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I am a fan of the Kitsune race, but if you are playing a Full Caster I find it very useful to play a race that has a racial weapon bonus.

For Example, I have a Half-Orc Sorcerer who uses his Greataxe as much as he uses magic...he has just about made it to level 4. He started off at level 1, it is just that he knows full well that he is going to be in combat sometimes and is prepared for it.

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Call the ability "Psychometric Spell" and make it a universal focus ability...

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The way the class describes itself, it sounds like there should be the potential for some kind of synergy effect when using a magic item of any kind. Something based on the item powers possibly. Say, for example, that you use a Flaming Burst Sword, and it gives you access to the Fireball spell, but only while you have that particular kind of sword imbued with focus.

Possibly better would be the spells used to create the item may be accessible, that way you would know what those spells are without having to make up a list of synergy effects for every item you might encounter.

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I was thinking perhaps you could give a phantom a Ghost Touch Weapon, and that it might be able to use...or even keep...the weapon.

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As an aside, can an Incorporeal Phantom damage other incorporeal creatures and vice versa?