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Feel free to dot in gameplay to get the game to show up on your games feed...

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Welcome to the Ironfang Invasion discussion...

I am recruiting to fill out a party for an Ironfang Invasion PbP I will be running for three RL friends. As such, this game will use more of the common house rules that we use in face-to-face play than I usually include. Further, we will be playtesting a custom class, the bladesinger.

You can find the current list of included house rules here, as well as the Irongfang Invasion Player's Guide and the work-in-progress Bladesinger.

Please check the house rules document before asking questions.

Existing Characters:
  • Grippli Monk
  • Elven Bladesinger
  • Human Cavalier(Drake Rider)
  • General Guidelines:
  • Be able to post frequently. I will strive for a minimum of 1 post a day for myself during the week. I will expect less on weekends and holidays, but I do still want to keep things moving. We're gonna be in this for the long-haul, and I would like to make it through book one in less than 12 months.

  • In the interest of keeping things moving, during combat I will give 24 hours for a player to post when it is their turn. If you have not posted, I will bot your character's actions in what is, to my interpretation, an action beneficial to the goals of the group.

  • Bad formatting and grammar loses you points.

  • Bad formatting and grammar loses you points.

  • Bad formatting and grammar loses you points.

    Yes, I put that in here three times on purpose. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. Obviously I am more forgiving with people for whom English is not their primary language.

  • Have fun. Seriously. If you're not having fun, I'm not doing my job as a GM and you are not doing your job as a player. If problems arise, bring them to me before they bring you to the table-flip-and-ragequit stage of our relationship.

  • You will need to have an account with That is where we will be hosting maps. The account is free.
  • Character Guidelines:
  • Please read the house rules document here.

  • Max gold for your class to start.

  • Try to avoid 3pp content please. If you simply must ask for something, you may. But as with the playtest mentioned above, I will adjust the 3pp content if it is unbalanced.

  • No Evil alignments. Ironfang Invasion is something of a return to the archetypal adventure where the good guys overcome evil. Play a character than can be motivated by "the Right thing" at least on some level.

  • Item creation feats are allowed. But, so help me, if it is abused I will end it.

  • No templates, score adjustments due to age, ect.

  • I do not like optimization for the sake of optimizing. Don't do it. Powerful characters are fun, hench my attribute array, but don't be Pun-Pun.

  • Core and featured races, as grouped on are allowed. I am probably willing to accept nearly any race so long as it's justifiable and not overpowered or obviously an example of the previous bullet point. If you don't think you can justify it to me, then pick something else.

  • Give your character some background. Describe her personality. Tell me about his quirks and habits. It does not have to be a novel, but enough to pique my interests. In particular, tell me why he is in Phaendar.
  • Recruitment closes on May 17 at 2359 GMT, or 1859 CST. (a.k.a. 6:59PM)
    Recruitment deadline subject to change.

    I look forward to your questions and excellent submissions.


    Male I am a meat Popsicle

    Welcome Everyone!

    Male I am a meat Popsicle

    Welcome to you all. I am looking forward to playing with you. I will get the gameplay up and get started by tomorrow.

    We are starting the thing! Yay!

    Were Katapesh as bleak and barren as tales of its trackless plains and vast deserts suggest, there would be little opportunity for adventurous spirits to take up arms and seek fame amid such merciless wilds. As any Solku guardsman or Katapeshi trader can relate, such is not the case. Gnolls, rocs, and beasts of legend from the Brazen Peaks prey upon the unwitting residents of the central veldt, and in the cities stalk beings from ancient lore and countless strange lands. Katapesh is a land of mystery and menace, yet there is no end to the number of brave souls who rise to confront such dangers.

    This will be part one of the Legacy of Fire using Pathfinder rules.

  • Level 1
  • Max HP at all levels. Expect the enemies and allies to also have max HP.
  • Since I hate point buy, I will be assigning an ability score array. Arrange them as you see fit, then apply your racial modifiers. 18, 16, 14, 12, 12, 10. (I realize these are much better than a 25 point buy)
  • 2 skill points per level for background skills. These must be a profession, craft, or knowledge skill.
  • Two traits plus one campaign trait.
  • Only core or featured races. (as defined on the D20PFSRD website)
  • Classes: All Paizo. No 3PP.

    Please look at my profile for additional information.

    Good luck!

  • I am toying with the idea of using a hex map for a game I run rather than a square grid. Anyone have any advice or useful likes etc?

    Secondly, I see many many references to the AM BARBARIAN on the forums, and it seems that everyone else knows what this is. Please help me be un-confused.


    A few questions that came up in my group last night.

    1) can Acrobatics be used to stand up from prone without provoking an attack of opportunity?

    2) can Trip be used to unseat a mounted enemy?

    3) the mounted combat section covers how to fight while mounted very well, but we could find very little information on what a character can do against a mounted enemy. where is this information?