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mlvanbie wrote:

If this process is used, upgrading cards might read like this:

* If everyone can agree that a player should get a particular card, that player gets the card.

* Players may agree to give a player first pick due to acts of great heroism (risking death to complete the scenario or save another character, for example).

* Roll to determine pick order for all remaining players.

I want to second this suggestion. Mlvanbie's method is so simple and easy to follow. If I am understanding all the complicated verbiage in the current document, I believe the results are identical.

Sometimes simple really is better. Please think about it.

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I'm playing Oloch and go everywhere with Ranzak. He explores a lot, so burns through a lot of cards, and gets extra explores when he acquires something. But, I get to fight all the monsters he evades, which Oloch is very good at. We make a great team :) He almost always gives me a card at the start of his turn, something he has acquired or the Healing spell in his starting deck. Which gives me more Weapons or Blessings to display and a card to use on my turn to heal him back up. So far, it has been working out great for us.

The team also has the Druid, Witch, & Gunsslinger.
But Ranzak & Oloch team up everywhere :)

First, thanks for putting this together, I am looking forward to playing more scenarios :)

Some comments mainly about the acquisition of new cards at the end of a scenario:

1) In regular play, the person who acquired the cards, i.e. currently buried under his character, in his discard pile, or in his deck gets 1st pick of those cards. Any he doesn't select, go to the center of the table for anyone else to acquire. This helps prevent stuff like the Wizard taking the best weapon that the Fighter acquired, or the Rogue taking the Spell that the Wizard acquired, etc.

2) The whole "Follow the Process" just seems way to wordy and time consuming. Why not something as simple as: "Players roll D12s to determine who gets first pick of a new card. Highest roll picks first. Resolve any ties. Each player in order then picks a new card." Having one simple process would speed things up. No need to write down a list, etc.

Comments about it being a cooperative game, and not being selfish are great. But in the end, a simple resolution when agreement cannot be reached is good. And if a player wants to be selfish all the time, then he'll simply end up playing solo as nobody will want to play with him.

Erixian wrote:
Thanks for getting back on this with such detail. I see what you are saying, though. When you get the mold, you really need to consider the ROI, and legibility should be at the top of the list on improvements.

I'd prefer lower cost and no dice. They are in all the stores and I already have tons of dice that are fine. Then everyone can pick out their own set with their own preferences.

Flat the Impaler wrote:

For example only, consider this subtle change:
[] When using a weapon with the magic trait, you may roll your Arcane die in place of your Strength or Dexterity die. ([] When doing so, you are considered proficient with weapons. )

Basically, this would improve the die used (d6 -> d10) as the first feat, then reducing the difficulty (depending on the weapon of course) of the check as the second feat (which it should be anyhow; as written it's basically a BOGO feat sale).

The whole concept of replacing the Strength Die with an Arcane Die seems more appropriate to a "Magus" class and could be a good concept for that build. I don't think it fits for the "Mystic Theuge" idea. But I like the concept. And a "Magus" would likely have at least 1 weapon & armor in the build (but no divine). I think it should take some of your "Magic" power to do though. So, maybe the power could be activated by recharging any card with the "Magic" trait (which could be the weapon itself, if it were magical). But since the "Magic" can come from a different card, the weapon itself would not have to be magical to use the power.

So, what happens to PA if you only play one of the series and not all 3?
And what if you already chose a faction?

I played a lot of Pathfinder Society games originally. Haven't been playing many lately. And the main reason is that I hate the whole faction thing. It sounded cool at first, but now it is just an annoyance. Something that has to be done if you want to buy stuff later.

I think it takes face time away from other players, or becomes an everyone help on all missions. Some missions don't fit the character, and how the faction leaders always seem to know what our Pathfinder mission is and what we will encounter before we ever do it, doesn't really make much sense.

The whole faction stuff reminds me a lot of the Eberon campaign that I played very little of. Really liked the regional campaign design of Living Greyhawk. Went to 4-5 conventions a year back then in multiple states. Now, I haven't gone to a convention in over 2 yrs. Most of the stuff, I can just play at home.

Rather than deal with the faction stuff, I've been playing or judging the Paizo Adventure Paths. But there is a store in my area running Pathfinder Society games 4 days per week. So, I'll be going to 1 a month or so when my other games cancel for some reason and I have some spare time. But the Faction part, I really wish wasn't so much of the evening.

Factions have put Pathfinder Society play at the bottom of my list of interest. I like the general mod objectives and working together as a team. Don't like the separate secret mission stuff at all.

Dr z0b wrote:
I don't think taking this feat grants dogs, wolves or any other creature a hoof attack if they don't already have one.

So why did they give the "Trample" as an optional bonus feat in the Order of the Paw "Canine Ferocity"? An Order of the Paw has to be riding a Wolf or a Dog.

Was pretty excited about this feat, but further review makes it totally useless as a Cleric of Calistria. No Chaotic:Neutral Options in the lists. But even for others, the best playable alignment with the earliest options is Lawful:Good and there just aren't enough to make the feat work. The feat needs to come with at least 3 Monsters that can be summoned with the option to apply templates up and down like a the Druid Shaman ability.

I guess I'm the only one who isn't reporting because I can't seem to get the webpage to work most of the time. I'll put in my judge number, nothing comes up. Fill everything out and then save and nothing is there. Try to put the DM number in again and get errors.
I finally just give up in frustration and can't find any phone number to call for help or anything. So, I'm about ready to just warn all players that I won't be reporting before they even sign up. I dont' know if it is something with my computer or something dumb I'm doing, but with no phone support that I can find, it just isn't getting done.

I will be very dissapointed if Paizo does the same thing as Wizards of the Coast. One of the things I really didn't like with 3.5 was the huge amount of books released with new rules, prestige classes, etc.
And you had to get them to keep up.

I absolutely refused to do that with 4.0. I bought only the Players Handbook and don't plan to buy anything more. Already I see that game getting totally out-of-control again with so many new releases, etc. and stuff that breaks the game. I'll continue playing it at conventions with my father and sons, but am looking to Pathfinder for my home stuff.

I thought Paizo was mainly focusing on story content, world development, modules, etc. that we pay for. I have liked their modules and campaigns. If they start duplicating the tactics of WOC with too many "rules" books all the time, I'll end up quitting the Pathfinder society game too. :(

I want a fun system to play, not one that gets more and more "rules" to where you need a library to keep up and get bogged down in all the look-ups.

Most fun I had in the past 3 yrs was playing "Rise of the Runelords" with a DM that restricted us all to only playing characters out of the Players Handbook. None of the extra splat books. It was a lot of fun!

I've run 4 games so far, but I can't seem to figure out this reporting stuff. Is there anyone that I can call who will walk me through the process. I've tried several times and seem to get nothing but errors. I just don't get it. My own name doesn't even come up as judging, some come up some don't, but nothing gets saved and I have to start over every time. I'm at a loss and not getting anything reported. :(

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Our group seems to have a difference of opinion on this topic.
If a party is traveling underground in a totally dark environment but with an Everburning Torch and a Darkness spell is cast. What happens:
a) It's completely dark.
b) The Everburning Torch sheds dim light nearby instead of bright light.
Thanks for your input.