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Spiral_Ninja wrote:

Oh, and Alex, take comfort in this: it's all a waste on their part: they're trying to up their Google hit count on legit sites for the various websites they're posting, however...according to out hardworking It/mods, Paizo blocks Google's count-bot for just that purpose.

No matter how much they fill and contaminate our boards, they get nothing out of it.

Do they know that though?

Y'know, I'm not sure that that doesn't make it worse, that its just getting in our way for no purpose.

Back to Flagging.

I just logged on to have a look, there are over 700 spam posts in General discussion in the last 5 hrs.

What have we poor gamers done to deserve this?

Is there a human detector on the new registration, images or questions to stop them getting an account in the first place?

Spiral_Ninja wrote:


There's so many of them I can't remember which ones I've already flagged until I pull them up!

I hide them as I flag.

BTW, Is there a counter of how many posts we've flagged?

So, I was wondering, how would I go about pricing up a longbow with a permanent Gravity Bow effect on it? How about with lets say three or five uses per day?



Hi all, couldn't find this mentioned anywhere so I'll ask.

How should I handle long term i.e. several months of downtime?

Im planning a Kingmaker style campaign using the Ultimate Campaign kingdom building rules, and I was looking at the downtime rules, and it seemed to me that they dont make any sense for long periods of time.

The numbe of rolls required, should a PC spend, say six months running their business, seems to be excessive, and multiply it by five or six PCs, and you are getting silly.

I want the PCs to be working on their private projects, so has anyone got any shortcuts?



First, many thanks for the awesome work on the sheet, it's saved many hours with paper, pen and calculator.

Second, I'm not sure that I'm reading the UC rules correctly, but I think that the Kingdom should start with a base Fame (Or Infamy) of 1 (pg.231, paragraph marked starting values.) I put the figure in manually, and it maybe that you know of this and couldn't figure out a way to enter it correctly, because of the player choice between fame and infamy, but I thought I would mention it.

Thanks again, and as I will also be at the UK Games Expo (Working at the Mayfair Games stand), should I get the chance, I'll buy you a drink or two to thank you for your time and effort.

Alex H.

So, when an eight armed creature with multi weapon fighting is grappled, how many attacks can it make? Grappled says you can't take any action that requires two hands, which suggests at least one hand is out of action, but with seven more arms(and weapons) can it make its normal attacks, half its attacks, or one attack.


Alex H.

Hi all,

looking for some Aadvice,

I'm running Shackled Hut at the moment, and they are just about to enter the Market Square at the end.

Im a bit concerned about how to introduce new characters into the party, should anybody die in the forest(or indeed later). So far I've been able to sort it out, with a cousin of Nadja's turning up after a Pale Tower death, and with some Milani rebels, following the Howlings.

It seems to me that after the party get the hut and go to part 3, anyone they meet will have little or no connection to the party, or the problem that they are trying to fix.

This also leads onto another question, what should I do to keep the party moving, if none of the characters who met the black rider have survived.



Ok, so this is from memory, as I don't the bestiary in from of me, but Lycanthropes gain the special abilities of the creature (in my case a leopard) so I can see that I would get the special attacks (Pounce and rake) But do I get the feats as well (Weapon finese in particular)?