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Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 9
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 9
Charisma 11

About Alex Putnam

Daviot's real moniker, mainly used for purchasing shiny objects from the Golem. See Daviot for more info. Also a scribe on fair Candlekeep prone to long bouts of lurking in the dusty halls.

C.V. on RPGGeek: Alex Putnam

My Design/Writing Credits:

In Iron Clad, Adventure Quarterly #6. An 8,000 word freelance turnover in the form of a boss battle-focused adventure for 14th level PCs; compatible with the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game and similar OGL-based fantasy gaming systems. Lemme just spell it out for you: PCs' giant robot vs. kaiju.

-Dungeon World Missing Paths: Barbarian. What is best in life? A playbook (player resource) for use with the award-winning Creative Commons OSR-style RPG Dungeon World.

-Additional Design, Advanced Bestiary (PFPRG). Wrote part of the Kickstarter stretch goals for Green Ronin's famous meta-monster book, now revised, expanded, and deadlier.

-Dungeon World Missing Paths: Alchemist. The first in a series of playbooks (player resources) for use with the award-winning Creative Commons OSR-style RPG Dungeon World.

-Various Magic Items, Pathfinder Player Companion: Undead Slayer's Handbook. Mentioned on the Paizo Store Blog!.

-Various Spells, Deep Magic by Kobold Press. Cleansing Ray, Litany of Sure Steel.

-Into the Dark, Wayfinder #9 (PDF). A 3200-word Beginner Box-style adventure for 2nd-level characters with suggestions of how to directly connect it to the "Deadly Mine" web enhancement or even "Black Fang's Dungeon" from the Beginner Box.

The Mundane Perils of Nar-Voth, Wayfinder #9. While magic flora and strange motes of power get all the credit, this 750-word article proves there are plenty of non-magical Hazards in the uppermost layer of the Darklands that can catch adventurers unaware.

Races Revised: The Kitsune Clans. My first book with SGG/RGG, it expands the information and options for Kitsune characters. Play a refined scholarly tenko, or a wild vagabond yako. Tear through your enemies as a youko barbarian archetype or confound your enemies with a new sorcerer bloodline. Includes suggestions for using kitsune in European-themed campaigns. Received a 5/5 and seal of approval from reviewer Thilo "endzeitgeist" Graf. Reissued with new art under the Rogue Genius label in 2014.
Mentioned on the Paizo Store Blog!

The Red Leaves Enigma, Adventure Quarterly #3. The Red Leaves Enigma is a 7000-word, site-based mystery for 3rd to 4th level PCs that combines roleplaying, investigation, and light combat, with hooks left to expand as the GM sees fit. Although set in the Questhaven Campaign Setting, Morford and its academy can easily be adapted for any game, even as a side trek within other adventures.

Various Spells, Terah: Character Reference Guide. 1700 word turnover of spells 0-6th level, including Cordalero's boilerworks, lesser fabricate, mage's wireless, and sterilize.

Death's Head Drake, Wayfinder #6. Idea/ecology by one of my players, stats by yours truly.

Blades from the Past: 10 Weapons from the History Books, Kobold Quarterly #15. 10 3.5/PFRPG-compatible weapons based on real-world arms overlooked by history.

Chickens of Fearsome Power, Kobold Quarterly Blog. The common feathered fowl, finally statted up, along with simple templates for breeds, and rules for chicken familiars and animal companions.

Historical Steel series, Kobold Quarterly Blog. A blog series that gives a broad overview of spathological and hopological topics of interest to gamers.
The Haft of It, an identification guide to polearms.
Straight to the Point, 3,500 years of swords in 1,500 words.
Over the Fence, or how an Italian street-fighting weapon turned into a ritualized Olympic sport.
Back to the Power Curve, the murky history of curved and single-edged swords.
Dialing in the Range, bow, crossbow, and gun, compared and contrasted.

Faerûnian Firearms, Candlekeep Traveler's Notebooks: A 3.0/3.5 conversion/rebuild of dropped-for-space Forgotten Realms firearms, with fluff.