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Love Tre's sculpts! Everyone needs to jump in on this KS and help unlock ALL the awesome. :D

4 Days left, new pledge levels called "Insider" for ALL figures + game + a bunch of extra special stuff.

Time to back now if you haven't already. It's 774% over funding and may very well hit 1,000% by the time it's done.

Currently 17 days left to get in on this great campaign. A few days ago a new pledge level was added for £235 called "The Full English" which gives a lot of options for different figures and sizes. It'll probably break the £58k mark sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning, which will unlock even more stretch goals!

Kirrand wrote:
I am now also working on a Duelist for a game. I would like to point out you might want a better wisdom since sense motive is a prerequisite for the prestige class.

The original postings were from May 2011, so you are over 3 years late for your advice :)

Launched just last week, only 23 days to go as of this posting. This is a really cool Steampunk skirmish game with high quality paintable resin figures!

Here's the information and here's the link to the kickstarter!

An action-packed skirmish game and range of steampunk miniatures. Join the revolution and battle across an alternate Victorian London!

A skirmish game with playing-card-controlled skill management and opposed-dice combat creating strategic, hybrid gameplay.
A range of intricately detailed, resin-cast, 32mm scale miniatures. Many Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke characters are based on famous individuals from literature and history, but given a steampunk twist.

An alternate Victorian London in turmoil through the development of advanced new technology. The city is packed with intriguing stories, fascinating characters and a deep history, making for a rich steampunk setting.

By backing and sharing this Kickstarter you can:

Grab yourself a fine haul of beautiful, high-quality miniatures at a reduced price.

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Get backer-exclusive early access to the living rulebook, from its alpha phase onward.

Provide feedback and suggestions on any of the rules, skills and stats, or simply enjoy playing the game before anyone else!

Get the Kickstarter exclusive miniature - Nikola Tesla - only available through this campaign!

If you want to know more, here's two hours of me gibbering on about Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke!

With the £10,000 goal target thoroughly smashed, the campaign has been unlocking stretch goals. You can see the completed stretch goals in the list below and check out more details in the campaign's updates or the various pledge images above.

If the campaign manages to go past £40k everyone pledging at Massacre or above will get a free Kickstarter Exclusive Nikola Tesla miniature.

New update with only 5 days remaining on this awesome kickstarter!

Currently all of the Craven are unlocked and 3 out of the 4 heroes are unlocked, next stretch goal is less than $2k away now and this will unlock the last Hero (Craven Heroine).

The Limited Edition Resin sculpts only available for this kickstarter are for the 4 heroes and can be added to any pledge level for $20 each (metal are $8 each).

Less than 70 hours remain in this Kickstarter for Albion's Legacy which is an Arthurian Legends board game and contains paintable metal miniatures.

They are fully funded and moving towards some awesome stretch goals.

Very US & European friendly with no customs fees and favorable exchange rates as it's a Canadian company who is doing it.

Better get on it quick before it's too late!

The 3 Craven have been UNLOCKED!

Third Hero "Bloody Garm" is less than $1.4k away from being unlocked and Tre just announced he's currently sculpting a 4th Hero, A female Craven called "Valda the BlackHearted."

Also announced is that he will be doing a Limited Edition pledge level of the 4 Heroes in Resin, he's currently getting the financials worked out to let us know what the pledge amount will be to get those.

Only 10 days to go now.

Down to the last day, less than 23 hours to go, these are some really nice figures with astounding details. Less than $2k from their Witch stretch goal unlock!

Yep, he's making it a smaller KS to get quality figures out in the hands of his supporters. Learned a lot from his first couple of ventures. He's a good guy and does amazing work so I'm supporting this one as well.

As of writing this, the kickstarter is less than $900 away from hitting its 3rd stretch goal "the Craven" which are going to be awesome.

13 days to go!

Only 48 hours to go, don't miss out guys and gals! These will make some really great pieces on your gaming mats, resin has amazing detail and is really fun to paint.

Has blown through the Stretch goal for Hero #2, Tre is now working on "the Craven" and they look awesome so far. Less than $3k to unlock this stretch goal!

4 Days left to get on some awesome resin RPG figures!

Breaking News:

New Partnership, New Stretch Goals! Arthurian Legends from Albion's Legacy!

We have excellent news! We have worked out an agreement with fellow Canadians and producers of the Albion's Legacy Kickstarter to create new miniatures for their awesome boxed game. In an initiative to work together, reduce costs and help boost each others campaigns, we will be offering them as stretch goals in our campaign as well.

Since we are sculpting them, I hope that you can see the effort we put into matching the concept art(as seen on our witch update). We are very good at carrying forward the quality of concept art!

This will help add more 30mm miniatures you can swap in, in addition we will provide these minis(cast in metal) at a reduced rate of $10/ea, the 4 together for $28, or all 8(if unlocked) for $54.

As Albion's Legacy is absorbing some of the cost, it allows us to introduce these sooner without financial consequences, and as they will be produced in metal, in higher volume, we can afford a lower price as well!

As a part of our campaign, they can be switched in and out of your pledge as a normal 30mm miniature, and will also be available as free add-ons if we can hit more stretch goals!

Down to only 6 days left. They are going to be releasing some new stretch goal stuff and new figures very soon.

Better get in on it before it's too late!

Off to a great start in 2 days! Already blew through the first stretch goal to be able to do an add-on hero, the second add-on stretch goal is less than $300 away. Come get you some awesome figures!

He's a really good sculptor and a great guy. I'm happy to help him out and back his projects.

I figured I'd share another sweet kickstarter that just went live today.

There's a new Kickstarter for white metal figures by Red Box Games with some really cool barbarian figures that have interchangeable parts and very achievable goals to unlock some awesome heroes.

Here's what it says:

Please help Red Box Games to fund the production of a new set of Fantasy Barbarian hordesmen and their Powerful Heroes!

This is to fund the production of these new Helsvakt hordesmen figures. These figures will be produced in high quality white metal by a very reliable and tested production partner with a proven track record for great castings and reliable delivery.

The figures I intend to offer for funding are the semi modular HelsVakt Hordesmen and two hero figures. The Hordesmen set includes 6 bodies fitted for universally interchangeable heads ( 1 sprue of 6 options ), right hands with weapons ( 2 sprues of 3 options ) and left side shields ( 2 sprues of 3 options) and 6 25 mm round bases.

8 Days left to get in on this awesome kickstarter with fantastic resin figures!

Minx Studio is running a Kickstarter that I hopped on real quick, it's got limited numbers for an Adventure Pack of figures which currently has 6 figures in it for only $95 CAD (with exchange rates it is about $87 US Dollars) and will continue to grow as things unlock. They are also selling an amazing Minotaur separately (only 23 left as I'm writing this) that comes with the Adventure Pack.

There's only 12 days left, as I post this, to get in on this (it ends on Wednesday, June 11, 2014) crazy cool Kickstarter.

Anyhow, it's a great deal for high quality resin figures to expand your collection and there are different tiers to be able to buy in and get the figures.

Here's what they have to say about it:

Wizards, Warriors, Pirates, Paladins, Minotaurs and more. Versatile Resin Fantasy miniatures for your tabletop wargames and RPGs!

Versatile, Paintable and Just Plain Simple!

Designed to fit in with a wider variety of games, universes and roles, our miniatures use general themes present in all fantasy realms.

Having painted armies and competition miniatures for years, we believe the painting experience improves greatly with simpler designs. Miniatures focusing on stronger posing, fabrics and shapes allow the painter to paint more freely and explore more advanced methods more easily.

High-Detail sculptures look great in photos, but the extra detail can add considerably to painting time, and really complicate colour selection.

We want you to feel comfortable building, painting and playing with our products and not just have them sitting on your shelf staring at you, complaining about how crowded its getting, that the orc next to them smells, or that the ogre beat them and stole their treasure, again!

Parties can have neutral/good and 1 evil who is hiding his motives or is perhaps lawful evil and has given their word to not hinder the party, but with this particular party make-up a LG paladin will die most horribly as the others sit back and laugh at him.

Your paladin making friend is being a complete Richard. Normally I like some intraparty intrigue, but this is head and shoulders above any kind of intrigue he's going to either fall hard or there will be death from PvP as the evil character kill off his paladin. Really a stupid move on his part. He should have gone with an AntiPaladin or maybe even a LE Hellknight if he wants something of that flavor.

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The black raven wrote:

From the perspective of the PCs, they were up against an unknown number of invisible enemies, they did kill one pretty easily but just could not reach the others (in fact could not even detect them and apparently did not hurt them). It would stand to reason that they felt overwhelmed and that this was all a trap encounter that they had zero chance to win. Especially since they had no reason to believe that all of their attackers were similar to the one they killed, quite the opposite.

You know that it was not so because you are the GM and you know the truth of the encounter. The players do not. And the PCs even less.

I play and GM so I have to disagree with you here.

The problem arises when players think that they should know everything about anything that they fight. The game doesn't always work like. Sure they may have felt overwhelmed not knowing how many invisible creatures they were facing, but that's precisely the point. There are times players can brute force bust faces and times when they have to be more tactical and know when to back off and come back another day to play.

When I GM I tell my players up front that there are areas in the world where they can get TPK'd pretty easily such as them knowing the location of an ancient red dragon that has been on a rampage. They can choose to try their luck at any time, but they know they will die unless they are prepared.

The problem here is that with this level of encounter players know enough about the world to be more prepared to face invisible foes. The fault does not lie with the GM and the game he has prepared, it moves into the players' corner and them going in with enough spells or not even having something as simple flour to toss out on the ground.

Read the first couple of posts, but my 2 coppers is that your player needs to grow up. That's a very immature way of looking at this encounter. Nobody died, it wasn't a TPK and just because he wasn't the star of the show the first time around doesn't make it an unfair encounter. You played it perfectly with your hit and run tactics against a party that SHOULD have been better prepared for invisible creatures, especially at their level.

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Ssalarn wrote:

Inquisitor is an incredibly solid class, but broken isn't a word I would use to describe it. Inquisitor is nice because it was built solidly enough that a player can explore a lot of different aspects of the game while playing, and has a certain buffer protecting them from making too many mistakes; compare that to a monk who can go really wrong, really fast with just a few bad choices.

I've never seen someone roll up to a table and say "Hey, tonight I'm playing an Inquisitor!" and have the statement received with anything other than acceptance, which I think speaks pretty well of the class. I'm of the opinion that the Inquisitor is one of the most mechanically "perfect" classes out there, able to shape to fit a variety of party rolls, perfectly self-sufficient, and with some good options for contributing to party resources. I think the fact that it's comparatively hard to screw up and very easy to customize/optimize to fit a number of combat and social roles can create this "Isn't that class too strong?" impression; when you see the same class represented as a rampaging rage-priest of Gorum, a mage-slaying pistol wielder, and a Repeating Crossbow wielding sniper the range of the class can seem really potent. And it is, but it's not like you're all of those things at once. And it won't be unseating any other class from their preferred niche (i.e. unlikely to out-tank a Fighter, out-damage a Barbarian, out-heal/buff a cleric, or even out-skill a Rogue) or ruining any games, or detracting from anyone else's fun, or even touching a 9-level progression caster in how thoroughly they can subvert a campaign's intended plot, so definitely not broken.

Quoted for absolute truth. I could not have said it any better.

Actually with the Noble Scion PrC you get:

Greater Leadership (Ex)

At 2nd level, a noble scion gains the Leadership feat as a bonus feat. He can recruit a cohort up to one level lower than himself. At 10th level, he can recruit a cohort of the same level as himself.

Servitor (Ex)

At 7th level, a noble scion gains a faithful NPC servitor of the same level as his cohort granted by the Leadership feat. This servitor can only have levels in NPC classes and comes equipped with gear appropriate for a character 1 level lower than the servitor's actual level. The servitor does not follow the noble scion as would a cohort or follower, but instead can run various errands for his master while the noble scion is adventuring, such as delivering messages or maintaining the scion's manor in his stead.

What I'd say is that he has a slight green or grey tint to his skin naturally, maybe his ears are a little bit pointed and he's got a bigger build than a normal human. The reason to take the feat is to DISGUISE himself as a full human by using make-up, hats, and clothing to hide that he's a half-orc. Otherwise there is definitely something that others recognize in him that tips them off to his mixed heritage.

Spastic Puma wrote:

Here's the situation: I'm running Kingmaker right now and we're starting the third book. The players are level 7. The party is...

-A Fire/Healing Cleric of Sarenrae (Queen of the kingdom)
-An Inquisitor of Gorum who wields a spiked chain
-An Aquatic bloodline Sorcerer
-A bow-wielding Ranger

And one cranestyle monk that makes my job as GM quite challenging.

You see, I've always considered myself pretty good at encounter balance. But this monk is a huge problem when it comes to keeping the game challenging and fun. Behold my dilemma:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

I haven't read though the entire thread, but I still want to give my 2 coppers here.

The problem here isn't the "OP MONK" it's your thinking that he's OP. Now before you get offended let me explain why I say this.

First off the only thing this PC is good for is being a punching bag, he is all bark without any bite whatsoever. You as the GM need to think up other things that will challenge him. Examples are things like introducing high AC minions into the game that do static damage and only have 1 hit point, have them run around keeping the monk occupied while the other members of the party deal with the real threats. Ignore him completely as he doesn't have any real power behind his hits so everyone will just sit there and laugh at him as he flails about and spins about like a ballerina. Use skill challenges that work against his weaker areas that he isn't trained in, use snipers and sharp shooters to target him from afar. Go after his Touch AC instead of his normal AC, things that deny his dexterity bonus and make him flat footed. Use invisible foes.

The point is, YOU need to think outside the box here my friend. You are the one in control of the game world and it is up to you to become a better GM and challenge your players. This is a three dimensional game and the more you think outside the stat blocks the better it will be fore everyone who plays.

Very cool. Yeah I just heard about it today in another forum I'm a member of and I just couldn't pass it up. I'm now in for $100 to get the core and 2 of the $20 terrain maps.

Only 2 minutes to go for any late comers!

Sitting at less than 30 minutes and a new stretch goal was just added if we hit $18k! Quick go tell all your friends and get in on this thing guys and gals. It's pretty awesome if you think about it.

I just backed this project on KS called Map Flats and thought I'd share with my fellow RPG enthusiasts. It ends at 12:51 pm PST today (12/4/13) so less than an hour when I'm posting this, but for $60 you get over 40 double-sided pre-printed vinyl maps like the chessex battle mats we all use and are wet-erase.

Zhayne wrote:
ub3r_n3rd wrote:
Not a fan of the idea whatsoever. It's up to a GM to learn to work with what is in the mechanics of the game whether it's high level spells or a powerful feat if someone can't do that as a GM then they need to let someone run the game.


No. If something doesn't fit in your game, whether it be thematically or for power/broken reasons, it is the DM's job to either alter it or throw it out. I would go so far as to say it's his responsibility and his duty.

To each their own I say. Ultimately there is Rule 0 where the GM can make any call that they want at their table. My main point is more that there isn't really a need to nerf the casters in that manner, there are plenty of other options available to someone who understands the mechanics of the game and has a good imagination.

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Not a fan of the idea whatsoever. It's up to a GM to learn to work with what is in the mechanics of the game whether it's high level spells or a powerful feat if someone can't do that as a GM then they need to let someone run the game.

@Lemmy - exactly it's a really fun/cool roleplaying concept!

I'd allow it just like the GM in your game. There is nothing wrong with worshiping more than 1 god in Pathfinder. Heck even the ancient Greeks and Romans worshiped more than 1 god.

The player doesn't get any extra powers or unfair advantage for doing so. Leave him alone, you are another player and the GM has already ruled on it. In your games that you run you make the decisions, but in this instance you need to let it slide.

@Nathanael - I wouldn't say so. You made good, sound, and tactical decisions regarding the cohort. You didn't make her your slave to sit around and make you things, you took her along on expeditions and you relied upon her (and her crew) to get you safely from point A to point B on the ship where you and your fellow PCs may have failed.

Renvale987 wrote:

Okay, so here is my situation. I have a player who took the Leadership feat. After doing so, he made a cohort, who was a wizard with every single item creation feat. After doing so, they put her to work making them item after item after item for half price.

I believe this to be a broken use of Leadership.

The way I understand Leadership is that your cohort is an ally, who helps you when/if they can, but they are not mindless robots that are slaves to your will. They can willfully refuse to do something if it conflicts with their interests or they simply don't have the time due to personal commitments.

I have a problem with a player taking a single feat and then having access to 6-7 feats ALL THE TIME afterwards. This is wrong to me. She has no other feats then item creation and all her skill points are put into crafting skills.

What do you guys think? Am I wrong or is this clearly an abuse of a feat?

I think of the cohort as being a follower of the PC, I as the GM, will pick a random follower for the PC and I will assign half of feats that they will find useful. The Player can then assign the other half of the feats however they want whether it's item creation or otherwise.

I do not allow the PC to put the cohort on the sidelines to be a crafting machine only, the cohort didn't join the PC to be their slave, they joined to follow that PC into battle and earn some fame of their own.

I role-play as the cohort, meaning that they will follow the PC wherever, but they DO have a mind of their own and won't be the sacrificial lamb for no reason whatsoever.

The PC can control them in battle and roll for them, but again I'm not going to allow them to say something like, "I'm leaving the cohort to take on that ancient red dragon we stumbled upon while me and the others run off..."

The reasons are as you stated, if you allow a PC to dictate everything for a cohort they will abuse it, by doing it my way they don't get to abuse that poor cohort and make them into their own personal item creation slave.

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What did I walk into? Guess maybe I should've read a little of the thread lol.

People get so upset at each other here.

How about this folks: take a step back, breathe, realize that your opinion isn't the only right one, respect the other posters and just agree to disagree.

Fighting here makes no sense, people will troll just to troll and laugh at you for getting upset. You will never ever play at a table with the others, each table is different and each table has their own ways of doing things that someone else on the interwebs will find abhorrent. By the time a thread gets this long, your arguments have gone around and around and around in circles and you are now just re-re-re-repeating yourselves.

tcharleschapman wrote:

Does anyone else get bothered by the push for optimization of characters? More and more I get tired of sitting down to a table of outrageous damage output where battles end ridiculously fast. Using feats to make a monster characters that immediately win the battle in the first round just is boring. It turns into the one optimized character getting all the fun each and every fight.

I've also run into the problem lately of bringing my characters to games that are not optimized for damage but are fun to play and everyone looking down on them.

-Mounted paladin gnome of erastil (why not be medium sized with a big weapon?)
-Combat Maneuver monk specializing in trip and grapple ( don't do damage?)
-Sea Reaver barbarian that, when raging, has a swim and climb speed (aquatic campaign) (why didn't you take all these ridiculous rage powers to cause a bunch of ridiculous damage?)

Society games are the worst. I witnessed one guy a few months ago convince someone not to use archetypes of the bard class until the person played a bunch of games with a base bard and learned how the class worked. Getting to level 5 in PFS is a 60 hour investment. The guy knew what he wanted his character to do and an archetype would have served that better and he didn't want to play every week. This awful advice came from a 5-star GM.

I'm not out to change the world with this, but man...powergaming can be pretty obnoxious. Who cares if that wizard didn't prepare "Create Pit"? If everyone built the same character all the time the game would die.

I'm not going to read through this whole thread to see if my opinion has been stated by others, but I do want to put in my 2 coppers.

The problem with most of these games is the higher the level the longer the combat takes so you see people wanting to speed up combat by optimizing their characters to deal more damage faster and be able to soak up damage that comes at them. Combat is a huge part of the game.

Personally, I like a good balance between combat optimization, skill optimization, and role playing. The game shouldn't just be about 1 thing, it should be about all of them as they all play a part in my enjoyment.

I don't like people who optimize to the point of being 1-trick ponies or who tread in the grey areas to exploit loopholes, but I respect people who make a survivable character.

Each group/table has different opinions on what is fun to play and what is badwrongfun. If you have a problem with the over optimization you need to talk to your fellow players/GM's about it. Open communication is key to everyone having fun and most people are willing to negotiate and compromise so that everyone does enjoy themselves. If you have a group that doesn't want to work with you, then my suggestion is to either stop complaining and keep playing or move on to another group that enjoys your style of play.

I'm always open to doing things that are a bit outside of the box and using the alignments as the source of power for paladins could work pretty well as you said. You'll have to let us know how it works out for you and your group.

I posted a very similar thread a while back (probably 3+ months ago now) where I was asking people what they thought of a house-rule of allowing more than just the LG Paladin and CE Anti-Paladin.

The reason for me was that I'm a fan of Paladins and Anti-Paladins, I feel that the two alignments are way too restrictive and that they get their powers from the divine. Basically if you look at the Paizo books such as Faiths of Purity and Faiths of Corruption you will see all sorts of dogma and codes that the followers of specific deities should adhere to so that they keep their paladin powers and follow their paths.

For example a LG paladin doesn't get his powers from following the laws of the land made by man, he gets his powers from the divine being he follows and if his god's interests are different from those of mortal man, the paladin should always take the road that his god would approve of.

My caveats for my players were that they needed to follow a god that is represented in the books and read up on their codes/dogma, that way they are a true paladin of said deity.

I've felt the same way as you do Crank on many occasions prior to my current group. My advice is that if your friends are not really interested in actually playing the game then you do as you did and start playing instead, but I feel you'll still be frustrated in the end as their attitudes and habits at the table will continue no matter who is GM'ing the game. You will end up being the only one who plays and actually gets into the game with the new GM.

I'd really consider paring down the group to the people who actually want to play and find a few others to come join a more serious group whether it's by finding some new players through other people you know, at a FLGS, or even online. I've had great success finding people online to come join my group.

I've not played a tiefling in any game yet as a PC, but I've run games with them in and have no qualms. They are an interesting and fun race to me. I'm a very liberal GM when it comes to races in my games so I don't say any race is a bad race to have in and I hardly ever (if ever) say no when someone wants to play a new character concept. The whole point of this hobby is to have fun and if having fun is playing a Tiefling or a Kitsune, I'm all for it.

Mendeth wrote:
As I said, I don't think it's OP, it's just less fun. A boss using it is a fun possibly but not necessarily a challenging encounter, but if it's common, it takes the fun out of feat trees like vital strike. Giving an instant "+20 on Ac, natural 20 not autohit" on one attack per round still gives you the same effect, but still renders you defenseless against truly epic characters. Or add your attack bonus to ac or twice your level or whatever high number. Any effect like this should in my opinion allow for a d20.

The problem with this is that you are thinking of only having a 1-hit (only in melee) attack. There are many many many ways to get around this as a GM. Think outside the box. It only deflects 1 attack per round, YOU know this as a GM. Toss a couple of mooks at him, delay with your big bad, he deflects, you vital strike and bam! He can't deflect it anymore.

Mendeth wrote:
I would be very sad if I got a true strike and a fortune hex on my Greater Vital strike, I throw a natural twenty for 60+ attack roll, and then the potential crit just fizzles because of the melee attack immunity of this lvl 5 monk. It does not make sense to me, and I don't think it fits the style of the pathfinder system, I think it's broken, but for most general use not over powered.

Again, ways around this. You don't play your BBEG as stupid automatons, they got to be high level big bads for a reason, they know tactics. They will stand back and see the strengths/weaknesses of their foes and react accordingly. Even a level 5 bandit leader would have a few guys following him. He will put them in danger before he goes in and he will study his foes. He sees this monk deflecting attacks and attacking he will flank and wait until someone has attacked then hit. Simple simple simple.

People tend to over-think a lot of the things in the game. I try to keep is simple and move on. I don't whine or moan over something that is different, I don't complain something is OP because nothing is really OP if you think about it, just work with what you have, play smart and have fun.

The earliest even a monk can get the Crane Style feat Crane Wing to just deflect is level 5 as a monk or BAB +5. The earliest you can get Crane Riposte is level 7. This is the one that deflects and allows for an attack.

SMDH :/ I will never understand the people in these forums whining over every little thing and not even trying to think of other things that can overcome what they perceive as OP.

People are still arguing about this? What's the point? I'll tell you, Crane Style isn't OP. Period. See how easy that is?

*Rolls WILL save... Natural 20* Yay! I won't partake in another silly alignment thread ... this time.

Rysky wrote:

So for my own campaign setting I've just about finished designing my own Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The only thing that eludes me is a suitable name for the rider of Death. The other three are:

Nero - Conquest/plague

Malthusia - Famine

Megiddo - War

Death is female, and also a primordial being that had been in Abaddon/Gehenna/Sheol since the beginning, long before the Daemons existed. She is associated with the River Styx, Lampedes (underwold nymphs), as well as natural and accidental deaths (and whatever you would call getting hit by a meteorite, unlucky? Death).

The two I'm toying around with right now is Styx and Loth.

The problems:

With Styx I feel that associates her two much with Pathfinder's Charon.

With Loth that name I believe might cause people to confuse her with Lolth.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I like looking up different languages, particularly Latin. For this I'd recommend you use Letifera which translates from Latin to English as "Lady Death"

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The truth of the matter of people thinking a single melee class feat or ability being OP is that they really don't understand the mechanics of the game. There are plenty of ways to skin a cat so to speak and something like Crane Style being unbalanced is laughable at best and outright being totally clueless at worst.

It's funny because there are so many people on these forums who immerse themselves in the rules and do know the truth of this. We get too many trolls on the forums and too many people who are too proud to admit when they are wrong that they hang on and supply unsound arguments to the contrary even though 99% of the others agree they are wrong.

Yep what Brf is saying is correct.

This has been discussed in detail many times, but here's the thread I always point people to when they are curious. The link is to Jason Nelson's official comment (he's the one who wrote these two abilities).

strayshift wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Nah. Not really.

HUGE respect for your ability from your previous posts where we often agree BUT in this respect I personally think you are wrong.


Definitely NOT OP. This doesn't make them hit harder or kill better than a PC optimized to do so. So what if they can deflect an attack and hit for a 1d10+7 one time per round? That's child's play dude.

You think that's strong? Look at a dazing assault barbarian at level 12-13 who has the Come and Get Me rage power with combat reflexes. THAT is a much more powerful build which some could genuinely call OP.

Now compare any melee class vs a spellcaster at higher levels. You think that one deflect with an immediate piddly 1d10+10 even compares to the the dreaded 20d6 fireball, disintegrate, or power-word kill?

I always find it soo funny what people find OP in this game, especially when you have god-wizards out there and someone complains about a lowly monk being OP. Nope, they are actually underpowered when compared to some of the other classes out there. Period.

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