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About Aliana Do'Erren

Name: Aliana Do'Erren
Female Half-Elf
Monk (Zen Archer) (1)
Alignment: LN
Age: 22
Speed: 30 ft.
Init: +2 - HPs: 9 - AC: 16
Senses: Perception: +10; Sense Motive:+8
Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan

XP: 2100



Name: Aliana Do’Erren

Description: You see a fair young woman who seems to have more than a little elven blood. Her slender figure moves easily and comfortably as she goes purposefully about her business. With a toss of her head she swings her light brown hair out of her face and you see a delightful pair of green eyes looking at you. She strokes the last few silky hairs out of her face and you see that beneath her bright eyes is a wonderful collection of freckles, neither so many as to be distracting nor so few as to be blemishes, but just sprinkled nicely over her pert nose.

Aliana has light brown hair and the green eyes of her mother’s people. She is fairly short, standing about 5’1. She was given her father’s freckles, but happily not his prominent nose. In her figure she takes after her mother, being (to her way of thinking) sadly willowy rather than curvaceous.

Background: Aliana was born to a wandering elven minstrel who consented to stay with her father for a time after his first wife’s death. His being of a noble, if minor house, the dalliance was quite the scandal of the day. He had not planned on getting a child on her, but the headstrong elven woman was set on making the choice. She stayed only until Aliana was weaned however, and the girl has no real memories of her, save the stories told by her father.

Aliana has an elder half-brother named Caleth whom she adores and always looked up to and strove to emulate, much to her overprotective father’s chagrin. Her brother, you see was a warrior, a knight in service to the local Lord. In her youth, Aliana would spend hours watching him train – and then practicing on her own and later with local youths with stick swords.

After the third incident of showing up at the house dirty and bruised, her exasperated father threw up his hands and forbad the slip of the girl from any more of her ‘indecent scraps’. Dismayed, Aliana rushed to her room, locked the door and cried herself out.

Something in her father must have relented however, for it was a week later, in the late afternoon when Master Yojin arrived and presented himself to her, stick in hand.

“So the little bird wishes to fight like as man, yes?” He tossed the cane to Aliana, who barely caught it. The strange little man with the accent smiled, just a faint upturn in the corners of his mouth “Then attack!”

After standing confused and bewildered for a moment, Aliana gave a roar and charged, her weapon swinging again and again, only to meet empty air as Yojin deftly turned his body just enough to evade the wild pendulum of the girl’s attacks. Again and again she swung, the man seeming to stay just out of reach! She was getting frustrated and angry now, and redoubled her efforts, reaching back to wallop the man good when suddenly she was airborne, her feet unaccountably horizontal in the air. Her breath left her in a rush as she hit the floor. Yojin simply stood there, unflappable with his back to her and looking out over the town from the balcony as if nothing had happened.

“A bird is not an ox. If it fights like an ox, it will lose. The bird wishes to fight, then it must learn to use its body as a bird will, not anything else. To its own self it must look for strength.” The man turned and gave her a bow. “Be here at dawn on the morrow, if you wish to learn to be as a bird.”

At dawn that morning, she met him… and the dawn after and the dawn after. He taught her weapons, he taught her to defend herself with her hands, the pressure points that would make a much larger foe helpless. He taught her other things too; Inner strength, beauty, an appreciation for life, tenants of the Ways of Irori.

As the months and years went by and the child grew into an adolescent and finally into a young woman, her interests broadened and grew in other directions, but still she kept to lessons with Yojin. She learned much from him, but the martial activity that brought her the most joy and pleasure was archery. Of all that the master taught her, it was the bow that seemed most alive in her hands. Yojin said that it called to her. That the arrows flew and dove through the air as her little talons.

A couple years ago, her brother Caleth left to join the Lord’s service, most recently sent to the stolen lands on some quest. He would send letters regularly to Aliana and her father, but those letters ceased some months ago. Fearing the worse, Aliana has for the first time in her life decided to break the rules. She gathered her things in secret, snuck from the family estates at night, and plans to answer the call to the Stolen Lands, hoping to find some clue as to the fate of her brother there.

Personality: Aliana is something of a perfectionist. She dislikes chaos and disorder, finding it uncomfortable and contrary to the comfortable, ordered life she has been accustomed to. She also has a dislike for anything that is sloppy or grungy. She respects excellence and would likely admire anyone who is an expert in their field.

She has a great appreciation for the beautiful. She loves fine things, including dance and art, and claims that life is too short to waste it on bad food or drink.

Aliana is attracted to both culture and fighting excellence as an art-form . While she thinks and feels deeply, she can be reserved, having been taught by Yojin to observe and to control her emotions, to think before acting. As a result, it can take her a while to warm to others, but once she does, she is profoundly loyal.


Ability Scores:

Str 12 (+1)
Dex 14 (+2)
Con 13 (+1)
Int 12 (+1)
Wis 18 (+4)
Cha 13 (+1)

Combat Abilities

Character Defenses:
AC: 17 (10 +4 Wis, +2 Dex +1 dodge)

Fort Save: +4 (+3 Base, +1 Con)
Ref Save: +5 (+3 Base, +2 Dex)
Will Save: +7 (+3 Base, +4 Wis)


[b]Base Melee Attack: +2
(+1 BaB +1 str)
Base Ranged Attack: +3 (+1 BaB +2 dex)
Flurry of Blows (ranged): +2 (+0 BaB +2 dex)

MW Comp Longbow (+1Str): +4 (WF) (1d8+1) x3 (P)
Spear: +2 (1d8+1) x3 (P)
Nunchaku: +2 (1d6+1) x2 (B); disarm
Handaxe: +2 (1d6+1) x3 (S)
Dagger: +2 (1d4+1) 19-20 x2 10 ft. (P/S)

CMB +2 ( 1 bab +1 Str +0 size)
CMD 14 (1 BaB +1 Str +2 Dex +0 size)

Skills & Feats

Acrobatics +9 (2, +4 Wis*trait*, +3 Class Skill)
Appraise +
Bluff +1
Climb +5 (1 +1 Str, +3 Class Skill)
Craft N
Diplomacy +5 (1, +1 Cha, +3 Feat)
Disable Device N
Disguise +1
Escape Artist +2
Handle Animal N
Heal +4
Intimidate +1
Knowledge (Religion) +5 (1, +1 Int, +3 Class Skill)
Perception +11 (2 +4 Wis +3 Class Skill, +2 Racial)
Perform +
Profession N
Ride +2
Sense Motive +8 (1 +4 Wis, +3 Class Skill)
Sleight of Hand +2
Stealth +7 (2 +2 Dex, +3 Class Skill)
Survival +4
Swim +1


Racial: Skill Focus: Diplomacy
1st lvl: Point Blank Shot
Class Bonus: Precise Shot
Zen Archer Bonus: Perfect Strike
Weapon Focus: Longbow (Monk class feature)
Zen Archer Bonus: Dodge


Rich Parents
Wisdom in the Flesh

Class Features
Monk Class Abilities:

Flurry of Blows:
Starting at 1st level, a zen archer
can make a flurry of blows as a full-attack action, but only
when using a bow (even though it is a ranged weapon).
He may not make a f lurry of blows with his unarmed
attacks or any other weapons. A zen archer does not apply
his Strength bonus on damage rolls made with flurry of
blows unless he is using a composite bow with a Strength
rating. A zen archer’s flurry of blows otherwise functions
as normal for a monk of his level.
A zen archer cannot use Rapid Shot or Manyshot when
making a flurry of blows with his bow.

AC Bonus:
When unarmored and unencumbered,
the monk adds his Wisdom bonus (if any) to his AC and his
CMD. In addition, a monk gains a +1 bonus to AC and CMD
at 4th level. This bonus increases by 1 for every four monk
levels thereafter, up to a maximum of +5 at 20th level.
These bonuses to AC apply even against touch attacks
or when the monk is f lat-footed. He loses these bonuses
when he is immobilized or helpless, when he wears any
armor, when he carries a shield, or when he carries a medium or heavy load.

Unarmed Strike::
At 1st level, a monk gains Improved
Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A monk’s attacks may be
with fist, elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a monk
may make unarmed strikes with his hands full. There is
no such thing as an off-hand attack for a monk striking
unarmed. A monk may thus apply his full Strength bonus
on damage rolls for all his unarmed strikes.
Usually a monk’s unarmed strikes deal lethal damage,
but he can choose to deal nonlethal damage instead with
no penalty on his attack roll. He has the same choice to
deal lethal or nonlethal damage while grappling.
A monk’s unarmed strike is treated as both a
manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the
purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve
either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.


Funds: 72 gold

Worn or Carried:

Comp Longbow (MW+1Str)(3 lbs) (Back)
Arrows (40) (6 lbs) (Back)
Nunchaku (2 lbs) (Belt)
Handaxe (3 lbs) (Belt)
Dagger (1 lbs) (Sheathed on left leg)

Signet Ring
Monk's Outfit
Beltpouch: Compass, Potions - 1 stabilize & 1 Cure light



Backpack (2 lbs)
Flint & steel
Manacles (2 lbs)
50 ft Rope, silk (5 lbs)
Sealing Wax
Rations x5 (5 lbs)

Light Warhorse:

Saddle (riding) / Bit / Tack
Arrows (40)
Packs containing Traveler's & Noble Outfits
Feed for horse
Lantern (bullseye)
Rations x5
Shovel /Spade
Grappling Hook
Sealing Wax
Waterskin x2
Bottle of wine
Hunk of bread & Cheese
Journal book (assumed 15 gold - same price as an empty spellbook)

Total weight carried on person: 37 lb - light load = 43 lbs