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Full Name

Alonso Gallonica


Init +8 | HP 101/101 | AC16 T12, FF14 | Fort +12, Ref +10, Will +13, Dwarf +2 | CMD 15 | Perception+25, Sense Motive +20


MA, Overland Flight, Heroism
Acid Dart 11|11, PoP 2/2, Arcane Bond Unused, Dimensional Steps 330|330, Reroll: Used
| Conditions:


LN Male Dwarf Wizard (Conjurer) 11

About Alonso Gallonica

Alonso is a member of the Gallonica Trading House and one of the few Dwarf Wizards to be found pretty much anywhere. He travels the world looking for new opportunities and learning as much new magic as he can get his over eager hands on. Generally reserved, standoffish and even considered rude by some he prefers the company of other scholars who know how to keep their mouths shut but when pressed he can step up and smooth talk his way out of trouble.