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I always like Expedition to Barrier Peaks. Classic.

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For me, the single biggest thing is the uniformity of the math. On both the player and GM sides of things, it makes everything run so much smoother. A player can build a character that isn't necessarily the most powerful, but you don't have to worry about being useful. A GM has a lot firmer idea for what is appropriate for any given level now, so adventure design is a lot easier.

Wayang. Just imagine those little guys with a blaster.

I'm a simple man. I like fire. It's certainly not the strongest of the choices and is a bit limited in versatility but darn it, I just like setting things on fire.

The "Blood of Fiends" book has art for each of the heritage. Qlippoth look horrifying, for instance. The Oni and Rakshasa are my favorites

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This thread reminds me that I need to go make Granfaloon for PF2. It's a task that was really daunting for PF1, but I like my odds better here.

I have a very different take on what a magus should be in 2e. I think the real interesting things about the class were a lot of the self buffing abilities like energy damage on their sword. For the new Magus, I think it could be a class with focus powers and at-will abilities, but no actual spells.

Now hear me out here. A lot of the concerns on the class is comparisons to the Fighter/Wizard and the balance there. For more powerful spellcasting, a Magus could instead rely on dedications and built in support for multiclassed spells, allowing way more flexibility in how the class is built. You could have spell-less mystic warriors as well as spellswords for any other traditions.

It's different, but I think it covers a lot of bases here. Also, I just want a mystic warrior without spells.

I want many more advanced weapons. Kusari Gama! I am a little surprised at how many 'soft' weapons have been martial, though. Spiked Chain and Meteor Hammer is a bit unexpected as martial.

I also wouldn't mind some more interesting crossbows. Arbalests or repeating crossbows could be interesting.

A weird choice that we never saw in first edition would be a Pavise. It is a Bowman's shield, designed to be placed down as cover.

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I have two words and I will not elaborate further.

Cod Window

There isn't more than another mention, but I was reading something that connected them to the Caligni (Dark Folk) and said that the Owbs were their servants. Not much, but it is what we have so far.

As far as I'm concerned, Eox and Aucturn are uneasy truces. I haven't followed the adventure paths, but other books seem to support the idea. Maybe some other stuff pops up somewhere?

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2 Path 2 Finder
Pathfinder: Tokyo Drift.

There, I solved it.

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You know, just because you call it something else doesn't make it not magic. There are plenty of magic things in the setting that all function fairly differently, from Champion abilities, ki powers, to witch hexes. Why should something that is functionally magic be considered something else?

So, do you think they should be a bespoke ancestry or a heritage?

I really liked some of the feat in the splat books, such as Equipment Tricks and Flawed feats. Wish we got more support for those.

While it is often laid out as such, I think that the True Roles™ are as follows;

The Fighter fills the role of Offense. The ability to both deal and take damage.

The Thief fills the role of Utility. The ability to solve problems in non-martial ways.

The Priest fills the role of Support. The ability to heal and bolster allies.

Now normally the Wizard is considered it's own role, but looking at it through this lens places it any all three categories. However, the importance of magic in some systems gives a Wizard his own niche that he might not otherwise have.

It's probably about 50/50.

Pretty good list, but the Urumi is an Indian weapon, so it should be Vudrani in Pathfinder.

And the Meteor Hammer, Machete, and War Razor are all common. I think it is for the best as they are pretty straight forward. I'm just wondering why Meteor Hammers aren't advanced, but that is minor.

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Well, that only remains an issue until the APG comes out, at least.

But really, all I'm hearing is "BLISTERING INVECTIVE IS BACK, BABY!"

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We definitely need to flesh out the planes. The First World could be really interested to flesh out.

I just realized that this might get me my Tetsubo and 9-ring broadsword earlier than I thought. I am even more excited.

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I like Ki Throw and its related feats. I haven't had a chance to actually do it in game, but the idea of suplexing a horse+rider is basically the most badass thing. Well, unless I can suplex a ghost train.

I'm not sure that I have a go to class, but I have a go to "style". I gravitate towards Melee Combatants (usually Fighter or Monk) and Pyromancers (which run the gamut in terms of classes).

And, between those two, Pyromancers probably win out. Pyrokineticist, Desert Druid, Fire Wizard, etc. I just like fire.

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I was gonna come in with some lengthy ideas, but you honestly nailed it in one. She is provacative, sexual, and above all else, spiteful. She is quick to seek retribution against those that wrong her. She embodies all the traits of a good Calistrian

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Honestly, I am happy that they ditched the naming convention with spells. Like a lot of things in D&D, I found that they make the setting feel small. What, this guy is credited with something as simple as an acid arrow? One guy invented big hands?

That, coupled with how they write about the planes and outsiders, just makes all of its cosmology feel like distant countries rather than planes of realities.

I'm okay with iconic characters having an imprint, but it should be something really special, not floating discs and acid arrows.

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She didn't specifically create any of the planes. She just got the ball rolling. The Qlippoth, Angels, Axiomites, and Proteans coalesced into existence and the gods that spawned from there went on to refine the rest of the multiverse. As usual, Pharasma played a very passive role. You can read this stuff in Concordance of Rivalsm

I think the Cowboy Bebop and the Outlaw Star are good things to look into. The Outlaw Star comes with a rather unique issue, however. It has robotic arms built for grappling other ships. Now I can dream that we get this in the upcoming book, but for now it is a dream. The Cowboy Bebop is rather easy on the other hand.

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Ooh, I got something for this! I tracked down a pretty good website for generating calenders in Golarion.

Here it is!

It can be configured with all sorts of options and includes lunar cycles and holidays. I even made a PDF of the year 4719 for running a game.

One thing I like about the backgrounds is that it is a good way to round out your character. If your character comes from humble origins, it can give you some interesting an unexpected skills. Take, for instance, one of my standby characters "Iron Redd". He is a big raging brawler who is ruthless and hedonistic. However, he comes from a noble background. I rluse that background and it gives my character some unexpected abilities that still make sense. This big, often shirtless brute and surprisingly fit in among the Gentry.

When I am unsure about what to do with my character, it gives me ideas and lays out some abilities and skills I would otherwise not consider.

I don't think anyone is worried about the power curve here. Most dissenters seem to be concerned with the PF1 problem if "optimal traits". By limiting the stack, we reduce the amount of Optimacy in these choices and thus we increase the variety we see in player choices.

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All the info we have on the Pit of Gormuz is that it's creation is a mistake that Sarenrae deeply regrets. This text is not just "rumors about town" but actual Canon. So unless we believe that the text is actively lying to us, we know that she is not happy about how things turned out. In that case, she would fix it if she had the ability. The reason isn't as explicitly stated, but there is an implication that there is a good reason it hasn't been fixed.

I don't like any rule that encourages power gaming over everything else. This edition has made it a point to limit the optimization ceiling by reducing the stacking of bonuses. By removing stacking, it encourages more organic and flavorful choices while also rounding out your character a bit.

I would be interested in expanding action rules for already existing spells. Maybe we'll see some of that in APG? I do want them to be careful, though. We don't want the "martial iterative attack problem" to be repeated in Casters.

I think if we get some dedicated rules to retraining your class will be a lot better than what PF1 has. The multiclass/level system was janky and created far more failures than successes.

A little bit if an aside, but my favorite example if a character taking on a "new ckass" in fiction is Guts from Berserk. He began is career as a Fighter with a specialization in heavy armor and an oversized sword. Later, he "takes levels in Barbarian."

In PF1, this works out okay. Transitioning to the barbarian class means he maintains the same BAB, so all is good. Needs an archetype for armored barbarian, but we got that.

In PF2, I feel like this works out even better. He takes on a barbarian dedication, but still increases in his superior sword fighting and tactics. Doesn't need any special Barb options either and works right out of the gate.

"Pierrot le Fou" would make for an interesting scenario. Running across this nigh invincible warrior and having to find his weakness before he kills you. If you are keen, you can split the party and have some characters learn about his past while others fight him, or you can interpolate the discoveries inbetween attacks.

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Ezekieru wrote:
Angel Hunter D wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
While one use per wand per day seems pretty restrictive, there is additional space for archetypes or feats to enable a character to get more out of their wands.
That would be seriously cool.
Aw man, I could totally see a swashbuckler/gunslinger archetype that let's them draw and fire off a wand in on action, or like one of those multi coloured pens that you need to slide the coloured bit down on, but for magic.

I'm imagining a sentient wand that EATS other wands, adding more spells and uses as it consumes them. It'd allow the caster to have a single wand with good flavor and the extra utility of having multiple wands.

I hope we get something of the like in the GMG or the APG.

People don't even realize they are describing something from the Adventure Zone.

One thing that no one has brought up is an official move to new names for a lot of things.

Dark Folk>Caligni

They did so for a combination of reasons, as I understand it. Some were for removing stuff focused on an outsider's perspective. Others have to do with IP and wanting to get out from under the D&D terminology. Not to mention that Aboleth and Kytons were expanded out into such bigger and more detailed things than D&D did.

I began my tabletop gaming career with 4th edition playing with some of my friends. Some of these friends pulled me into a group of Shadowrun, but I still expressed interest in the now defunct 4e game. Seeing me really interested in building characters, he naturally recommended PF. I didn't pick it up until someone began running Pathfinder and I instantly fell in love.

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In a world of fantasy and magic, I don't want anyone to suffer for enjoying a nice cheese.

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I'm a sucker for alternate rules and subsystems, myself. Ultimate Campaign and Unchained are my favorite books for PF1, so more that would be welcome. I also wouldn't mind a genre book with rules and options to fit certain ideas (which could encompass the Tech guide and Horror adventures

Even with all the books I bought onnmy own, this bundle is great for my collection. You guys spoil me.

Gorbacz wrote:
Dhampir: morphing into a white wolf, supreme mad skillz with their family swords, BALLS OF FIRE (balls), over-the-top synth/orchestra playing whenever they enter combat...

Sitting in chairs more stylishly...

On topic, I hope there are a few bloodline specific stuff for the scions. Fire powers for Peri-kin or whips and chains for Kyton-kin and so on.

My house rules got pretty expansive, but the favorites were automatic bonus progression (from Unchained) and the condensing of core feats. Most of the problem child feats are really all in the corebook, with a handful in the APG. Condensing some feat lines and removing some feats makes for a much better character building experience.

I was gonna chime in with something specific, but it is all just too much. There is just so much there. I hope we get the Bigby's Hand spells and more shadow spells. I'm glad we have they confirmed my favorite, Create Demiplane, though. I am excited.

I see Pharasma as a largely passive figure, hence the neutral alignment. While her church is active in quashing the undead, she herself seems to just oversee things.

Attacking with two weapons effectively is already an advanced skilled, thus attacking with 4 is also difficult. There are fighting styles and feats that do make use of all four arms.

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With Patrons being split into multiple lessons, it could lead to an interesting mix of granted spells from each lesson.

Cowboy Bebop is basically how I want any crew to look. And working job to job in the solar system is just a fun way to run a more episodic campaign.

Outlaw Star and Trigun were also mentioned above. It is hard to not pull the western themes into Starfinder for me. I think it is why I like Akiton as a focal point for adventures.

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I'm hoping there is some expanded support for personal fighters. Gotta get my Cowboy Bebop on.

And give use Grappler ships. I can almost do Outlaw star. I'm so close. Please.

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Hold up while I queue up Law and Order music and sfx.

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