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qwerty3werty wrote:
The -ito suffix on mosquito means tiny, so a big mosquito should be just a "Mosqos"

By jove, you're right.

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Birdbear makes me think of Banjo-Kazooie. I approve.

Ursaraptor is kinda phonetically pleasing to my ears.

The Stirge should be the Mostsquito. I'll show myself out.

Aphorites, as far as the lore is concerned, are specifically created like Duskwalkers. Aside from that, Ganzi should definitely be rolled in to nephs.

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I do like that mixed ancestry is being opened up, but the wording in the heritage seems to forget that it can now be applied to an ancestry that already has low-light vision. Whoops.

Side note, I wish there was an alternative for darkvision ancestries taking these heritages. It feels slightly bad to play an Orc tief-er, I mean Nephilim.

Yeah, I got that dying only gets bigger when you recover. Some people were saying it the other way.

And as far as wounded, it all makes sense to me. It is more lethal, but only if your character is yo-yoing. Being knocked unconscious and waking up multiple times in a fight is really rather silly.

And to be clear, I love the Monk class and embracing other cultures. I specifically don't like the monk trait on weapons because it others eastern weapons for know real reason. Martial artists exist all around the world. The name comes from a specific group (Shaolin Monks), but the class shouldn't be narrowed down to their weapons. There are Indian martial artists that use the urumi or Filipino martial artists that use escrima sticks.

The monk trait is largely used on specifically Chinese (and occasionally Japanese) weapons. Nixing the monk trait and tackling weapon monks in other ways would be better in my opinion.

I just took a look at the dying and wounded rules and I really don't see the inconsistency everyone else is mentioning. And this bit about wounded increasing with each instance of dying seems incorrect. Granted, I thought that was how it worked in the original game, but I was clearly mistaken with RAW. With the Remaster, it's even more clear.

To the topic at hand, I was hoping the monk trait would go the way of the dodo. I think it is a vestige from old D&D orientalism.

Also, while I'm glad they improved weapon training, I wish they went a little further with scaling.

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I could see it being like the school leveling in Strength of Thousands. I completely different leveling track that carries its own benefits. I kinda wonder if that system was a test run/experiment.

Thrushmoor is witch town.

They can always get really gonzo with a modern setting and tackle it from left field. Weird alternate dimensions, isolated demi-planes, an evil rewrite of the world by a newly ascended Hastur. Lots of weird things you could do with it.

I still like the idea of Aucturn hatching.

I hope we get a conversion guide for adjusting pf2 content to starfinder balance and vice versa. I'd love to really go nuts with mixing content sometimes.

Contemplatives will always be my favorite Starfinder alien. Give me some weird psychic stuff.

This seems premature. We have the smallest snippet of something that won't come out for two years. We don't even know what there current plans for Stamina are. With the Pathfinder Remaster, they might be updating the PF2 stamina rules too.

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I adore PF2, so this is very good news for SF2. I do have some hangups, though.

1. Starfinder benefited from having a wide array of different aliens to choose from. However, the new ancestry feat system requires a lot more work for each alien and possibly reduces diversity. If they have some generic ancestry feats for certainly physiologies, that might make it doable, however.

2. Differences in theme. The way that Starfinder handled theme vs. background and health were different to support theme. More generally available feats also helps with the feel of generalized knowledge in the future. I hope we don't lose some of these differences.

3. I hope there is some more rules on how SF interacts with PF and vice versa. Technology in the past should have some extra rules to help adjust the feel of things. We already have rules for archaic weapons being less effective against high tech armor, so I hope these rules are expanded upon.

Albatoonoe wrote:
Perhaps they are going with different cultural representations of the deities and they consider Shelyn and Zon-kuthon two sides of the same coin. Maybe they aren't literally changed, but rather culturally.

Okay, I just watched the Keynote and now I'm not sure about my take. It may be literal.

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If you give fire, you can take fire.

Perhaps they are going with different cultural representations of the deities and they consider Shelyn and Zon-kuthon two sides of the same coin. Maybe they aren't literally changed, but rather culturally.

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Oh, this is very interesting. The cross-compatibility real solves any problem with doing Numeria/Akiton/Castroval stuff in one go. I hope the core book doesn't reprint the Human and Ysoki and instead give us other aliens in their place. The Pahtra might be it, but I really don't see how they are any different from a Catfolk. Maybe Pahtra heritages for Catfolk?

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As the years went on with PF1, I had start developing an evergrowing list of house rules/optional rules for my games. I had my own document and everything. When they announced PF2, imagine my surprise when nearly every idea I had for PF1 were going to be in PF2. Executed better, too.

My list of things I'm dissatisfied with concerning 2e is very small, and a couple of those problems were still present in 1e. PF2 is pretty darn close to an ideal system for me.

Also, I can play an Ifrit Dwarf of Dhampir Fetchling. That is rad.

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Really, do we *need* something to replace it? We could continue using the deck of many things without issue

I think the new VH is gonna be the mixed ancestry they've mentioned.

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I apologize if I already posted this, but I am hoping for a Yeti ancestry in the Tian Xia book, especially after fighting some yeti monks in Ruby Phoenix. There is a lot of weird directions you could take that ancestry.

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I had a weird thing that I've been tossing around as a way to reintroduce a lot of D&D staples that weren't OGL. It centered around the Illithids coming from the end of time where the universe has stagnated. This "End of Time" would house beholders, grells, and others.

I suppose drow could fit right in as the dark future elves.

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Octopus Wizard! Behold my terrifying alien intellect!

General proficiency feats get better at higher levels so they stay relevant to high level characters.

That is my #1.

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My main sticking point with PF2 as it stands is the proficiency general feats. They are one of the few, if only, things that are guaranteed to become useless. Like other feats, I'd like to see them have good long term use.

The other stuff they already mentioned is interesting. I'm curious to see where things go.

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PF2 is such a stable system compared to its predecessor that I can see it adopting a rolling edition change like Call of Cthulhu. Editions where all the content remains compatible.

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My main problem in the system right now is the proficiency general feats. They are the only part that rubs be the wrong way, considering it is a feat choice that becomes obsolete where most do not. I'm not sure we'll see it addressed this year, but hopefully at some point.

Concerning the shield conversation, I think it makes sense that if I want to move a full 75 feet, running would require dropping my shield. Same with attacking furiously (3 attacks). Where you see it being unrealistic, I see it being more realistic. Shield isn't gonna do much good if you don't see an attack coming, too.

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Perhaps the Orang-pendak can make a return as an ancestry? Perhaps a heritage of a broader ancestry of Yeti type characters.

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I could see Starfinder surviving a lot longer on patches than PF1 could. The system is a lot more stable than PF1 was.

While some of PF2's innovations are great, not all of them fit what Starfinder needs. I am curious to see how SF shakes out in the future.

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I am already half of the way towards being a dwarven druid. Give me actual magical powers with animals and fire and I'd be set.

I think my most anticipated ancestry is the Oni. I always loved them. I suppose it is a bit boring for a favorite next to slimes, mimics, and dungeons, but whatever.

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I believe there is a feat called versatile channelling (or something like that) that does exactly that.

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Ah, welcome to the fold. The fact is you are actually missing something. What seem like small debuffs/buffs, such as a +2, difficult terrain, or a reduced action, is actually very big. A +2 makes you that much closer to a crit. Difficult terrain can prevent an enemy from Stepping and evading that attack of opportunity from a fighter. Wasting an enemies action is glorious when you consider that could cost them an automatic grab or swallow whole.

The subtleties of the system can be easily missed without some familiarity. With more experience, you'll start to see that these spells only appear weak on the surface. You'll find plenty of people breaking down the math, but I recommend just playing a support caster and getting a feel for how it works.

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"Terrapin" Tarkus was a circus strong man and Liberator of Kurgess. By being the only original surviving member, he kinda became a de facto "main character" of the circus. He fought using a shield and grappling.

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On thing I haven't seen much talk about is corresponding primal dragons. A metal and wood dragon could be very cool. Primal were always my favorite dragons anyway.

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Technically, the flickmace doesn't need any ancestry feats if you just ask your GM if you can use it.

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I think there is still room for a martial class that works on recklessness. Something to incapsulate the "Drifter" of Samurai and Western movies. A class that utilizes high-risk/high-reward mechanics.

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I don't play, but not through any conscious choice. I really only have one game going and that is a Pathfinder one. However, I do still get the odd 5e book here and there. Usually sticking to 3rd party stuff. Being the most popular system, it has attracted a lot of good writers and designers.

I certainly wouldn't turn down some 5e gaming.

I have a certain fondness for alignment, but I don't blame people for disliking it. I think sympathetic and relatable villains shouldn't be over used. There are a lot of bad dudes in the world that are just bad dudes. It's nice to have fiction that doesn't always split hairs and throw Poison Ivy at me to make me question what I'm doing.

Sometimes there are folks that need their butts kicked, and those people tend to have a capital E. Real life 'villaims' have shifted my perspective a bit.

There are only a handful of weapons that I really want. Three Section Staff and Kyo-ketsu-shoge would round out the martial arts weapons that are missing. The Mancatcher has been a favorite of mine since Dark Souls and would make a good Hobgoblin ancestral weapon.

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The Wayang are one of my favorite things in all of PF and I am desperately waiting for them to show up in 2e. We have the other ancestries that showed up in Tian Xia, too. Give me the gangly shadow people, Paizo. Purnama must live again in 2nd edition.

What a joyous day. More stuff for Contemplatives, which is easily my favorite species. Dr. Curio lives again!

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I want the Oinodaemon to bust out and cause extraplanar havoc. I also want to see adventures to the edge of reality. Places like the deep Abyss that exist beyond the realm of Qlippoth. Mostly, I want to get to extreme levels of reality warping and having the ability to navigate it

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There was an old one shot character I used backed in the day that was a drow archer riding a spider. I used cavalier in PF1 but archetyped away all the tactician stuff, so a ranger would probably work.

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A more recent god I am a fan of is Lubaiko. A goddess of fire and revolution speaks to me on a core level.

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Think we'll see new Genies and planar scions for wood and metal? I'd be down.

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I like the fleshwarp as an ancestry for something so far beyond the original state, kinda like Skeletons. What I want is a mutant VH in addition.

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I'm still pining for the Wayang. Maybe someday...

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