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Back in the days of D&D 3.0 there was a game called Dragonstar, a setting for D&D that took place in a globular cluster with star travel, a place with both magic and high technology. A place with some worlds inhabited by a single race, and others by a mix of Empire ruled by Dragons.

Now, I always thought the concept was good, and I think it could be done with Pathfinder, especially if you use the new Technology Guide.

By my thinking though, a scientific culture would not tend to use the Disorganized and Unscientific approach to magic found in most Wizards.

Fortunately Ultimate Magic presented an alternative, the Words of Power System. Now to me, that looks a lot more like a scientific approach to magic, but you still have the problem of Wizards forgetting their spells and sorcerers being unable to learn new spells easily. Neither of these seems like something you would want in an "Imperial Magic Corps".

Well now we have the Arcanist, from the Advanced Class Guide. A class that learns spells like a Wizard, but uses them like a Sorcerer. That seems perfect.

The only problem is, there are still thinks that can not be done with Words of Power. I was wondering a couple of things. Has anyone added any new words of power since Ultimate Magic, and has anyone figured out what kinds of words of power classes that came after Ultimate Magic might have?