smaller dragon, this one causing a flare of green energies from the little dragon's eyes and running along the usually hidden runes and tattoos tracing his skin. This Anaxian sounded like a fast monotone, almost a series of clicks rather than words. It hummed with life but was completely devoid of emotion or artistic flare. It was as if someone had replaced Anaxian with a very energetic golem.

"Five points of view."